Best Way to Hang a Plate Wall

Invisible Plate Hangers for Walls - see what to buy or how to DIY your own


Remember when Joan Crawford went all Mommy Dearest on Christina when she discovered that wire hanger in her closet?

Well that’s kind of how I feel about visible plate hangers.


You know I love a great plate wall.

When I got my new industrial metal cabinet in the dining room, I had to remove the plate wall (sob)!

That plate wall completed me – so I am determined to find a place for it if it kills me.

Invisible plate hangers for walls - this shows you where to buy and also a great inexpensive DIY version!

Over the years, I’ve gotten tons of emails and questions asking how I hang my plates without those visible plate hangers.

Here’s my two part answer …


1) Invisible Plate Hangers – These are my BFF.  Simply stick them on to the back of plates (they come in lots of different sizes) and hang.  It’s that simple.

2) DIY Invisible Plate Hangers – I shared this simple way to make your own plate hangers.

Love this plate wall with invisible plate hangers - see how to make your own

So there you have it.

Joan Crawford would be proud.

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  1. I love those plate hangers…have pitched most of my wire ones and only using these…I was a bit skeptical at first, worrying that it would not hold and the plate would come to its demise…but they work so wonderfully!…I adore your plate gallery wall…so beautiful!

  2. I hung one of my treasured great grandmother’s china bowls with one of the disc hangers. About a year later, I heard a crash in the middle of the night and, so sadly, it was that bowl. Mind you, this was not a large or heavy bowl at all and I carefully followed all the directions but it did not work for me and to this day, I regret having sacrificed that lovely, irreplaceable bowl to these disc hangers. I immediately removed all the other ones I had used to hang anything. I’d so much rather have the hangers show a little than loose another treasure!

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