I’m in Flea Market Gardens Magazine & a Giveaway!

It all started with my $6 thrift shop dresser planter transformation.

Eclectically Vintage garden dresser planter

The email read, “we’d love to publish your dresser planter in our next issue of Flea Market Gardens magazine”.

I think I scared every man, woman, child, pet, squirrel and chipmunk within a 3 mile radius when I screamed in excitement!

Eclectically Vintage

They sent me a few copies and I want to share one with you.

Eclectically Vintage

Win a Copy of Flea Market Gardens Magazine

Just leave a comment telling me what you love most about your garden.

I’m excited to have you feast your eyes on this annual magazine filled with the most fabulous ideas (retail price $9.95).


Nitty Gritty:  Giveaway ends 3/10 when one person will be randomly selected by Random.org.  Winner will be notified by email and has three days to respond or another winner will be chosen.  Good luck!

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  1. I luv the veggies it provides. But best of all I luv the sunflowers that look over my garden…. hands down….

  2. Oh I’d love a copy, I’ve never seen that magazine in any of the local stores here.

    My fave part of my garden is my mini greenhouse, now I can actually get a decent harvest of tomatoes every year!!

    Have a great day!

  3. Your dresser has inspired me:) my favorite thing about my garden is an old bench that my husband cut holes into so I could put little flower pots filled with petunias:)

  4. Wowser — love it! Would LOVE a copy of the magazine that pics your beautiful bureau planter — the same one that people made awful comments about — wouldn’t you just love to throw that article in their faces! Thanks for your generosity! Jean from South Jersey!

  5. Well my great variety of plants is my favorite part but all the repurposed garden whimsy is a sure second. I love finding old things & using them in new ways in my garden.

  6. We are currently house hunting for a home on acreage…Really looking forward to finding something this summer & spending all summer outside making it beautiful! Love the dresser planter! 🙂

  7. my garden is decorated with rusty items i schlepp home from the flea market and so many different kinds of flowers, the aroma from the lilacs is amazing and we have bushes that attract the butterflies and hummingbirds, you have to be careful of the little birds for they can be mistaken for a large bee, lilies and daisies and don’t forget all the wonderful heirloom tomatoes and herbs that we always have, happy to have come across your page, i am sure you will be inspiring me for my garden

  8. That is so exciting! Congratulations! I have a barren desert of a backyard. We live in NE Texas and without a sprinkler system it is nearly impossible to keep anything alive, even grass. And, of course there is the red clay soil to contend with. I dream of a shady and lush backyard where I can grow potted flowers on the patio…..Ahhh.

  9. My gardens are a never ending process and I love that about them. Each year I also try to create some sort of whimsy repurpose item to add along with the changing of some flowers

  10. I cant wait for spring to work on my landscape. What a GREAT idea with the dresser! I may have to do this. What I love most about mine are the 4 small rose bushes I planted in honor of my mom( we lost her in May) i wanted pink roses but all the store had left were white. I planted them when they bloomed they were PINK! Next time bloomed were white and then back to pink! Think my momma wanted me to have her pink roses:) by the way …CONGRATS!!

  11. The fire ring hidden away in our back yard takes the cake!!! But did you know that if you get it hot enough, that rocks surrounding it’s edge will explode like popcorn!?!?! We do now!!!!

  12. Love it! I love the Sarah Bernhardt peonies a friend gave me, the Lady Banks rose that was a wedding present b/c we married under an arbor of them, the lilac specially bred for the south that reminds me of growing up in an old farmhouse in New England.

  13. Congratulations Kelly. How exciting!! Spring has almost sprung here in the south and I love that my backyard garden is almost a blank slate. Beginning next week, while we are on spring break, we will be finishing taking out the overgrown bushes along the fence. Then we will begin with a dry creak bed winding through the back yard. Working on the fire pit area. Working on the in ground swimming pool and hiding all the equipment that goes with it. Begin revamping the pool shed. PHEW! I am pooped just thinking about it all. Then I get to add some plantings and eclectic items to make it us! I am sooooo excited.

