Make Paper Bag Gift Bags


How to make gift or treat bags from paper lunch bags - so cute!

I’m whipping up a batch of gift and treat bags from paper lunch bags.

Mine are red – but they’d be equally adorable in brown.


Since my make gift bags from any paper  post was such a hit – I thought you’d love these too.


How to Make Gift/Treat Bags from Paper Bags


* Paper lunch bags
* Paper punch – I used this Martha Stewart star punch
* Scrapbook paper – I used the chevron paper from this pad
* Scissors
* Deckle edge scissors (optional)
* Glue stick
* Hole punch
* Baker’s twine

1) Trim off the uneven edge of the paper lunch bag with deckle edge scissors (use straight scissors if you don’t have)

2) Use a paper punch to punch cutouts on the front side of the bag

Paper punches for making treat bags

3) Cut a piece of scrapbook paper about 3 inches long x the width of your paper bag (mine is 5 inches)

4) Rub the front of the piece of scrapbook (the side you want showing) with the glue stick

5) Put the piece of scrapbook paper on the inside flap – letting about 1/2 inch stick out of the bag

Fun paper bag crafts - this treat bag is so cute!

6) Trim the scrapbook paper with the deckle edge scissors (optional)

7) Punch two holes in the top of your bag

8) Add a gift or some homemade treats for your BFF (hint, hint)

9) String baker’s twine through the holes and tie in a bow

How to make gift bags from brown paper bags
The possibilities are endless.

Switch up your paper, punches and ribbons and people will think your gift is too pretty to open …



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  1. Really great tutorial! I have wrapping paper scraps… now I know how to wrap up all the little gifts I have no boxes for so they match the rest of the gifts under the tree! Paper Bag Gift Bags!!! Perfect. Pinned it too! Finally got my simple Christmas tour post up, thank you for your continued inspiration to us all. {This is my favorite stop for “a-ha!” moments!} Have a wonderful countdown to Christmas! xoxo jules

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