Feather Mask Pumpkin Vintage Dress Form

DIY Feather Mask Pumpkin - looks so cute on the vintage dress form! kellyelko.com

Pumpkin head.

That was my mom’s nickname for me as a baby.

In honor of my apparently enormous head, I’ve created my own little mini me …

and she’s a diva.

Here she stands, tall and proud of her ginormous head that I love sitting atop my vintage dress makers form!

Love this vintage dress form pumpkin head with the handmade feather mask (directions for mask included) kellyelko.com

How to Make Feather Masks

Supplies for Mask:
white mask (Michaels)
2 feather picks (Michaels) or loose feathers
glue gun

Supplies for Making Fake Pumpkin Look Real:
fake pumpkin
Martha Stewart Vintage Decor Paint – ivory (here)
Martha Stewart Vintage Decor Antique Wax (here)
paint brush
paper towels

DIY feather mask supplies kellyelko.com

Every diva pumpkin head needs to look her best so …

this is a recap of my post …

How to Make Fake Pumpkins Look Real – read the full post here to see all directions and pictures

1) Paint fake pumpkin with 2 coats of Martha Stewart Vintage Decor Paint in ivory

2) Add a small amount of Martha Stewart Vintage Decor Antique Wax to the pumpkin with a paintbrush

3) Using a damp paper towel, rub the wax into the pumpkin and remove excess

That’s it – now you have a diva worthy pumpkin.

See how to make this DIY feather mask on a pumpkin! kellyelko.com

DIY Feather Mask

1) Cut feathers from feather picks or start with an assortment of loose feathers then divide them into groups of like size, shape and fluff factor

2) Starting on the outer edges of the mask, add long feathers with hot glue

Feather mask step by step instructions kellyelko.com

3) Work your way in towards the eye holes with more long feathers

4) Add shorter feathers to the top of the mask – cut feathers after they are glued if they are too long

Feather mask instructions kellyelko.com

5) Fill in the nose with more feathers

6) Go back in and add more feathers to make the mask fuller and to cover up any blank spots

7) Trim excess feathers around the eye holds with a scissor

8) Tack mask onto pumpkin

See how to make this Halloween pumpkin head feather mask - so fun on a vintage dress form kellyelko.com

I’m not alone anymore …

I finally have another pumpkin head in the family.

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  1. hi Kelly, i love your pumpkin and definitely love your mask ! I am going to have to make a couple of for sure. Your childhood nickname is exactly what I called my son when he was a baby some 49 years ago !! Not because of his head size but because he is a red head although when he was a baby it was more Orange-y ?and I loved it. Look forward to seeing more designs and decorating from you this fall and winter, especially. Christmas is my favorite hholiday so looking forward to seeing what you do. Thanks !

    1. My hubby’s nickname was pumpkin head too! Guess we were made for each other! I’ve already got some Christmas ideas in my mind – can’t wait to start decorating!

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