  14. congratulations! How exciting! I am planting my seeds indoors this week.. I recently purchased a wooden wagon and some watering cans can’t wait to get gardening!

  15. How absolutely fun for you!! I’ve been doing a straw bale garden for the past two years but only planting veggies. This is the year I plant flowers and if the marigolds I planted for pest control last year are any indication, flowers will do extremely well and I’m so excited to have fresh flowers to pick and display in my home 🙂 Congrats to you. It’s so exciting!!

  16. What I love most about my garden is how much it has changed since we moved here. I love seeing the transformation from wild, neglected, dry weed patch to tamed, cared-for, thriving green space.

    Found you via At the Picket Fence. Love your blog!

  17. Congratulations!!! I love when the beautiful flowers decide to start peeking out of the ground! I know Spring is just around the corner!!!

  18. I love everything about my garden! My pond and all of my freshly planted containers scattered all over the yard. This time next month I will be so happy!

  19. I love the dresser!!! Might have to copy that…….lol. The thing that I love most about my garden is an old running ivy branch that I put across my fence and hung some of my flea markets finds on it. I will have to post a pic of it. I love your site!

  20. I love that my garden is a clean slate because we just moved in to our home! I can’t wait to begin planting in a few weeks!

  21. Love the ideas…my backyard/garden has been a work in process for a few years…lately though I’m running into erosion issues that I’m hoping to resolve this spring…after many attempts to plant new grass and it begins looking great, I end up losing most of it when we have heavy rain…hoping once that is resolved, my next step is to begin “decorating” and need ideas to help me to that…congrats on your dresser making it in the magazine!

  22. The funny thing is I just picked up my copy of this last week at the store and have been going through it slowly in order to make every delicious discovery last. I just got to your page with the repurposed dresser planter last night. I remember thinking at the time that I had seen it somewhere else and that the magazine must have borrowed the concept…. Imagine my surprise to read your blog this morning and find out that it was from someone who I follow (and, therefore, feel almost as if I know). So I extend my congratulations to you… you certainly deserve the recognition. Its a lovely project that I hope to do one day when I have the home for it.

  23. I really love this magazine and keep looking at it over and over just planning what I might like to do this spring!

  24. Congrats! Looks like an amazing magazine! What I love most about my garden is the smile it puts on may face everyday and how stress free I feel when i’m in it.

  25. Congrats! I love all the plants and veggies, and getting my hands dirty! It’s a never ending job! 🙂

  26. Thanks for a great giveaway. Glad to have found you! I have never really done much in my yard but have the desire this year. Cant wait to get started. Thanks for inspiring me!

  27. First of all a big congratulations to you!! I would love to be able to find this magazine. There are so many wonderful ideas in it. I absolutely love your dresser planter and it is on my to do list as soon as I find an old dresser. Thank you for sharing how to make this.
    I have many reasons why I love my flower gardens. Every morning I take a peaceful walk in my yard and look at all the beauty I have right outside my door. Over the years I have collected so many wonderful items (eye candy) from yard sales and flea markets that I add right in there with all that beauty. And I have God to thank for all of this.

  28. I’m so glad that I found you on Facebook. What I love about my gardens is that my mom and grandma instilled in me a love of flowers, colorful plants and fresh vegetables. I have lily’s that originally came from my great great grandmother. My mom lived with me in her last years and planted so many things in my yard. My heart melts when everything blooms at once. Traditions and beauty. Now my that my daughter is an adult I am so proud to see that she is continuing our family love of gardening.

  29. I would love a copy of this magazine. I’m going to look in the magazine rack to see if it’s distributed in my area. I haven’t been gardening in a while, but our yard is due for a total redo. We are just finishing up with a whole house remodel/update and the yard is next. I’m looking for inexpensive unique ideas.

    I really enjoy your website. Keep up the good work. I love “stealing” your creativity.

