My One Window – Four Unique Window Treatments (& My Polyester Pants)


Four Unique Window Treatments! See the same window four different ways!

Plaid, polyester, bell bottom pants paired with a multi color striped shirt, a bowl cut and a toothless grin!

That was me back in the day – and there’s photographic proof of it buried in a shoe box somewhere in my parents house.


I love to look at my girls class pictures through the years to see how much they’ve grown and changed.

Blonde hair turned brown, curls turned to waves and toothless smiles were replaced with braces.


Call me weird, but I love seeing how my decorating style changes too and here’s the proof – in pictures.

One window in my kitchen – four unique window treatments!

Farmhouse kitchen

Vintage landscape - used as a window treatment!

Tree branch window - one of four unique window treatments!

Vintage Peter Max 7-Up Sign window - one of four unique window treatments

A favorite of mine – see my easy way to wire mason jars.

Mason jar window - one of four unique window treatments

I wonder what look number five will be …

I wonder what my girls will look like without their braces in a few months and

I wonder if anyone will blackmail me if they find that old polyester pants pic!


Here’s to making changes and having fun …

while not wearing polyester bell bottoms.

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  1. i think you should pull out the old plaid polyester bell bottoms and make them into a window treatment! 🙂
    love all the fun changes!

  2. Cassie, great minds think alike! You could make ’em kinda look like a kilt~wait, plaid’s Scottish right? No blue face paint though. Um. Yeah. it’s kinda early here…could explain this post. Riiiiight.

  3. I am the very same way. I love to see my styles change. I am going through one now as we speak. I was in the same one for about 2 -3 years lol. Love all the different displays of your windows. My fav was the fresh flowers in jars!

  4. Polyester pants, leg warmers, neon bras…really brings back the memories. But think of all the other good stuff. Record players, Princess phones, The Brady Bunch….Really aging myself now. Anyway, love the old scales and milk bottles. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve second guessed myself about collecting those too! Just what I need. More stuff! Have a wonderful day Kelly!

  5. I have a walk out apartment which I created. The front and kitchen area are in a hill. This meant the window over my sink was a casement window, ground level. I had a stained glass panel which had a nautilis shell in the center of cobalt blue glass. I took that to a stained glass shop and had them extend it to the size between the cabinets. I then hung this panel between the cabinets over the sink. The light floods thru the panel and looks beautiful with the cobalt blue and sea shell. The other glass is patterns of clear and frosted glass. The effect is lovely. Otherwise, I’d have the same problem you’re having. No curtain would work well. As I already had a pattern as a base, I couldn’t work this in, but designing another one, I’d put prisms in so the sunlight created “fairies”

  6. It’s hard to pick a fave, but the mason jars just steals my heart! I’m working on my windows too, hope to share it soon!Have a great weekend dear!

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