How to Waterproof Almost Anything

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How to Waterproof Almost Anything

Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world – Marilyn Monroe

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, I figure this video I made is worth at least a million words …

Get your own amazing affiliate waterproof spray and keep your favorite things looking good as new.

My daughter got a new pair of Uggs for Christmas but refused to wear them in the rain and snow so she could keep them looking brand spanking new.

So I was thrilled to discover Rain Guard and their newest waterproofer called Hydro-Lok and I’ve been squirting this eco-friendly miracle water repellent on everything I can get my hands on including my hubbies suede shoes, my dog’s leash and my friends baby’s bib (pureed broccoli rolls right off – no stains)!

Anyone who is crazy enough (me) to pour a glass of water on their shoes definitely needs this!

Rainguard Waterproofer - this stuff makes water roll off my suede Uggs!

Seriously, I would not have frolicked in the snow while wearing my daughters boots if I didn’t think this waterproofer was the bomb.

Get your own Hydro-Lok to make your things waterproof!


Thanks Rainguard for saving my sanity (and my shoes) from the elements.  I only speak the truth.

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  1. Liked Rainguard on FB and posted a comment that Eclectically Vintage turned me on to it. Can’t wait to try it and hope they send more free samples (offer already ended). Thanks!

  2. We were shopping yesterday for a new couch, and have our eyes on a sectional with slipcovers. Do you think this would work on that to help prevent stains??

  3. That’s a cool product! Isn’t is great that you fit and share your daughters shoes?! Unless she raids your closet! Hugs, Laura

  4. We’re shopping for a new sofa and I think it would definitely benefit from this product! Thanks for the chance to try it!

  5. I will be spraying all my new white tees and jeans come Spring
    I also always spray the front of my favorite shirts; I can be pretty messy sometimes

  6. I too have a pair of UGG boots that I would love to try this on and I’m sure I can find lots of other things to waterproof while I’m at it. Thanks for the chance to win.

  7. Liked Rainguard on FB. Was about to buy another product for outdoor cushions. Hope to get one of the future samples (these are already gone). Thanks for the information!

  8. Kelly, we LOVE your review! Thank you so much!!! Also I had no idea you were so talented video producer. WOW. :)))

    Cheers and High Fives from all of us!


  9. Would love to try this on my ‘yard shoes’. We have had over 8 inches of rain this year (crazy, right?) and my boots sprung a leak during my daily trips to the chicken coop! Thanks.

      1. The chickens stay dry due to some modifications we made to their run, but over half of the back yard is so low that it is standing water and muck as I make my way to switch on the security lights each evening. I have liked the company on fb and hope there will be another giveaway. Love your blog, BTW. Your ‘soda crate’ stairs blew me away; they are now on my Pinterest board (along with some of your other projects). The Rennaisance man and I purchased a mountain home last year that needs some work. It has stairs and I am seriously considering doing something very similar since we collect actual bottle crates and bottles. Surely I have a steady enough hand to stencil! Please consider my ‘copycatting’ a compliment 🙂

  10. I would use it on the base of my back pack that is leather/suede….could really use some waterproofing, especially this time of the year! Would make a great Valentine’s Day gift for my hubby who has leather seats in his car/truck and travels a lot with our dog. My Uggs will get a dose as well!

  11. I’d waterproof my tennis shoes so when we hike early in the morning, the dew wouldn’t seep through my shoes and dampen my socks

  12. WOW!!! May I tell you as a devoted Ugg fan (boots, slippers and shoes) I own several of each myself and my daughter as well, and at least 1 pair of slippers for my hubby and our 4 boys each! Our entire family is made up of Ugg lovers one way or another. As Mom / Wonder Woman to this lively and active herd, I so desperately needed / need something like this in my life. Countless hours spent on the softball and football fields in all elements has taken a toll on not just my Uggs but all of our game day essentiels. From our folding chairs, blankets and coats, the girls bat bags, and their jerseys (which may i add are much nicer and more expensive then the sleeve less t-shirts i played in) to the boys equipment bags and of course my “Team Mom tote” which we all know w/o this tote in hand, the game just could not go on;). Their are countless uses already and I haven’t even touched on the basket ball court or the wrestling mat. Besides our lives outside the home, this product will not only better daily household items by making them less of a headache for cleaning and maintaining, (cause this is one busy Momma) but could very well prolong these said items life span. As you can imagine in a house hold of 5 wonderful and growing kids ages varying from 13-4 and mostly ALL BOYS, things get expensive and streaching our pennies is priority for my husband and I. And this could just be hopeful thinking but, I can see how this awesome product could quit possibly change the quality of an item, of let’s say an inferior brand or make…possibly? Guess it wouldn’t hurt to try!? Perhaps someone in the other comments already has and i sound like a echo. I wouldn’t know cause I’m the kinda girl who doesn’t just take others word or experience as my own. I wanna know and try things out on my own and my way first, then once I’ve figured out and tweeked “my method” for the best and most efficient results, I’ll then let you and anyone who will listen know, lol ( i love good life hacks). So that being said, these are just a few of the countless things i want to try RainGaurd Hydro-Loc on and would absolutely love to score a free sample to get started, so I can be ahead of the rest at the end of February and to get busy water proofing my family’s world and spreading the word on how incredible this stuff is and how every household can not go on w/o a bottle in it’s arsenal!!! THANKS

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