Free Vintage Pyrex Watercolor Printable (and more)!

Free Watercolor Vintage Pyrex Printable - perfect art for any kitchen

It was fate.

I found a set of three vintage Butterprint Pyrex mixing bowls at the thrift store for a few dollars.

Alas, the fourth bowl was missing – but I took that incomplete set home with me anyway.

Then, like I said, fate stepped in a few months later when I spotted a lone, small Butterprint mixing bowl at an estate sale.  There it sat, lonely and afraid, separated from it’s three siblings.  So I heroically stepped in and scooped up that little abandoned bowl for 50 cents and reunited it with it’s family.

Because I have a deep love for these mixing bowls, I wanted to immortalize them for all eternity …

and let you in on their beauty.

Love Pyrex? How fun is that FREE vintage pyrex printable art for any vintage lovers kitchen

I asked my amazingly talented friend Colleen to create a watercolor of my Pyrex bowls and we’re sharing them with you.

So go ahead, print out your free vintage Pyrex printable and frame it, hang it or give it as a gift.  It’s the perfect art for any kitchen.

Butterprint Pyrex free watercolor printable

Best part …

you can print an 8″ x 10″ on your home printer or …

download the larger file and print whatever size you like (mine is 18″ x 24″)

Just click the links below to download and print – for personal use only

Free Vintage Pyrex Mixing Bowl Printable – 8″ x 10″ 

Note: Print on 8 1/2″ x 11″ printer paper and trim the excess for 8″ x 10″ (I like printing on heavy card stock)

Free Vintage Pyrex Mixing Bowl Printable – for printing larger sizes

Note: Download, store on a flash drive and bring it to a printing place (I went to Staples) and ask them to print at whatever size you choose – mine is 18″ x 24″ (ask for a full bleed print – with no white trim around the edges)

Vintage Pyrex - FREE watercolor printable! Fun artwork for any kitchen

Hop over to Colleen’s blog to see the steps she took to paint this gorgeous Pyrex!

You must check out the more of Colleen’s free printables.

My favorites are …

Vintage Camper Free Printable

I also love her …

Cozy Cottage Free Printable

Colleen also does the most amazing custom pet portraits!


Time to bake a cake – and lick the Pyrex bowl.

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  1. When I try to dowload your wonderful pyrex watercolor print, I get the message “The folder ‘/Pyrex Bowls’ does not exist.”. Did you happen to take it down? I love them! I need friends who can do water color!

  2. Kelly,
    I got the same message! Folder does not exist.
    I love the water color and would really love to have it.
    Thank you for introducing us to Colleen.

  3. Hello, i also got the same message. Do we need to upgrade to a paying “Dropbox”?

    Thanks, lovely story and wonderful watercolor!


  4. What a cute pyrex printable!

    Dropbox is not liking me, though… is telling me the folder does not exist even though it’s right there in my newly downloaded folder. sigh……

    Thanks for sharing the cute pictures!

  5. Kelly,
    Worked like a charm. Thanks again to you and Colleen. They are beautiful!!! Can’t wait to get it printed. Looking for a set of bowls now. : )

  6. Thank you so much for your generosity! The print is a beauty. I’m going to check out your friend’s other prints. 🙂

  7. Hi love the post….but….please tell me what the paint color is on the wall in the picture. I LOVE IT and am looking for a new color for my kitchen.
    Thanks, Kelly!!

  8. Thank you for sharing such a great print ! I have this very set and am missing one of the bowls, they were my grandmas and they are very special to me. I also have a set of the round refrigerator dishes with lids in the same print, they belonged to my aunt. Pyrex is awesome !

  9. Wow! I just printed this and will be framing for my kitchen. I just had to thank you. It’s one of my favorite patterns and it’s just beautiful! Thank you!

  10. I love Pyrex. I collect it all…. I scored a four piece set of the Forest Fancies at Goodwill the other day so now I want to find the rest of this pattern set.

  11. Oh my gosh~I love this so much!! This is one of my favorite colors of Pyrex! I love the pink as well. My printer is out of ink and I could cry right now, lol. As soon as I get some, this is the first thing I’m printing! It looks so awesome hanging above the actual blue Pyrex!
    Thanks so much!

  12. The link for the printable isn’t working can we still get it? Has the blog changed names? I’d love to see more of your friend’s watercolors.

  13. I love this and would love to print a bigger size. When I download the file that’s supposed to be bigger it’s only 1.2MB. The 8×10 is 9.8MB, If I print the file that is linked to the larger printing and print it poster size it looks like it will be very bad quality. Is there another file for big size poster?

    Thanks in advance!

  14. How cool is THAT! Thanks a bunch.. I’m in the process of changing my kitchen over from a french country look (yellows, earth tones) to turquoise and white and this print is going to be perfect since I do have several of these Pyrex pieces to be able to display. Thanks for helping me check something else off my list 🙂

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