  30. I love to watch my little babies grow grow grow! I get to say to myself ” you did it girl!”

  31. What I love most about my garden is the peace it gives me as I work on it and the satisfaction I get when my plants thrive under my attention. I can be as creative & random as I want to be. I am constantly learning new things. I never get bored because of the infinite possibilities waiting for me to discover them.

  32. The mosaic tile border that my husband made to outline the flower beds has to be my favorite, but a second would be the old dresser he put mosaic on the top of and turned into a fountain 1.

  33. I live in the house I grew up in with my husband and two children. It was the first house my Mom and Dad were able to finally buy instead of rent.I still remember how lovingly my Mother planted, watered and fussed over every plant in our yard, and this was after working a full day in a factory on her feet all day. Every Spring the Daffodils show their sunny heads, the beautiful pink Peony, which because she was from Kentucky she called them ‘Piney’s” the Dogwood and Crab Apple trees all remind me of the love and pride she gave this garden. I lost my Mom in 1996 and not a day goes by that I don’t miss her dreadfully, but in the Spring all I have to do to feel her love and warmth all around me is go out and go for a walk around the yard. That is my favorite thing.

  34. Awesome Kelly! Congratulations, truly, truly well-deserved! I’m no gardener at all but what I love most about mine is the way all the flowers bloom together on que! Can’t wait to see it bloom again.

  35. Congrat’s on making it into the magazine!! I love everything flea market and flea market garden is no exception. I love your drawer idea and living in the desert I may put something like your drawers in the back patio. I so need to find one and soon! Keeping my fingers crossed that I will win a copy thank you so much for doing this and thank you for the inspiration!

  36. Love, love your dresser gardening idea, so cute and makes me want to make one too. I love gardening and planting flowers and lots of roses already. I really like the magazine and hope I win.

  37. Congratulations! The thing I love most in my garden is the trellis with my pink David Austin roses. I got them from my daughter for Mother’s Day:-)

  38. I love to see all the ideals in magazines like Flea Market Magazine, I dream of a garden that looks like the pages of there magazine. But for now mine is a work in progress .

  39. Congrats, Kelly!!! Your dresser planter is such an awesome,fun idea for a garden!! I don’t have a lot of space in my garden, but what love about it is the native prairie plants that I have growing because they need very little care after the first year or so in our Illinois climate. Congrats once again!!

  40. We met in Raleigh. What a pleasant surprise this must have been. I’ll be sure to check out a copy and see this wonderful dresser. You have a winner idea.

  41. I love my garden. Though my yard is small, I have lots of veggies, strawberries and tons of herbs. I love the smell of the flowers, the beauty of the butterflies and the singing of the birds. I have a lot to do yet, so winning Flea Market Magazine would give me ideas and inspiration to continue onward. This is especially true since one of my favorite pastimes other than gardening, cooking and crafts is…..hitting flea markets, yard sales and thrift shops!!!! 🙂

  42. We recently fenced in our garden, and while I love that new part, my favorite part is my Hosta beds. Lost some of my really large ones last year, but I am hoping they come back this year.

  43. I love my roses! What fun to have your dresser planter featured and thanks for sharing a copy of the magazine with us! AJ@queenofmynest

  44. Hello, I am moving to my first house in to weeks, at the age of 50, and I am so looking forward to decorating outside as will as inside. I LOVE the dresser planter and think that it would be wonderful on my deck! Look forward to seeing what other ideas that you can show us. CONGRADULATIONS on being published in the magazine!

  45. The thing I love about my yard is sitting on the back porch listening to the wind blow through the trees.

  46. Hi Kelly, What a very cool idea and congrats on being published! I bet we will be seeing a lot of these in gardens this summer!
    What I love about my garden? The fact that I even have one. Something I’ve dreamt about most of my life and finally about 6 years ago we bought a house with a small garden. A place where I can fulfill my wildest “earthly” dreams. It’s great to get out there once the weather is mild and dig in the dirt!
    Cheers, Siggie

  47. I love my old iron wash kettle in which I plan to plant flowers this spring. It can be seen from inside looking out the french doors. Congratulations!

