I Wet My Plants – My Favorite Sun Loving Houseplants

I wet my plants! Plants bring so much life and color to our homes. Whether you’re a fellow crazy plant lady or you think you think you have an incurable black thumb, I’m sharing my favorite sun loving houseplants and my tips for growing and caring for them.

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Warning: caring for houseplants can become an addiction as you can see it has for me!

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My plants spark tremendous joy, especially when grouped together in my sunroom.

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My Favorite Sun Loving House Plants

  1. Fiddle Leaf Fig

  2. Succulent

  3. Bromeliad

  4. Lemon Cypress

  5. Dracaena

  6. Sedum

  7. Umbrella Plant

  8. Snake Plant

  9. Philodendron

  10. Palm

Succulents store water in their leaves so they can go a long time between waterings.

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Tips for Growing & Caring for Houseplants

Just like real estate, it’s all about location, location location when it comes to house plants! When I first brought my fiddle leaf fig home, I put it in a dark corner of my living room and it protested by dropping nearly half of its leaves! I moved it to a sunnier spot and it’s been flourishing ever since.

Do your research before you bring a plant home. If a plant prefers indirect light and you put it in a bright, southern facing window, the leaves will scorch.

I like to keep my plants in their nursery pots and put them directly into a decorative pot without a drainage hole. When it’s time to water, I remove the plants from their decorative pots and give them a good soaking in my kitchen sink or bathtub. Let them sit for about a half an hour after watering, tilt pots to drain excess water then return to their decorative pots. I water most of these plants every two weeks but depending on location and size of plant, you may need to water more frequently.

Mist your plants. Plants love humidity so I make sure to spritz mine a few times a week with this water mister that sprays a super fine and steady mist. Use bottled or filtered water (never straight from the tap).

Don’t give up if your plant is looking sad and pathetic. My philodendron went from huge and healthy to having just a few leaves. I cut the large leaves off and now the plant has tons of new growth (it’s the plant in the blue pot in the photos).

I love big box stores and even supermarkets for cheap plants. The selection is large and the prices can’t be beat on these houseplants. If you are looking for a more exotic plant, go to your local nursery where they will have a wealth of information on finding the best plant for you.

Don’t know what kind of plant you have? Try using an app like PlantNet where you can upload a photo and get all the details.

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I love running my fingers across the stems of my lemon cypress topiary to release the citrus scent! Bromeliads add a pop of color but they only bloom once in their lifetimes (blooms can last three to six months).

Bromeliads are such a beautiful plant kellyelko.com #bromeliad #plants #houseplants #planter #jungalow

If you’re just starting out in the world of house plants, my top hard to kill plants are pothos and snake plants. They are pretty indestructible and can go from full sun to a shady spot in your house.

This sunroom is filled with beautiful plants! kellyelko.com #plants #planter #sunroom #sunroomdecor #houseplants #jungalow #eclecticdecor

Believe it or not, I’m already in Christmas mode and I have a vision for this plant filled area that hopefully puts me on Santa’s nice list.

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  1. Thank you for sharing! I am a fellow plant lady too. Seeing new growth gives me the biggest sense of satisfaction! I love your collection and your unique flower pots!

  2. I love your little family of plants and the variety of natural fibers and pots. How often do you water your snake plant? Thank you.

  3. Thank you for the great tutorial! I am collecting plants in my front bay window. They are not necessarily the best cohesive display viewed fromthe outside but I love them. I just revived a schefflera that for yrs had one long branch that stretched out and looked off balance but I kept it going. I had the brilliant (duh) idea this yr of putting it outside and it has sprung new growth all over the place. I think it dates back to 1974!! Great post!

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