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Home Trends 2018 - what's hot for home kellyelko.com

To know me is to know I blaze my own decorating trail.

But I do love to freshen up my house and wardrobe with a few key (trendy) pieces every once in awhile.

Last week, HomeGoods invited me to New York with about 20 other bloggers so we could talk about blogging and social media and style and basically just have a fun and informative day (oh, there was wine too).

One of the speakers was from The Doneger Group – a firm that specializes in forecasting trends and knowing what consumers want.

I thought it would be fun to share and I’m sure you probably already have some of these in your home that you have loved for awhile!

Home Trends 2018 

1. Intellectual – Preppy Classic

It’s all about paper and real books. Bookshelves in the kitchen, cozy English Chesterfield sofas and anything that creates the look and feel of an old school library.

Upcycling old books and magazines into folded works of art, walls of books, book headboards – I used stacks of old books as a vertical planter on my winter mantel.

Book vertical planter with succulents kellyelko.com

Hand drawn prints and patterns – you’ll see them on textiles, pillows, wallpaper …

Letters including typewriter letters and messages on glass and china.

Can you believe they referenced my Song Lyric Plate that I created years ago (see how to make it here).

Song Lyric Plate kellyelko.com

2. Infinite – Imagination and Innovation

It’s all about water and one over the top example is the Floating Seahorse house in Dubai that is partially submerged under water.

The Floating Seahorse

Colors – layers of blue including cool aqua and azure tones in tiles and textiles including fish scale patterns like this shower from Mercury Mosaics.

Blue fish scale tile in the shower

I installed fish scale tile in my entrance vestibule eight years ago and still love it.

Love this fish scale tile

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Glass bubbles – in lighting with blues and iridescent colors. I love my bubble chandelier over my kitchen table.

Beautiful bubble chandelier kellyelko.com

Sea world – starfish, coral and especially the octopus will be everywhere – can you see my octopus plate (second from top).

Eclectic plate wall on a bottle holder kellyelko.com

3. Clandestine – Morocco and Mexico

It’s all about living like a local and immersing ourselves in travel and culture. The world is or home and authentic experiences are valued.

Cutouts and light and lace and shadows reminiscent of Moroccan lanterns.

Moroccan lanterns

Lacey hammocks and daybeds, wicker and rattan furniture with a more modern edge – I have been coveting this rattan daybed and think it would be fun in my living room piled high with colorful pillows.

Love this rattan daybed with a mix of colorful pillows

Stencils and wallpapers will  mimic intricate tile patterns. Lots of pattern and mixing and matching.

4. Metropolis – Cities Around the World

Bricks in the home – accent wall or entire room.

I kept some brick exposed in my attic guest bedroom when we renovated – it really makes the room!

Bedroom with iron bed and exposed brick wall

Cement textures on floors and walls and moves out of the kitchen into every room in the house.

Recycle old finds like this wheelbarrow chair in a sleek and modern way.

Modern wheelbarrow chair

Neon has been huge for years and is still going strong.

Iridescent metallics will be everywhere.


So there you go – what will be trending in 2018.

What do you already own? Anything you are really loving?

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  1. Thanks for the trend report… we have exposed brick in the attic as well. DL s going to seal so that we can keep it exposed. Rattan has been selling really well at the shop, so I can vouch for that! (Where are my wine events? I’ll have to look into that.)

  2. Kelly, I enjoyed your trend update & love your blog! At my house we have an old school library & have embraced a strong travel theme in our decor. My favorite are the framed vintage travel posters reflecting places we have been, plus a charming plate we bought on our honeymoon in Mexico that reads (in spanish) “The most beautiful decorations in our home are the people who visit.” We’ve completed our travel vibe by also incorporating 3 paintings that have a Mexican/California beach vibe. I think we even got one from Home Goods! I do love their store!

  3. We are updating our kitchen. I like tile but everyone tells me granite. What is the long for kitchen counter tops?

  4. Is it just me or i see a trend in ornamental and natural components combining with darker colors. The era of Minimalist design begins to fade and customize

  5. Kelly , what are they saying about paint colors for foyers, kitchens with honey oak cabinets and family rooms? Are they predicting gray will be “the” color for 2-3 more years? Two colors in the family room? THANKS!

    1. I didn’t hear anything specifically pertaining to honey oak cabinets. As for gray, I’ve been painting my interiors a beautiful shade of gray and have a few more rooms to paint. I don’t care about “trendy” colors – I just go with what I love!

      1. Hi Kelly,
        I only care about trendy colors because we are selling our home and need to appeal to buyers; otherwise, I would go with what I like (as I did with the honey oak cabinets 10 years ago).

  6. Love your visuals and examples, furthering the trend update. Question: Where did you obtain the kitchen “rack”, displaying the copper mugs?

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