My Christmas House Tour!

Christmas House Tour - WOW - so many unique ideas!

Holiday House Walk - Eclectically Vintage House Tour

Welcome to my Christmas house tour!

The next stop after the fabulous Beth of Home Stories A to Z.

Home stories A to Z Christmas House Tour

Thanks Jennifer Rizzo for inviting me to this week long tour of 30+ houses decked out in all their holiday finery.


I’ve been decking the halls, trimming the trees (so many trees!), sipping an eggnog or two (spiked of course!), and giving Mrs. Claus a run for her money.


My hubby wasn’t very jolly when I asked him to throw that old piece of decking – found discarded at our dump – into our car.

A birch stencil was all it needed to make it joyous.

JOY Mantel - part of this fabulous Christmas House Tour

An eclectic mix of kissing balls and antlers in an old wooden rice bucket.

Rustic basket filled with kissing balls & antlers

I love our snow village jars because I am a firm believer that everything is better with a bit of bling.

Make winter snow village jars

Can you believe I was about to donate these metal stocking to the thrift shop!

A coat of copper spray paint gave them a new lease on life.

Create your own custom colors for your holiday home - love the copper stocking

I have collecting-itis and there’s no cure.

One of my globes ran away from it’s family and is now the tree topper on my trunk tree.

Vintage Trunk Christmas Tree - love the vintage light up globe

Best part – this vintage globe is a lamp.

Vintage light up globe - a fun Christmas decoration

Beautiful Christmas home tour

Down came my coloring book art to make room for my found windows.

Wall of vintage windows - love the snowflakes!  Tons of great Christmas decorating ideas at this website

Snowflake windows in this wintry white dining room

Vintage window with snowflakes - see the wintry white dining room at

Demijohns are another favorite collection – they light up my life with string lights.

Demijohn Christmas Lights

Demijohns at Christmas

More bling.

Christmas hutch decorations - love the wreath & mercury glass!

 What’s better than a glam tree in the dining room for a festive Christmas dinner.

Glam Christmas tree in the dining room

Glam Christmas tree - love the sled tree skirt


Christmas Living Room - part of this beautiful house tour

My girls get their own little snowball tree in the sunroom.

Christmas in the Sunroom - love the little snowball tree in the crate

Fun snowball Christmas tree

 It’s near our mason jar Advent calendar.

Mason jar advent calendar - love the blue jars

Advent calendar

This is where the magic happens – I mean pomegranate martini mixing of course.

See more of my Christmas kitchen here.

White Christmas Kitchen - part of this gorgeous home tour

Flocked white Christmas tree in this fun kitchen

See how easy it is to etch glass and make your own Let Them Eat Cake cake dome.

Make an etched glass cake dome

Eight shiny, glittery dollar store reindeer strung with some bakers twine.

Christmas kitchen - love the glittery reindeer banner!

More bling in an unexpected place.

Glittery reindeer ornament - fun lamp decoration

 My Brimfield find stocking stretchers are hung by the front door with care.

Vintage stocking stretchers make a fun Christmas display
Vintage typewriter

My hubby’s dad raced down the snow covered hills on this sled …

now it holds a row of snowy mason jar candles.

Snowy mason jar candles - love them on this old sled

Vintage sled holds a row of snowy mason jar candles

Just paint the glass of an old window for an instant chalkboard.

Chalkboard window - Ho Ho Ho!

Favorite feather tress are perfect for showing off special vintage Shiny Brites.

Christmas feather trees perfect for showing off special ornaments

Christmas feather trees - perfect for displaying treasured ornaments

Vintage Shiny Bright ornament

He’s making a list and checking it twice so you better be nice.

Santa and berry Christmas bannister

Every year, I give my girls a special ornament that hang on our main family tree.

Vintage chalkboard at Christmas

Remember when you were a kid and you would lay under the tree and stare up into the glowing branches (or was that just me)?

Glowing Christmas Trees
Christmas trees in a crate

Peace on earth and a joyous holiday season my friends.

Vintage globe lamp

I’ve even decked out my front porch with some of my favorite vintage finds – see more of my Winter Porch here.

Vintage filled Christmas porch - love all the vintage finds and that door!

Vintage Christmas porch decorating ideas - so many fun finds!

Stop by in the coming weeks to see my kitchen and it’s white tree, porch with vintage soda crates, and who knows what else all blinged out for Christmas.

In the meantime, let’s reminisce with my last year’s Christmas House!


While I wait for Santa to bring me even more bling …

make sure to stop by Four Generations One Roof – Stop #9 on the house walk!

Shhhh, it’s a surprise house all gussied up for the holidays.

Four Generations One Roof

To see the full roster of holiday homes from the beginning, stop by Jennifer Rizzo.

Holiday House Walk - 30 Homes Decked out for the Holidays

And to all a good night.


Most stuff is vintage and found at thrift shops or the side of the road!


JOY Marquee Sign – Target

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  1. Kelly, everything is simply breathtaking! I am totally in love with your Mason jar advent calendar and your globe and – who am I kidding, I love it all! So enjoyed your beautiful post! Thanks so much for sharing and pinned! Have a Tuesday filled with merry! 🙂

  2. Kelly, your home looks amazing as always!!!! I love those wood stockings on the door knob rack and the fireplace is awesome with the styling and the birch piece. Thank yous o much for being a part of the tour and showing us your amazing home!

  3. Joy to the World!!! Loved every single detail, especially the sleds. And the trunk tree with globe topper. And the mason jar advent cali. And the snowball tree. And all the eclectically vintage-ness of it all. Kudos on a Christmas Tour well done!!! You know I’ve been waiting for this and you didn’t disappoint!!! xoxo jules

  4. I always love being invited into your beautiful home. I, too, have been infected with collectivitis and there is no know cure! Love the copper stocking…so glad you rescued them.

