Exceptionally Eclectic – Graphicly Cool Home Office

Kelly at JAX Does Design created graphic wall art in her cool home office and transformed it from the drab basement space it was before.
Graphic wall treatment at kellyelko.com

Kelly created a letter mural on her computer and then used an overhead projector to project the letters onto the walls.
She traced and painted all the letters by hand (does she have the patience of a saint or what?).   See how she did it here.
Graphic office wall kellyelko.com

More words on the desktop – Kelly designed a custom table base for the simple glass Ikea top which came adorned with all kinds of words for love – love it!
Word glass table - perfect for any office kellyelko.com
Crown moulding above gives the illusion of a coffered ceiling.
Fun abstract art adds color to the office (Kelly painted the turquoise one).
Word glass table - perfect for any office kellyelko.com
Graphic walls in this fun office

Go check out JAX Does Design to see more of her amazing home.

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