  48. i love my daffodils and fringe tree. we rent, so we don’t have much of a garden – just plants strewn about. most will come with us when we move! i love your big planter!

  49. I really like the bulbs in my garden. They spread underground each year, so in the spring, I never know exactly how many of what are going to pop up where. It’s like a great treasure hunt to check the beds often to see what’s growing! Hugs, Leena

  50. How can I not love my garden right now? My azaleas are blooming! The bright pink and white make me feel like spring. Our woodpecker has even returned to munch at the feeders.

  51. I like to mix my flowers and veggies together in the garden. I learned how to can a couple of years ago, and since I live in the woods, it really comes in handy. I love all the colors in my garden and how it brings in the Humming birds. Life is good with a cup of coffee and a good magazine and rocking on the porch with the garden in full bloom.

  52. That is awesome news and Congratulations and well deserved. Also was going to ask, if I should win, if you would autograph the magazine please?
    Growing up on a farm I enjoy playing in the dirt and being out in the fresh air. I grow mostly irises and roses but along with many other things, but I so enjoy seeing just a tiny little seed growing up into something beautiful and seeing God’s creation all around.
    “Remember the seed in the little paper cup:
    First the root goes down, then the plant goes up.”

  53. I love to go on garden walks or look thru magazines for ideas for my own garden. Unfortunately mine never look as nice! But, I love my garden because I know that each plant was placed with love by me!

  54. Congratulations on being published! I love your dresser, too! My garden has gone through different phases through the years Right now, we’re trying to sell our home, so we’re trying to make everything low maintenance. At our next home, I’m hoping to have a perennial garden and a few tomato plants … pretty and delicious 🙂 m.

  55. Congrats Kelly!….I have always admired that dresser planter!!!….hmm, my garden?….We are trying to come up with more of a hardscape plan…would love an English Garden full of beautiful flowers and topiaries that the deer would not eat!

  56. How exciting! Congratulations Kelly! I’m starting my garden this spring, you’ve given me lots of good ideas!

  57. Yippee!!! That is so awesome! I plan on adding more to my “cottage” garden around my garden shed. And, possibly a water feature? My favorite thing in our backyard is our fire pit area. I love a smore! Life to the full, Melissa

  58. I love my Daisys and I have a lot because they are easy and they spread!! They ooze simplicity. I love your dresser and might just have to try that!

  59. I love your blog! & my “yard”, as we say in the South. The jonquils & narcissus are a-bloom and all is right in my world as scarlet cardinals come to peck away & chatter outside my kitchen window.

  60. Congrats Kelly! Your ideas are so inspiring! I love my garden because it is always a work in progress. i plant new veggies every year and the kids love to help plant and harvest. They skip town on the weeding part of course!! I had a great metal flower planter on my patio last year, however, I failed to realize that after a whole summer of rain, it left a nasty rust ring underneath on the patio. Any tips for removing a rust ring on stamped concrete?? Thanks! Rory

  61. Congrats Kelly, that is fantastic. I will be starting a new garden when we move to our new home. I am looking forward to new ideas.


  62. Love your blog! So many things to love about gardening,the lovely flowers, the lush greens,being out in the sunshine. Also love the fact that it’s a connection to both my grandmas who have now passed on. Great memories.

  63. Congrats, Kelly! Of course your dresser got the proper recognition, it’s precious! I love being in my garden. It removes me from the everyday chore of laundry, answering phones, deadlines, appointments, etc…you can just sit and sip your coffee or tea, or read a book with no daily worries.

  64. So nice of you to share the excitement and one of the issues!
    I love the colors in my garden which draw hummingbirds and butterflies and bees!
    Crossing my fingers~Thanks!

