How to Grow Amaryllis in Jars

Amaryllis bulbs are the perfect hostess gift for the holidays. I’m sharing how to grow amaryllis jars that are quick and easy to make.

How to Grow Amaryllis Jars - these make the perfect DIY gift for Christmas! #amaryllis #christmas #plants #giftideas #diygifts

I like checking as many things off my list as early as possible so I can sit back and relax during the busy Christmas season.

This year, I’m whipping up a batch of festive Amaryllis jars for friends and family. Since they can take 6 or more weeks to bloom, it’s important to plant them early.

Best part – all you need is a jar, stones and water to grow these beauties.

I found these fun “fresh homemade cookie” jars with lids at HomeGoods and once the flower fades, the jar can be used for so many things.

Love these Amaryllis jars grown in water - they make the perfect hostess gift for Christmas

How to Plant Amaryllis in Jars

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1) put stones or pebbles in jar about 3-4 inches deep

2) add Amaryllis bulb, roots down, then add more stones around the bulb to secure it

3) add water to jar (I used this cookie jar), making sure not to get it on the bulb, until the water is about 1 inch below the bulb (if the bulb sits in water, it will rot)

4) Place in a sunny spot and add more water as needed – rotate the jar often so the flowers don’t lean towards the sun

5) wrap bakers twine or ribbon around the rim and add a gift tag if giving as a gift

Watch the the roots grow around the stones and the bulb begin to sprout then bloom in around 4-8 weeks.

Plant a bulb without soil

The perfect gift that keeps on giving. Once the bloom fades, the jar can be used for storing more than cookies.

I love this Amaryllis bulb in a jar - make a fun Christmas gift

Cross that off my list …

only 8,649 more to go!

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  1. I love this idea! The jars you used are no longer available. Can you give me an idea of their approximate dimensions? Thanks!

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