My Kitchen Tour – Everything and the Farmhouse Sink!

When we bought this run down house, I was thrilled with the prospect of being able to create my dream kitchen!
Ceiling high white cabinets (they are actually gray for a warmer feel but look white), marble counters,
a fun red stove and a farmhouse sink were on my wish list.
Gorgeous White Farmhouse Kitchen Renovation - love the details like the red stove, herringbone tile to the ceiling and those lights!
Here’s what I was working with – scary!
Before - you've got to see after of this farmhouse kitchen!
I desperately wanted a glass front fridge but didn’t want to stare at pizza boxes and ketchup containers
(hey, I’m no Martha Stewart!) so I got the look I wanted with a Liebherr glass wine fridge with a freezer underneath and the fridge remains behind closed doors.  Cheers!
Stunning white kitchen renovation - carrara marble counters, red stove, and glass refrigerator!
Honed carrera marble for the counters.
They get better with age but perfectionists be warned  –  stay away since anything acidic leaves etch marks.
Go straight to the fabricator and you’ll save tons of money.
Gorgeous white kitchen before and after!
I love the look of open shelving but didn’t want to deal with the constant clean up soI added a small amount to display my collections.
Open kitchen shelving built in in a gorgeous white kitchen with attention to detail.
I worked directly with a custom woodworker – no middleman involved which saved tons of money.
white built-in storage kitchen
Thrift shop Japan creamer collection includes a kitty, pig and cow.
Eclectically Vintage kitchen
The pantry is behind these cabinet doors which have slide out drawers so everything is easy to reach.

Kitchen pantry - great use of space

My friend had a yard sale and her hubs put this out without her knowing – she let me buy this señorita anyway!
Vintage senorita painting
Choosing lighting for the house was one of the best parts of the reno.
These wine jug lights (called demijohns) are my absolute favorites!
They remind me of the collection of vintage demijohns in my dining room (see them here).
Stunning demijohn glass pendant lights in this amazing kitchen.
Instead of a red convertible, I prefer a red oven!
This BlueStar is ready for work with six burners, a griddle and two ovens.
Red BlueStar stove - this is a showstopper in this white kitchen.
Red oven - focal point in this white cottage kitchen.
Vintage cast iron toy mold and a bell the kids love to ring and say “dinner’s up”!
Eclectically Vintage
Bet I could wash a small child in this deep farmhouse sink!
Shaws farmhouse sink - fabulous in this white kitchen.
A huge restaurant style faucet for a fun mod touch.
Restaurant style faucet - great touch of industrial in this farmhouse style white kitchen.
Found these glass milk bottles buried in the garage at an estate sale.
milk bottle vases
One day I’ll get around to a window treatment but in the meantime, this old landscape adds some color.
Eclectically Vintage
My $1 estate sale Cosco step stool holds a vintage candy jar.
vintage cosco stepstool
The Hubs old baby scale holds kitchen essentials – yes, we go through lots of garlic in our house!
baby scale
Kitchen necessities:  fresh flowers and music (with built in speakers throughout the first floor).
I used three types of hardware – vintage look latches, cup pulls and knobs look great together.
vintage latch, vintage style cabinet latch
drawer pulls, bin pulls, vintage pulls
Carerra marble tile (bought on Ebay!) up to the ceiling and around a doorway.
Herringbone marble tile to the ceiling for a custom look in this kitchen.
Vintage feel to the island faucet.
An old paper cutter is the perfect kitchen tray!
Eclectically Vintage kitchen
The Kitchen Deets:
Cabinets – Custom
Cabinet Latches
Backsplash – Ebay
Cabinet Color – Nebulus White (Sherwin Williams)
Demijohn Lights – Bobo Intriguing Objects
Red Stove – BlueStar
Fridge/Freezer/Wine – Liebherr
Farmhouse Sink – Shaws Original
Barstools – Crate & Barrel

I’ll be adding more room tours so stay tuned!