  65. Congratulations on your feature, Kelly! SO exciting! Your dresser planter is one of my favorites..now if spring would just arrive! What I love most about my garden? Well, the secret is…I don’t have one. My husband tends to the vegetable garden each year (trust me, it’s safer that way since I don’t have a green thumb) and sometimes I’ll make an attempt at a container garden or a planter here and there but it always has a tragic ending.

  66. Such a cute idea. I love my garden because it’s so private. And LOW maintenance. Looking forward to warmer days. Thanks for the chance. I love that MAg.

  67. I love how all the perannuals in my garden come back year after year, like an old friend you long to see- one who is low maintaince and you can pick right up where you left off with!!!

  68. How very very exciting for you! So happy for ya! My garden consists of a small area I plant herbs – since I live in town. I think my favorite thing about it is that I can change it up each year and plant whatever herbs I want. And add an urn here and there or some garden art.

  69. I love that this year my garden is a blank slate! We’ve moved to a new state and a new climate/zone, so it’ll be fun figuring out what flowers and veggies will do well here. Boy, I sure hope cilantro and peppers will thrive!

  70. I absolutely love to dig in the dirt, so when we bought our house, I completed re-landscaped the front and back yards. I love coming home to a colorful, flower-filled garden every day! Not to mention the butterflies and hummingbirds the flowers attract!

  71. Kelly, congratulations on this exciting announcement! What fun to be featured in this great magazine! I have a hard time finding Flea Market Gardening, so I’d love to win a copy! I would be hard pressed to name one favorite thing about my garden. It’s the new bed I’m building after we took out some trees last year. It’s the items we brought back from my hubby’s oldest uncle in Mississippi — an old hand plow, a pot that belonged to his mother, and some of her naked ladies. I also love my accoutrements, which my husband calls JUNK and asks why I brought it all home. My answer is always “because it makes me happy!” Thank you for this super giveaway !!

  72. I love the satisfaction I get when I plant something, baby it, and it grows into something wonderful! I love just being outside, just me, e birds, and God.

  73. We/ve been living overseas the last few years in Qatar and are just transitioning back to the States….I can Hardly wait to begin gardening!!!!!!! Just to see green is a pleasure!!!

  74. I’m in the planning stages of doing raised beds for vegetables & planting more flowers in my yard, but what I’ve enjoyed the most over the years are the surprises–finding wildflowers blooming here & there that I didn’t plant. (I even like dandelions.)

  75. We are living in a rental house so last year I started out small, but would like to expand this spring! Gardening is always such good therapy for me 🙂

  76. What I love most about my garden is how it evolves over time. I don’t really plan – except in the most basic sense. I just plant stuff and it either works or it doesn’t. If it doesn’t, I’ll move it, etc. I’m constantly looking for interesting things to add benches, tree stumps, iron fencing to hold back unruly flowers.. you get the idea. I recently found a statue of St. Francis that I had been wanting to add. Now the trick is deciding where he’ll go…

    Love the dresser idea! It’s beautiful. Would love a copy of this magazine. I’ve never heard of it before, but I’ll be on the lookout!

  77. I am so fortunate to live in North Alabama where, even in the coldest of winters, there is always a pop of color! I love my Lantana and so do my butterflies….and it thrives in the heat! Love my containers and window boxes with Creeping Jenny spilling over the top. My zinnias and sunflowers in my cutting garden bring joy indoors as well. Whether shade or sun our gardens feed our spirit.

  78. I’m new to vegetable garden planting and absolutely LOVE it! I love eating veggies I grew myself!

  79. You must be so happy…Congrats.
    I love to improve my wacky garden with a fairy garden in it for the grandchildren…
    Can’t wait for Spring…We had 9 inches of snow yesterday.

  80. Well deserved! I have never even heard of this magazine but I will definitely be looking for it. Your planter dresser is one of my favorites and very inspiring. What I love most about my garden? Everything! Growing things brings me such joy and the process is cathartic. Right now, what I love most are my beautiful pink hellebores (lenten rose) that are blooming profusely even as the snow covers them here in Central VA. Thank you for sharing!

