Fab Friday Finds – Vintage Pyrex

How many birthday cakes were whipped up in these vintage pyrex bowls?

Oh, I’m sure they could tell quite the story.

This pattern is called Butterprint.

(Is that poor Amish couple expected to churn butter in addition to all their other farming chores)?

They lay abandoned on the thrift shop shelf waiting for me.

How could I say no?

But how to display?

A couple of books elevate the bowls so all 3 beauties can be stacked and admired.

Hopefully, this Amish couple won’t mind me snapping their picture.

It only takes three to start a collection …

but you know I’ll be in search for more (this is my official cry for help)!

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  1. What a big difference a little book between the bowls makes for display; how clever! I love the aqua color that I’ve not seen on those bowls before; growing up we had an ancient set but in a pink’ish tone. Yesterday I worked on styling an spot in the breakfast nook that I decided to use for display and I realized I had a small collection of cake stands (hadn’t thought of it that way until I brought them together). I also collect anything with an elephant motif. Happy Friday and beyond πŸ™‚ Robin

  2. found in a thrift store! yeah. i love the color & pattern…so sweet! and i too love how you stacked them so they could be displayed. such a smart cookie you are.

    fyi: i have this pattern in a small covered refrigerator dish in my etsy shop ~if your interested. πŸ˜‰

  3. I love that pattern…I have some aqua pyrex bowls that were gifted to me and i treasure them…books are a great idea for the “lift”…I have used small styrofoam bowls….you stuff them with paper towels to reinforce them and turn them upside down……seem to work well as they are round……Have a great weekend Kelly!!!

  4. Love the design on these bowls. The turquoise is so en vogue, too. Clever way to display. I’m going to try that on some of my bowls. Thanks for sharing.

  5. That’s too funny! I just gave away my ancient pyrex bowls two days ago!! Oh well, hopefully the person I gave them to appreciates them πŸ™‚

  6. I have the brown set that I got as a wedding present in 1966 plus some refridgerator dishes with lids in the turquiose color. Didn’t know I had vintage just thought they were good for making bread.

  7. I am like the anti-collector … I just don’t have the space, and have never had the desire … until I see all of your fabulous collections and then I sit around thinking I need old pyrex and some green glass and I start to mentally redecorate with your collections. LOL Another fab find … I’m just getting caught up from my week away, need to check in on what else you’ve been up to.

  8. Love your Pyrex, so clever, the book trick! I don’t think that Amish couple minded too much. Back in high school I took a little trip to Pennsylvania and snapped some pictures of the Amish people myself. Much to their disdain. What a bratty kid I was! Now I just look at the picture with terrible guilt. Sigh.

  9. Great idea, I have these bowls! They were my mom’s and bring back a lot of memories I would love to display them.

  10. I find vintage Pyrex all the time in my Goodwill travels. I had to stop buying it because I ran out of storage! I love it because it reminds me of my grandmother.

  11. So cute! I don’t have a collection. (and don’t dare start one) But, I have been seeing this all over at the thrift stores.I wonder which shade is the most rare?

    Great find Kelly πŸ™‚

  12. What a gorgeous combination of that shade of blue and white on your vintage Pryrex–I love it! And I have to say I am so lusting after your collection on vintage bar ware in your header–I think I may need to start a new collection, because they are gorgeous!

  13. Those are awesome! I actually have the white bowl in a smaller size, got if for .25! LOL! I have way too many pyrex bowls and no place to display them ~ yet! I love this idea though. Thanks so much for sharing πŸ™‚ Stopping by from Savvy!!!

  14. Kelly, I received the same set of 3 and a set of covered bowls for our wedding 48 years ago in Nov.
    I still use them almost daily.
    Guess that makes me vintage. ;>)
    judy j

  15. Thanks for the tip on how to display the bowls to show off their pattern. I have a set of three graduated bowls just like yours in white with a blue pattern that I inherited from my grandmother. I’m always on the lookout for pyrex when I’m thrifting.

  16. I don’t know where you guys find all the cute Pyrex, all I see in the thrift shops is the “ugly” stuff!

    Popped in from Stuff and Nonsense’s Fridays Unfolded.


  17. My grandmother gave me her 3 pink pyrex bowls. When I first received them from her, they had her last name printed on masking tape on the bottom. I’m sure she used them to bring dishes to church pot luck suppers! I use them all of the time at home and think of her.

  18. I have the same collection. It started a few summer ago I was at a garage sale with my mom and this lady was selling her mother’s belongings. I came across her casserole and refrigerator set in this print and color…….then only a few weeks later I came across the same print and color nesting mixing bowls at a thrift store!!!! Now I have the pyrex bug!!! My mom is giving me her vintage multi-green colored mixing bowl set she recieved as a shower gift in the 70s.

  19. I’m catching up on my blog rounds, and am I ever glad I’m here! Vintage pyrex is awesome, but what I love is your tip for displaying your find. I never thought to use books like that, not in the kitchen, but why not? And all the more reason for open shelving, too! I’ve still got more Eclectically Vintage reading ahead, but had to stop to thank you for this great tip. Thanks, Kelly!!!

  20. Just found your blog and loving it all so far! I have the white Butterprint bowl that I picked up at the (now closed) Iowa Welcome Center off I-80 and just love it. Great score!

  21. Y mother own the mama bowl the bowl was older than me and my twin sister broke it and my mother was so upset, I would love to find her those bowls again

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