I Scored at the Thrift Store – but I Was Almost Banned for Life!

Prologue:  This is an epic saga of passion, betrayal, romance, honor, deception, and the age old tale of good vs. evil.  


I was minding my business, roaming the aisles of a favorite thrift shop …

Eclectically Vintage I Scored at the Thrift Store

when I overhead an elderly woman trying to donate this antique fit for the finest castle.

Sweet Lady:  “Excuse me kind thrift shop woman, I brought you this lovely antique chandelier and would love to see it go to a loving home.”

Mean Thrift Shop Ogre:  “No, we don’t want it!  It’s not wired properly so we can’t sell it”.

Eclectically Vintage - I Scored at the Thrift Store

Crestfallen, the poor Sweet Lady looked close to tears.

Sweet Lady:  “Surely, someone would want it, it was my mother’s.”

Mean Thrift Shop Ogre:  “No!  We don’t want it, now take it away or I will have you beheaded.”

Eclectically Vintage - i Scored at the Thrift Store

As tears streamed down the Sweet Lady’s cheek (not really, but it makes for a great story), I had to rescue her (and that chandelier).

Chandelier Rescuer (me):  “I’d be happy to take it, it’s beautiful.”

Sweet Lady:  (beaming from ear to ear) “Oh, would you, that would make me the happiest woman in the world.”

Eclectically Vintage - I Scored at the Thrift Store

So I plucked the chandelier from the poor woman’s fragile arms and helped the Sweet Lady towards the door.

It was then that the wrath of the Mean Thrift Shop Ogre was unleashed upon me.

Flames erupted from her mouth as she glared at me and shouted:

Eclectically Vintage

Mean Thrift Shop Ogre:  “How dare you take that after we said no …”

Chandelier Rescuer:  “I’m sorry”. (I know, you can imagine what I really wanted to say).

“Since you didn’t want it and that woman seemed so upset, I didn’t think it was a big deal.”


Off I went on my merry way, rescued chandelier under my arm and I forgot all about it …

until …

I returned a few days later.


Not only was the Mean Thrift Shop Ogre passively aggressively ignoring me, she had spread the tale to her co-workers and they were being equally rude.

Now, I like to enter with a shield (I try to bring a friend) to keep their venom at bay.


Was it worth it you ask?

Yeah baby – just look at it!


Here’s to being kind (and scoring fabulous finds)!


Disclaimers:  Names may have been changed to protect the innocent.  Some dialogue may have been modified to make me laugh.  Nobody was beheaded.


See all of my thrift shop finds – where nobody was harmed in the hunt!


P.S. I’m linking up to my friend Bliss’s Hey Girl party! – here’s my contribution (think it will go viral)?

Eclectically Vintage - Ryan Gosling

P.S. the winner of the JuNxtaposition typewriter key necklace is Becca from Adventures in Decorating!

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  1. LOL. you got me rolling on the floor here talking about your great find and the mean ole thrift shop orge.
    Wonderful Chandelier and great story to go along with. :}

  2. I like the story and I love the thrift find, my imagination took off when I seen it. I know you have great plans for it. that’s a thrift store “HIGH FIVE FOR YOU Honey”

  3. Rescuing old ladies (we’ll be one one day) and antique chandeliers is all in day’s work for a brave thrift shop gal…
    you are to be commended on your heroism!

  4. this post made my morning…i was already haveing a bad day and its only 8:30 !! but you, you just turned my day around….
    too too too funny…

    AND a MAJOR SCORE !!! lucky girl…

  5. I didn’t get to see picture of your final product (chandelier). You best be wearing and wig and maybe a beard next time you enter store. Be sure to lower your voice. I can imagine what the chandelier looked like after you brought it home. It’s a lovely piece. Maybe I just missed somewhere to click. Thank you for sharing…you’re quite a talented writer and “whatever else” artist. LOL

  6. Awesome deal….People will beat you for that light fixture. I would think a thrift store would put a disclaimer on the lighting. But their ignorance is your gain.

  7. Ah ha ha ha ha ha…. not sure which I want a sequel to more, the thrift store story or more Hey Girls!

    What a good sport you are, and I laughed, but in my head I’m thinking bet he really DOES like watching you contort and take pictures.


  8. It’s a WONDERFUL chandelier!!! It was so worth it. I really don’t understand why that would upset them so…but there is no accounting for personalities sometimes. They sell old chandeliers all the time around here at thrift stores….just think of all the goodies that they are causing folks to miss out on!!! Thanks for sharing! AND…if you need someone to take that off your hands…I’m your girl! lol ~Tammy

  9. Well, color me confused, too. I don’t get why they were upset if they didn’t want it. I guess somebody’s panties got twisted for no good reason. The noive!!

  10. SHUT.the.front.door! I’m shocked to see that I won … yippeee! I’m so excited and can’t wait to start modeling the necklace! Thank you for hosting such a fun giveaway!

    And, before I saw that I had won, I was laughing out LOUD at your story. You were sweet to have rescued the chandelier from the sweet old lady (made her day, I’m sure). And, what a mean old ogre … boo on her and her miserable self.

  11. The ogre is not much of a business woman – if it’s your favorite thrift store, I would say you spend some bucks in there so treating you crappy is just stupid. It amazes me how important it is for someone to be “right” all the time! She was embarrassed that you were nice when she was feeling all-powerful by being mean to an older woman. There’s always the Karma bank for that – she will be that age someday. Even if it wasn’t such a fantastical, incredible score it was still the best part of the story – being nice to an elderly woman who obviously needed it. The good news is that the Karma bank will also bank THAT, for you! Sweet find!