  81. I love the idea of recycling. I use old stuff that is for outside in my house. And the inside stuff for the outside flower gardens. Decorating can be so much fun, and you have wonderful ideas to help me out!

  82. Congratulations on being published!!! Can’t wait to see Flea Market Gardens Magazine!
    I love everything about my garden (except the weeds). It is an ongoing investment in bounty and beauty. Placing plants in the garden is wonderfully fulfilling and makes me feel like a skillful artist creating a masterpiece, piece by piece.

  83. I am building a new cabin at the lake and I am working on the garden plans right now! We got a foot of snow yesterday, so working on the plans keeps me from going crazy…too much winter!

  84. I love how I get enough veggies to share with neighbors and friends, but the flowers, especially the fragrants ones, feed my soul. I have found having the color of beautiful flowers, even if not perfectly weeded, lift me up. Would love to see the magazine your dresser will be in.

  85. I came to appreciate gardening by watching and helping my father. I remember planting seeds, pulling weeds, pruning roses, and cutting flowers for mom. My dad had a very physical and somewhat stressful job. But everyday he was out in his garden, even watering by hand because it made him happy. He had the prettiest whistle and he would frequently whistle while tending the yard. He was big into yard art long before it was popular. He handmade his own fountains, planters, stepping stones and a little bridge that I wish I had today. My father has been gone for a long time, bur I still have some flowering vines and some roses that he planted in my yard. I will always cherish them. But the thing that I cherish most is the love of gardening that he planted in my heart. Love and miss you, Dad. <3

  86. Congrats!! How fun!! I love my garden because the colors are breathtaking! I can see growth each new day and it makes me feel I have accomplished something important!
    Thank you.

  87. I love my backyard garden because it gives me a chance to put my feet on the earth instead of concrete.

  88. Wow, congratulations! I haven’t had a garden in a while but hope to get back to digging in the earth in the near future. I loved everything about my gardens! I loved having fresh veggies for salads and cooking. And I loved having flowers to make things pretty! I would add flowers in my vegetable garden too. Some flowers act as bug repellents!

  89. Oh how wonderful for you Kelly! Goes to how you how much they appreciate your amazing ideas and finds as much as we do! I love my garden for so many reasons. Up here in northern MN we take advantage of as much good weather as we can get. So just getting out in the dirt, the smells, fresh air and sunshine just feels incredible. My garden is mostly flowers for the butterflies and birds. The hummingbirds just fascinate me….so fun to watch. But I do have an area for veggies and herbs. We have also planted some roses from both of the farms my husband and I grew up on. They’re old style of wild roses…just love them. I’ve always thought that gardens were very personal. Each one reflects it’s keeper. Pretty neat in that way.
    Have a good day Kelly! Your blog always makes mine.

  90. I love everything about my garden! I love my herb garden, all of my flowers and my little vegetable garden. Loved your dresser planter. What a great idea!

  91. What I love about my garden is how forgiving it is. No matter what I do out there, it gives me a whole new chance with each season!

  92. eh, in this day and age, I would love to splurge on one of these lovely magazines, I’m such a follower of you creative people, but I can’t really fit it into the old budget. so I would love to be entered into this giveaway, and even though I an NOT creative, I do try, and I can dream a little bit with your creations via Flea Market Gardens!!! congrats!!!

  93. Very exciting and congrats! I look forward to reading and daydreaming about fleaing and gardening in the warmer weather.

  94. Congrats Kelly … yes, I heard your scream of excitement all the way to Texas … (that’s a little further than three miles). So excited for you too. I will see if I can find that magazine. I hope to have a good veggie garden this year and pretty flowers. So hard with the Texas heat; no rain and living in a place were the deer and antelope play and eat everything. I do love your dresser planter.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  95. Exciting news and a worthy project! Thanks for sharing it all with us! Looking forward to a new season to grow and glean all the ideas you have to offer us!

