Chalkboards, Gnomes and Bling … Oh My!


Make a log slice chalkboard in this very unique color!  She made the gold topped gnome too!

I never met a chalkboard, gnome or bit of bling I didn’t love.

As they say, you can never have too much money or too many chalkboards and we don’t have to settle for black chalkboards thanks to this gorgeous shade of burgundy chalkboard paint.  It’s perfectly Fall-y and perfectly suited for a log slice (and I love that it comes in a small bottle so you don’t have to commit to a lot).  These little bottles of chalkboard paint goodness come in other fun colors like Grape Jelly, Raspberry Ice and Gray.

Log Slice Chalkboard

* Martha Stewart Crafts Paint in Oxblood (don’t let the name scare you)
* Paint Brushes
* Log Slice (I found mine at Michael’s) or you can chop down a cherry tree
* Chalk

1) With a thin paintbrush, paint a border of chalkboard paint around the edge of the log slice (I left a small bit unpainted) then fill in the rest of the slice with more chalkboard paint (two coats – waiting for it dry between coats).

2) Season chalkboard by rubbing a piece of chalk all over the surface of the freshly painted chalkboard
(don’t forget this part – otherwise, the chalkboard is more difficult to erase)

How to season a chalkboard

that’s it – now go ahead and write something philosophical …

or do what I did and write about gnomes.


Speaking of gnomes …

my faded little Target find (don’t fret, I didn’t touch my vintage gnomes) went to the spa for the day and returned ready to conquer the world …

or at least he’s ready to shovel in style.


Here he is before (he’s smiling on the outside but inside he’s sobbing).

Gnome makeover - the after is so cute!

And here he is in all his gilded glory.

Make a gilded gnome - this is so cute!

He demands a close up (he’s so vain).

I added one of my favorite bling producing products of all time – Martha Stewart gilding liquid (it comes in gold, silver and bronze – I used gold).

Make a gold gnome!

He’s really made himself at gnome.

Love this cool chalkboard log slice - such a great color for fall (love how she made the cute gilded gnome too)!

What’s better than crisp fall weather, another chalkboard and a gnome that proudly struts his stuff to greet anyone who knocks on my door!


12 Months of Martha at

I’m part of the #12MonthsofMartha team where my BFF Martha Stewart sends me a box brimming with supplies each month to create something fabulous – I only speak the truth.

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  1. LOVE it! i was actually looking at my gnome (i painted him over 2 years ago) this weekend and thinking he needed a similar makeover! or makeunder. 🙂

  2. I’m with you…chalkboards, gnomes & bling…bring it all!

    I’m not going to show Gerhardt, Helmut, Frank & Dieter your gnome’s new clothes as Dieter especially wants his hat fixed and that’s not gonna happen.

    Btw, does your family like your gnomes? Mine don’t-they think they’re creepy.

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