  5. You are a woman after my own heart! Chalkboards, old windows, vintage ornaments- love it all! And speaking of chalkboards, I have admired the one on the stand that you have featured in several of your posts. Wherever did you find that gem?

  6. Love it all Kelly! I’m coveting the copper stockings, great choice to keep and paint them…they look perfect! And that globe is to die for. Thanks for sharing your beautiful home all decked out for the holidays!


  7. Love your house Kelley! I agree everything is better with bling! My favorite thing though is the Scrabble letters “Peace on Earth” and the globe. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! Well done!

  8. As always, you amaze me! I didn’t think anything could top last year, but you outdid yourself. Love everything! I have to admit, I’m a copycat and use many of your ideas. I just happen to have some old decking that was ready to be tossed. My hubby will FLIP, when I tell him what I’m going to do with a section of it!! : ) Your post this morning was just what I needed for a boost of some much needed holiday spirit.
    Thank you

  9. WOW Kelly, truly beautiful. I love the fireplace it came out so great with the lighted sign and all the other touches. Love the snowflakes hanging in the windows on the wall. Great vintage ornaments on the trees too!!!


  10. Only YOU would think to create a suitcase christmas tree with a globe topper … love! The rest of your Christmas home is amazing … glad your stocking stretchers returned this year, and I want your shiny bright trees! Happy Holidays, friend … I’m off to take your tour again!

  11. Hey! I recognize that Southern Living at Home stocking! I have one too, and I have not used it in years. I need to give it a coat of spraypaint! Like, duh. Why didn’t I think of that. So many amazing ideas here, Kelly. You rocked it OUT my friend!

  12. I so remember laying under the tree. I love Christmas time, all the memories are special and I try to recreate the feeling for my children. Your home looks wonderful, Merry Christmas. Alaina

  13. Awesome and beautiful, and beautiful and awesome…. all of it. Warm, inviting, drink wine, and you said kissing balls to make me laugh. I’m on my way over.

  14. Oh dear, how I love all of your wonderful finds! So much to adore!!! Chalkboards are all super fun, stocking stretchers are to die for, and the globe lamp is fabulous…and your “peace on earth” is so fun! I’m gonna have to revisit your home for sure! Thank you for sharing!

  15. Beauty everywhere Kelly. Love it all. Hanging the vintage wooden stocking stretchers is so interesting. I have some that I should figure out a place to hang. Thanks for sharing you beautiful home.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  16. I was trying to keep track of the things I wanted to say I love about this post but there are too many. Your house looks amazing. The Santa on the banister made me laugh – so cute. Love the snowflakes on the windows.

  17. So much fantastic to see in one home, oh my, I’ll have to go back thru your photos many times so I can “borrow” some of your ideas, love what you did. Do you mind if we borrow some or all of your ideas? I’m quite envious of all you’ve done. Love looking at your home and what you’ve done. So enjoyed the tour.
    I used to have some sock stretchers in KY but think I must have sold them, darn it. When we moved to Western CO we bought a lot smaller house than we had in KY. Had to sell so many of my pretties.
    How did you manage to get 4 alike old wood windows? I had several in KY but had to leave several behind, think I have one old window left out in our shed. It’ll be used to decorate this year on my shutter shelf a.k.a. my mantel. That poor old shelf gets restyled all the time, any excuse. loved your Santa on your bannister also, so cute. I love Christmas decorations period. Happy week

  18. Kelly!! Everything looks amazing!! You have so many fun details and it’s all just beautiful but I think those metal stockings are my absolute FAV! Well done girl! 🙂

  19. As always, your house lives up to your blog name! I always love seeing your creative take on Christmas trees. That suitcase tree with the globe topper is a stroke of decorating brilliance. I’m ready for my cocktail now.

  20. Always and forevermore, your home is brimming with ideas and inspirations!!! In love with your mantle and the unique garland you used also the staircase! I can never get my staircase garland right, never, hope some of the inspiration rub off on me next year!!!!! Love it!

  21. Oh my gosh – love your home with all your thrifted finds! Love all your vintage sleds, the glam mirrors on the tree, and my favorite – the globe atop the tree trunks! Can’t wait to see the rest of your house when you share it!

  22. Everything looks so pretty… I especially love the mantel, your joy sign and the metal stockings good thing you didn’t get rid of it, it looks great! Merry Christmas!

  23. I love all of your various trees. We sold our house and are in a temporary (small) rental so no room for multiple trees, but you can imagine as soon as I have a place with multiple rooms, I’ll be following your lead.

  24. Amazing holiday decorating! I don’t know how everyone finds the time to work and blog and decorate and cook and…whew! Was wondering where the lighted JOY sign came from that is on your birch palette mantel? It is fantastic!

  25. LOVE your home! Your taste is so similar to mine (only better, LOL). Your feather trees are perfect… Do you remember where you found them?
    Merry Christmas! xo Bets

  26. Your home is amazing! When do you begin decorating? When do you find the time? Where do you keep all your items when not in use? I love the electric, vintage, modern style, I am trying to find a stye for my home and a way to keep it up with two little ones. Again, thanks for the inspiration!

  27. I’m very late to the tour this year, but I’m so glad I made it. Your Holiday-decorated home is my all-time favorite. It has captured the beauty of the season perfectly for me and will be a timeless inspiration to follow for years to come.

  28. I love the Reindeer Garland!!! I went to the Dollar Store and sure enough they had the Reindeer:) My question is how did you attach them to the twine…glue?… just string it through? Thanks!

        1. Thank you! I hope they still have them this year! P.S. – I also really love the “Peace on Earth” Scrabble tiles.

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