  96. My favorite part of my garden are the herbs and vegetables, more specifically, how much my son loves them. My 4 year old loves nibbling on mint, rosemary and basil. He takes pride in planting our vegetable seeds and watering them and watching them grow. His favorite is pulling up carrots and eating them for a snack. Being able to teach him to grow and eat healthy makes my heart warm.

  97. The worms, of course!

    Actually, I love stopping by the garden every night to see what is for dinner! So very proud that our family could plant and harvest a garden together.

    And I’m very proud of you for your magazine feature. Way cool. I definitely want to win an autographed copy.

  98. What I love most about my garden is that it greets me on a warm late spring morning with fresh blooms bursting forth. It’s like it is telling me that all is right with the world no matter what I am feeling or hearing in the news. As long as God’s earth brings forth her bounty, He is in control of everything.

  99. Totally Awesome………….love this magazine…I love most everything about my yard/garden, even the clean up. It gets me outdoors, watering is such good therapy, the sites, sounds, colors (except the slugs/snails) are all part of refreshing my soul and relieving stress……the edibles, the bulbs peeking through in early spring, the fruit from the trees……….it is all a blessing…..and yes, have to admit lots of work too……I love it…thank you for the opportunity to win….Love & Blessings…

  100. CONGRATULATIONS, dear heart. I have seen several of your creations that could have been featured in a magazine. This dresser is awesome and I really, REALLY want this magazine so you can autograph it for me. Mr. Sweet made me the cutest magazine holder and I want YOUR magazine displayed on it.
    Thanks for the chance to win….:)

    I have Rose of Sharon bushes in my backyard and when they are all blooming, along with my garden roses, my yard looks one big bouquet…which I love.:)
    xo bj

  101. All the beautiful potted plants…love the dresser idea! Saw one on the side of the road the other day…what a way to repurpose it..

  102. Congratulations, Kelly! That is so awesome! I love having a veggie garden so I can go out, pick some fresh goodness, and then cook it up for dinner!

  103. Congrats! I wish that I had found your dresser back when my Mom could still see. She has a clawfoot tub in her yard filled with plants. She also has chairs, a toilet etc. Sadly she can no longer see.

    What I love about my garden is that everyday there is something new and beautiful to look at. Come on Spring!!!

    1. @Kathleen, So sorry to hear about your mother not being able to see now. I hope you give her vivid descriptions of what is growing, as she could then “see” them through your eyes. Flowers are so healing and it could very well make her feel ever so much better. I always try to make sure most of what I plant, has the added benefit of fragrance as well. A few flowers picked for her to have close by could really lift her spirits. Just a thought…….you may already do these things for her.

  104. Yay for you! I love your photos and the projects you do. I love that my garden is ever evolving, moving things, adding plants… always something to do and bonus it keeps me off the streets and out of trouble!

  105. I love your projects and am ready to get started on mine for spring! Thanks for the chance to win this wonderful giveaway 🙂

  106. Allergic asthma keep me from gardening, or even being outdoors for more than a few minutes. So I live vicariously through these lovely pictures. I remember your post of the dresser turned planter and thought it was so creative. Kudos to you, kid. You deserve it.

  107. I love your blog read it faithfully. I guess what I love best about my garden is all my junk I find to change it up. Love decorating inthe yard and scowering for any old good find! thanks Dawn

  108. Kelly, I saw the mag yesterday ! So happy and excited for you! Love the dresser! My garden was pretty good but now its trashed (too many storms this year and the neighbors fence kept falling in it!!!LOL) Hoping it looks better when spring cleanup happens!
    Congrats again Karen

  109. What I love most about my garden is that it has a plant that was from my Mom’s garden. It is an everlasting, and I love to watch it come back year after year. love your dresser planter; wish I had room to do something like that.