Check out My Whole House Tour Here!

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  1. WOW! WOW! I just did a kitchen redo (polar opposite of this) a few years ago and wish I didn’t still love mine. This is fabulous! Love the jug lights…. really love…. The idea of the wine fridge on the freezer?? Brilliant! Just amazing! Enjoy it! Mine is 5 years out and I really do still love it, but I could live in yours too. 🙂

  2. Kelly, your kitchen is gorgeous! I’m in love with your giant, organized, and gorgeous pantry and your RED stove. Drooling. Thanks for giving us a tour!

  3. AMAZING space! The lighting is gorgeous. So unique! And I love all the little vintage touches you’ve added. The step stool is my favorite–and for a $1?!?

  4. I’ve seen your kitchen featured so many places – I just had to come check it out and wow, it is fantastic! The pantry, the stove, the farmhouse sink… just perfect!

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  7. We just bought a run down farm house, just as in Monday. So, it still looks like the before pictures only with layers, upon layers of filth (and a leaky, musty basement). I figure in 10 or 15 years we will get everything just about right. Your kitchen is inspiring and what will keep me working! Gorgeous…

  8. Love, love, LOVE your kitchen! I love the creative use of “non-kitchen” items in your kitchen. The paper cutter for the tray is amazing! Your sink is wonderful too! I have a red stove also – Bertazzoni from Italy. My kitchen remodel is taking a little longer because we live in the kitchen daily (I have five kids) and we have had behind the scenes things to deal with like wiring and plumbing. I’m bookmarking your site to show my husband for inspiration to get our kitchen finished.

  9. Wow, that kitchen is the ridiculous…ly awesome! Can’t believe the people on Apartment Therapy bashed it…they must be jealous!! I know I am! I’m itching to do a slight kitchen remodel, but waiting for funds to plump back up. When I do, I definitely will be putting in a farm sink! Love!!

  10. Oh my goodness! I love all your vintage stuff and how creatively you’ve repurposed the demijohn jug lamps, the papercutter and the milk bottle vases! Beautiful job decorating using wonderful old things and keeping it all so fresh and bright! Your red stove is fabulous! The marble tile backsplash is gorgeous ! Everything is just beautiful! Very inspiring to me!
    Be blessed! Linda @ Grandmalay’s Daydreams

  11. when i wind the lottery will you come and do my kitchen?? I love your ideas. that is a beautiful kitchen!!!

  12. My compliments on your FABULOUS kitchen! I’m in LOVE with the sink, the cool vintage look faucet, cabinets and tile! Amazing how it all looks so wonderfully blended. You stated the tile came from ebay, may I ask if it is carrara, calcutta, marble or what AND what size? I looked on ebay and noticed it comes in different sizes. I’d appreciate any information as I really like the look you have achieved! BTW, I’m following you (Pinterest). Thanks!

  13. I don’t know what the rest of your house looks like but I don’t really care- I’m infatuated with this one (the lights, the STOVE, the SINK!!) so I’m ready to move in. This will just be my room, k? 🙂

  14. Just adding the love to all these wonderful comments! Your kitchen is beautiful and everything is so well thought out. Of course, the red stove is to die for and I love looking at the before pictures and trying to see how in the world you were able to come up with such a beautiful result! I’m also a huge fan of the herringbone and love that you took it all the way up to the ceiling. Brava Kelly!

  15. love it! we re-modeled our kitchen just a month before you did (according to your date of this post anyway). we also did white custom cabinetry and carrara marble. i’m thinking i need to do an updated posted on the wear and tear on the carrara. you said it best–they’ll get better with age and also perfectionists beware. i looooove mine. still. will forever. mine is on my blog if you care to look

  16. I am in the beginning stages of remodeling the kitchen in our 130+ house. I love looking at others ideas. I love love love the red range! I want a red island, but after seeing this, I may save my pennies for a range like this! Your kitchen is beautiful! Great job!

