Living Room Before & After!

When I shared my Color Lovers Living Room Makeover, I showed you the beautifully styled after photos.

Nothing can really show the dramatic difference until you see the before pics.

I snapped the before pics in all of their embarassing glory as I was rearranging and purging so forgive the mess!

Now for the side by side living room before after photos …

I LOVE the sofa facing the fireplace now.

The before arrangement cut off the room and the old oversized sofa didn’t help matters.

Living Room Before After Photos - what a dramatic difference furniture placement makes!

The view from the foyer shows how the old rug looked like a tiny little island with the furniture clinging on for dear life.

The after custom cut rug adds texture and allows all of the furniture fit comfortably.

Living Room Before and After - what a dramatic difference furniture placement and the right size rug makes!

Seriously, what was I thinking! The new arrangement has such better flow.

Living Room Before and After - what a dramatic difference furniture placement makes!

The old wallpaper pasting table in front of the window was nice but now the chairs make this part of the room more usable and it’s the perfect place to read thanks to the light streaming in from the huge window.

Living Room Before and After - what a dramatic difference furniture placement makes!

The shelves remain to show off some of my favorite collections and I love the addition of lots of plants in the room.

Living Room Before and After - what a dramatic difference furniture placement makes!

See more of my colorful living room makeover

with links to all of my sources HERE.

Colorful Living Room Makeover

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  1. I love the new arrangement! But I also love the wallpaper table too! Lol. So I was thinking maybe wallpaper table could be like a server in your dinning room? Or if not too tall a sofa table behind another couch? Just ideas… I really love all your collected pieces used in new ways. It just really makes it cool and unique! ? I always get inspired by you to change things up and use my finds too! Oh the trouble we could get into (estate sales/ flea markets if we lived closer to each other! Lol.

    1. Thanks Becky! I do love that table but it’s not the sturdiest and I would be afraid to use it as a buffet. I used to have it behind a sofa but since I got lower profile sofas, it’s much too tall to use for that. I do love your suggestions though and who knows when and where that table will make an appearance since I, like you, love to rearrange!

  2. Yep! Much better! Sometimes, a room takes awhile to evolve to the right layout. I love the sofa facing the fireplace. It all looks more open and less cluttered.

  3. Wow, i can’t stop looking at these pictures ! Each one more tunning then the next. The colors are so soothing and “livable”. Totally in love with one and definitely could move right in ?

  4. That really opened it up to light coming in the windows and makes the colors really noticeable. I love your new sofa and the placement of furniture is amazing.

  5. Wow, the new arrangement is absolutely stunning. Thanks for sharing this. Love all the little accents you have incorporated and yes, it totally creates a warm yet casual energy in the space.

  6. Can I send you a pic of my mess(living room)? I’m at a complete loss. I have to use the furniture I have and it’s definitely not anything nice but it’s what I have for now.

    1. Hi Carrie – I don’t provide individual design advice as my plate is very full with my blog and family. I suggest playing around with what you have. Move furniture and accessories around until you find a look you love!

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