  12. Hilarious!! I would have done the same thing!! That is a gorgeous chandelier! I can just imagine it in all it’s glory! I don’t understand why the store employees were so upset! It’s not like you waylaid the lady BEFORE she tried to give it to them!

  13. What a way to start my day before heading off to work at the shop. You had me rolling. I would have done the same thing. It does pay to keep the staff at the thrift shops on your side. I go out of my way to speak with them every time I am there. It has paid off tremendously. When they know your face and how much you spend at their store sometimes they go out of their way for you. I have had the manager approve that I could leave a wicker chaise lounge overnight when it was against their policy. Everything they sell has to be taken with you right then. Well my little SUV was filled to bustin’ already one evening when I spent over $100 in his store. He let me leave it there until the next a.m. as long as I promised to pick it up as soon as they opened in the a.m. (He begged me not to tell anyone!!!!!) I kept my word and was there with my husband’s truck first thing in the am. He came out and personally thanked me for keeping my word. Now we are buddies. He likes me, he llikes me. The chandy is GORGEOUS! Please show us when you finish it.

  14. Ha ha ha ! that is hilarious…
    I had a similar thrift shop tale that involved and Ogre too!
    Now I no longer have to wonder where Ogres can find employment….
    they all work at thrift stores!

    thanks for the laugh…Pat

  15. love the thrift stores! but you’re right, don’t mess with mean thrift store people…. it’s like they have the right to be grumpy to any one who questions them!

  16. Love pieces with a known history! Must have been very hard for her to part with. Enjoy it and give it more history!!

  17. Kelly, I’ve got to say, thrift store tales are some of the best reading out there. I have been known to chase the shelf-stockers at Goodwill to get something in that cart and I have, on occasion, been known to stalk-uh-follow fellow shoppers around, hoping they would set an item back down. I have also learned that if I’m even remotely contemplating a purchase, I load it into that cart and haul it around until I’ve finished looking through the shop and made up my mind. After all, thrift stores don’t usually have a lot of duplicates and a moment’s hesitation can be a treasure lost.

  18. I’m so glad to hear of your valiant efforts to rescue the tragic, underappreciated beauty from the wrath of that ogre-witch! Someone has to do the right thing around here.

    And YES on the hey girl!! I’m so glad you did one. Of course it’s a huge turn-on to our men to see us carefully styling and taking, then retaking, our blog photos over a period of hours while neglecting to think about dinner plans.

  19. LOL
    What a great story!!! And what a perfect find, I love your rescued chandelier! And yes, I can see your Hey Girl going viral! I love it, too! lol
    Debbie 🙂

  20. Oh Kelly you had me laughing so hard I was in tears! I always figure what goes around comes around. Nasty thrift store lady was rude, upset two customers, and missed out on an awesome find! You made a little old lady happy and… found something pretty incredible! If you ever happen to make it up to northern MN? I’ll take you to some of my favorite haunts! There is nothing better then going treasure hunting with friends! And….a fresh brewed coffee!

  21. You certainly made ME laugh! Those thrift shop workers are brutal I tell ya! But good for you rescuing not only the lovely chandi but also the sweet little lady.
    And I LOVE your hey girl quote!

  22. To funny, but boy did you score…And yes your hubby is to funny also!! hee, hee we obiously know what he is talking about! Di

  23. Hahaha dying over here, that’s my favorite “hey girl” ever! Great story too, can’t wait for the next installment, where the evil ogre bites her tongue because you did something fabulous with that amazing piece. 🙂

  24. Bwahahah!! Kelly that was the best Thrift Store Fairy Tale I ever did hear! Although I think I would have liked a beheading at the end…just for the shock value of it. 😉 You definitely scored big time and will forever be a hero to that poor sweet lady!

  25. It amazes me some of the items that thrift shops won’t take or they take and throw away! Your goodie is amazing and who wouldn’t want it….except the thrift shop ogre! Hope you keep finding treasures!!

    Happy Junkin’

  26. Oh my gosh, how I lOVE this story! I would have done the same;). Love thrifting, we have some good stores by us and so cheap, but it is def hit or miss. Looking for my next big score, you did great with yours. Love the pictures of your hubs! Oh what we put them through, it is a good thing they love us, right? Ok, so I am really trying to get there next Friday. Will let you know in a few days. We got about 18″, hope you & your family had fun in the snow:), Jen

  27. That is hilarious. And what an amazing score. You just totally upset the power struggle the thrift shop ogre had going in her own private kingdom of junque. Now she wishes to turn you into a frog. Maybe a really cool thrift shop sort of collectible frog!

  28. You are such a good samaritan, Kelly! Honestly, what choice did you have but to take that sweet lady’s chandelier off her hands for her 🙂 Don’t let that evil ogre stand in the way of your good deeds!

    Now, if you need me to help you out by taking the chandelier, I would do that for you. No need to thank me even. That’s just the kind of person I am.

  29. I am pretty sure that is exactly how it happened. Don’t try to fool us Kelly 😉
    Looking forward to seeing what you do with your newest treasure!!!

    And you know… it’s the 187th shot that is always the winner 😉 LOL!!
    (they do think we are a little crazy though, I know it.)

  30. Good on you for taking that burden off the li’l old lady! Boo, hiss to the mean ogre! Oh, thanks a bunch for making me shoot Diet Dr. Pepper out of my nose with that Hey Girl~~that stuff burns ya know! LOL!

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