How to Make Plastic Pumpkins Look Real!

See how to make fake plastic pumpkins look realistic! A simple paint technique will have your faux pumpkins looking like they came straight from the pumpkin patch! This is a fun and easy fall craft anyone can do.

How to Make Plastic Pumpkins Look Realistic - in minutes!

Remember when I shared my deep, dark hatred for plastic pumpkin pails.

Well, that hatred has been brewing inside of me for years and it’s finally trickled down to the lowly fake pumpkin …

or funkin as it’s called.  Not that there’s anything fun about them.

So instead of seething with anger any longer, I decided to turn those pumpkins from fake to fabulous.

How to Make Plastic Pumpkins Look Realistic

Fake pumpkin
Martha Stewart Vintage Decor Paint (I used ivory)
Martha Stewart Vintage Decor Antique Wax
paper towels

I love this Vintage Decor Paint – use it on furniture, wood, plastic or anything else you want to makeover – no prep or priming needed.

Martha Stewart Vintage Decor Paint

1) Paint your pumpkin with two coats of ivory paint (I used ivory instead of white to give it a more natural appearance)

Note: if you want to keep your pumpkin orange, skip this step

How to make a fake plastic pumpkin look real

2) Once the ivory paint is dry, brush on a small amount of the Vintage Decor Antique Wax then use a damp paper towel to rub the paint into the pumpkin.  Rub off excess and blend with the damp towel.

3) Let dry, then set it out and fool your neighbors.

How to make a fake plastic pumpkin look realistic

Not only do my pumpkins look like I just picked them right off the vine …

but now I can cancel my anger management sessions.

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P.S. See how I made over my ugly plastic pumpkin pails here.

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  1. Hi Kelly,
    Love this idea. Your pumpkin turned out great. Cannot wait to try it out. May I ask were you found the Martha Stewart paint?

    Hugs and Kisses,

  2. I’m excited to try this! Tired of getting real pumpkins & having them rot! If I put them outside on my porch, I’ll need to find a way to anchor them so they don’t blow away! 💨

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