    1. What I love most about my garden is the pond with gold-fish that my sons and nephew built for my 65th birthday. It has a soothing waterfall and surrounds me with peace as I sit on the bench and relish my good memories. I also love my garden chairs which are brightly painted flea-market chairs with vegetables growing out of the pots that I placed in the seat of the chair. I can move the chairs to where they receive the best sunlight.

  110. Congrats! I love your post…..I bought my first Magazine of Flea Market Garden about 3 weeks ago….love it & all the ideas…. In my garden I love to plant & add rocks or statues & stand back & watch it come alive! Love the outdoors & other people’s junk is my garden treasures!

  111. What I love most about my garden is the pond with gold-fish that my sons and nephew built for my 65th birthday. It has a soothing waterfall and surrounds me with peace as I sit on the bench and relish my good memories. I also love my garden chairs which are brightly painted flea-market chairs with vegetables growing out of the pots that I placed in the seat of the chair. I can move the chairs to where they receive the best sunlight.

  112. AHHHH that is so amazing!!!! What a treat for you and what a fabulous idea to use a dresser as a planter!

    I love the lilac bushes… seriously, is there a better smell than that?

  113. Love my peonies-white and pink, bloom for 2 weeks every may. These were some of the first perennials I planted. Since that time a major source of joy for me has been to “play” in my garden!

  114. As soon as I saw the dresser I knew the little chest collecting dust in my basement would be perfect. So cute and so creative. As far as my garden, I can’t wait for my hydrangea’s and peonies. I also love my white and yellow tulips but they just don’t last long enough. I’m also anxious to put my old tea cart on my deck. It’s an old redwood one my girlfriends mom gave me. I did some repairs and painted it bright yellow. I just love it.
    Congratulations Kelly!

  115. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this magizine and all the ideas I see to try out. Ist on my list this year is the dresser planter. I think this will be a beautiful addition to my butterfly/hummingbird garden with all the bright colors it contains.

  116. Hi there,, My favorite part of my garden is my deck, and I really have enjoyed the pictures and great ideas that are in your magazine! thank you, Michelle

  117. Welllll, I don’t really have a garden. I grew up in the city and never had space to plant a garden. So I am a garden-a-phobe – scared silly to even think about having one. But, I would really like to have one. I am just amazed at how creative you are with the dresser garden. How do you guys come up with this stuff? Beautiful!!!! Thanks for sharing.

  118. Love, love your blog!!!

    My new yard is an ACRE!!! Has lawn and 5 glorious Maples, has NEVER been landscaped. So it’s a blank pallette for thrift shopping, dumpster diving, garage sale finds, etc.

    First thing I’m doing in spring is finding an arbor to place in the middle of the back fence with an old shower mirror behind it – it will be the entrance to Never Never Land…….

  119. I love my garden because it is a place where I can get away from what bothers me, and just focus on making something beautiful. Then later it is a place that my husband and I can enjoy. Congrats on your inclusion in Junk Garden magazine!

  120. What a great magazine. This spring I’m working on a 6th. flower garden.I LOVE to play in the dirt, but love growing the flowers better!!!!! I have ideas runnung through my head, faster than I can plant them. LOL

  121. So excited the magazine is out!! Would love to be a winner. My garden to me is a bright smile and a big hug everyday!

    So ready to be out digging in the dirt.

  122. I wish I had a garden!!! I did have a garden area before I moved into my very small 1 bedroom apartment. What I loved about my garden the most was all the hanging baskets of plants that I had hanging from the lowest branches of the willow tree in the patio/garden area between the house & the garage. It made me feel like I had my own open greenhouse going on. It was so peaceful & relaxing in that garden/patio area….I loved it!! I would take my cats (indoor cats) outside with me (on leashes on course) to enjoy the fresh air. I miss my garden space!!

  123. I love what you have done. What a great look and you deserve to be in the magazine. I hop I win one so I can learn from you.

  124. I just made a decision and went with a sea change, have a whole yard that I need to design and want to do Op shop planters, your magazine looks like it could really help me with great ideas

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