How to Distress Furniture with Vintage Decor Paint

How to distress a mirror for a vintage cottage look

Kelly’s public service announcement of the day …

it’s smart to hang a mirror near your door so you can check your teeth for spinach before you head out in public.


So while I love having a mirror in my mudroom right by my back door, I was not loving the dark finish.

The before …

Before mudroom mirror makeover

Now before you get all hot and bothered and tell me you love the before and why did I paint it …

because I wanted a lighter, brighter look.


How to Distress Furniture with Vintage Decor Paint

I’m a simple girl who loves simple projects that don’t take tons of time and this paint is so easy because there’s no sanding, priming or prep work for paint to adhere to almost anything and it distresses easily with some sandpaper.


How to distress furniture with Martha Stewart Vintage Decor Paint

1) Clean surface that you’re painting, apply base coat of your favorite color (I used Sailor Blue) then let dry.

DIY distressed mirror makeover - wait until you see the after

2) Apply Linen Paint over blue and let dry.

Vintage decor paint mirror makeover - love the layered, distressed look

3) Use sandpaper to rub off some white paint for a distressed look.

How to distress furniture with vintage decor paint

4) Wipe clean then apply two coats of Clear Wax (letting dry between coats).

The wax gives the paint a nice sheen and really brings out the color.

DIY chalk paint mirror - love the blue peeking out from beneath the white

It makes my mudroom much less muddy.

How to distress a mirror with vintage decor paint for a cottage look

Now I can really smile as I walk out the door …

but promise me you’ll tell me if I have spinach in my teeth.

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  1. Love the transformation of the mirror and so glad that you are not leaving the house with green stuff on your teeth!…Did not realize that Miss Martha had a line of clear wax….Got to try that!…Great job on the mirror the colors!

  2. Mirror looks great – I also like things lightened up. Just tried the Martha vintage paint in Seashell on a very old, dark brown table – coverage was fantastic and distressing was very easy. I was pleasantly surprised at how well this paint performed and am definitely going to try her other colors.

  3. No spinach but the mirror looks great and it lightens up the whole space.
    I have dark corners too and dark accents – no matter how beautiful – simply make things worse,

  4. Great job,and i really like the mirror and the colors. Brightened up the wall,looks wonderful Kelly. I like things that are simple too.

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