  17. Wow. I really am speechless and that’s the only word I could get out. You did an incredible job. It’s all so pretty and fresh. Chances are I will never have the opportunity to do something like this so I enjoyed seeing your transformation. Came over from your link on Google+. Happy New Year!

  18. Your kitchen is absolutely georgeous!! In the preliminary stages of planning a kitchen redo…….mostly just lipstick and rouge……and yours is quite an inspiration! LOVE your collections and using the paper cutter is genius!

  19. Hey Kelly! I’m looking for light bulbs like that so I can fit them down into wine bottles! I’m having a really super hard time finding them though!! Do you have any suggestions? (I’m looking for gold or amber lighting, if that helps.) Thanks a lot, I hope you see this!

  20. Kelly, I LOVE your kitchen…but had never seen the before shot or the full walk through. Gorgeous and impressive, my friend!!
    Hope you are having a great weekend!

  21. Love your kitchen!! Would you mind giving more information about your Ebay tile purchase? What kind is it and size? Even a link to the seller would be great – I would absolutely love to have the same kind!! thanks!

  22. LOVE, LOVE the kitchen! Wow what an improvement! You did a fantastic job and I love the white!!
    Where in the world did you buy the darling owl at??

  23. Love Love Love!!! I want a white kitchen sooo bad, but i am afraid my cabinets would always be dirty im kinda of slob haha

  24. That is so gorgeous! I love it…a little jealous, too! I love how it went from dark to bright and cheery – big plus! Thanks for sharing, even though I am now depressed when I walk into my kitchen! 🙂

  25. What a great kitchen! Could you please share details on converting the demijohns to light fixtures? Did it require custom fabrication or stock parts? Are those picture lights or filament bulbs? I had worried about the build up of heat without a vent. Many thanks!

      1. Where did you purchase the lights? I’ve been looking for some clear rather than the green that PB carries. Thanks!! Your kitchen is beautiful! Are you still loving it in 2017?

  26. I love your lights over the island. We were thinking about something like that but had one concern. Does the glare from the light bulb ever a problem?

  27. I just love all of this! Our kitchens are very similar and I’m remodeling. Will be implementing a lot of the same details… I just love this! I’ve pinned like crazy on Pinterest. Just lovely!

  28. Hey there! So i’ve been literally scouring the internet for these lights and can’t find them anywhere. 🙁 could you tell me where you got them at? Thank you!

  29. I totally love your demijohn pendant lights. Can you please tell me where you found them? I’m thinking of trying to make my own but like some other people mentioned, I’m afraid of heat build up.
    Thanks so much!

  30. It looks AMAZING!

    Quick question: what color is your grout on that herringbone? In some photos it looks white, and in others it looks like a light gray…planning on doing that same herringbone on my fireplace surround and can’t decide on grout color! 🙂

    Thanks!!!! -j

  31. Thank you very much for sending me the link to your kitchen. I absolutely love everything about it, most especially your stove, the farmhouse sink, and the hidden pantry. What a transformation. Love love love it.

  32. Hello Kelly,
    I just LOVE your kitchen! Can you, please, post where you got your demijohn lights? I didn’t notice any info on that. I totally love them and they would be perfect in my living room above a long table. Do they give off a lot of heat? Any glare?
    Thank you!

  33. OMG,what a transformation! Love your light fixtures and all the special touches.
    I am so excited we just ordered new granite for our kitchen. I would love new cabinets
    and flooring too!

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  35. I saw your kitchen lighting using the demijons and I was hoping you might be able to tell me where you got the pendant/insert from. We have some antique demijons from Italy that we have been wanting to make into light fixtures but are unable to find what will work without having to try and cut the glass. Thank you!

  36. Question… about the wine jug lights, that I love.!!! When I went to their sight they only listed “clear” glass but yours look like there’s a slight green (recycled glass look) to them. Do you remember if yours were called “clear”? Thank you

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