March Martha Stewart Giveaway

It’s time for the 12 Months of Martha – March edition and a giveaway!


Martha didn’t disappoint during my birth month – she mailed me some fabulous gifts.

Eclectically Vintage Martha Stewart Crafts giveaway supplies stencils

Can you see that paisley stencil?  I love paisley!

Brings me back to a time and place when I rocked a fabulous pair of paisley pants – oh I was styling!


Martha Stewart Self Adhesive Paisley Stencils & Supplies Giveaway

3 chances to win for each thing you do (leave a separate comment for each).

1) Leave a comment below telling me the strangest outfit you ever wore.

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Next week, I’ll show you what I made – hint:  it’s paisley!

See more amazing ideas at Martha Stewart Crafts.


Mumbo Jumbo:  Contest ends 3/25/13.  Winner will be chosen by and notified by email.  If winner does not respond within three days, another winner will be chosen.  Martha Stewart Living will mail the winner one paisley self adhesive stencil package, paint and squeegee  (may vary from what is pictured or may be substituted if no longer available).  Mailed within the continental U.S. only.

Martha gave me this booty but all opinions are my own – see my full disclosure policy here.

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  1. LOL The strangest outfit I ever wore was plaid pants I made in home ec in the 7th grade and a sweater that was striped. Dear Lord, thank God for getting older and a little wiser in the fashion area. Following on pinterest and instagram. Hope you are well. ~Lisa

  2. Okay, girlie–I followed you all those places. I’ve ALWAYS followed you. I’m like a stalker that way. In paisley pants. (Hey! They’re by Ralph Lauren! That makes them a ‘classic’ right?) I want to win. I haven’t won anything in years. Dangit.

  3. the strangest outfit I ever wore was my first attempt at dying a garment and I put the two pieces into the dye bath separately. They were just different enough that they each made the other piece look really off.

    I am not the envious sort but this Martha thing is turning me bit green. Glad for your opportunity though All the hard work of blogging certainly qualifies you for it. Keep the projects coming..

  4. oh,my; strangest outfit? Let’s see. Remember now, this was back in the 60’s. Anyone remember the Go-Go Boots, bell bottom pants and tie-dyed shirts. I wouldn’t be caught dead in them now
    thank you for this opportunity

  5. I love paisley, too!! And my strangest outfit (which I thought looked good -oops) included paisley. I had pedal pusher pants with embroidered paisleys in different colors with sequins with a pink silk top with paisleys. My friends let me wear this out many times.

  6. I am now a Pinterest follower and I started following you on Instagram last night! I am just discovering the world of Instagram – what fun! Can’t wait to see what you do with that paisley?! Life to the full, Melissa

  7. My strangest outfit was back in high school we had pajama day and I actually wore my pajamas to school for all the world to see. Well at least all of the school! Oh my!

  8. oddest outfit(s)
    There was a full year in elementary school that I would double clothes daily. Really. It was a pragmatic choice. I either had gymnastics or tennis immediately after school, M – Th. Since my parochial school uniform was a very boxy ill-fitting jumper, I could easily fit either my leotard / tights or tennis dress under it. Made getting to those activities super quick. I think I recall my teacher asking my mom about my “weight gain” cause my double dressing did make it appear that I had packed on a few lbs.

  9. Has to be 70’s patent leather boots and my chubby college thighs and behind in a mini skirt. You know we’re all so jealous of those Martha goodie boxes you’re getting to play with….

  10. Strangest outfit? I’d say the “elephant bell” bellbottoms I wore in high school… the bottom of the pants were bigger than my feet, completely covering them!

    I’ve off now to follow you on pinterest…

  11. The strangest outfit I ever wore was bright orange capris and lime green t shirt. (and it was not for St Patricks day) When I got dressed in the morning, I thought it looked good together, but passed myself in a mirror later in the day and nearly died!

  12. looking back on it, I think the strangest outfit I ever wore was a brightly flowered jumpsuit w/ billowy legs in the mid 90’s…….what I was thinking?!?!?!

  13. I dress pretty conservatively but I do have Paisley pants – haven’t worn them much but I still have them!

  14. The outfit was a bright (and I mean bright) kelly green polyester pant suit that I made myself in the 70s. I was tall and skinny and was nicknamed “frog legs” after wearing this one !! It was sooooo bad !!

  15. Honestly, I can’t remember the strangest outfit I ever wore, but I was dying laughing yesterday when my brother told me that his friends from Switzerland came to visit and brought him a pair of authentic leather lederhosen, which he wore out on the town in Houston… That sort of thing is so out of character for him! The things we do for our friends. 🙂

  16. This is hard because I have worn some really strange outfits! But most recently was a bathrobe to a party. It was a theme party!

  17. One morning I got dressed for work but I was not ready to put on my boots, so I slipped on my furry houseshoes. I left for work without thinking about my feet, until I arrived at my place of employment and went to get out of my car. Oops! I forgot to change into my boots. I enjoyed wearing my slippers all day! I think we should have, “Wear your Slippers to Work Day!”

  18. I have to say I have worn many strange outfits throughout my life! The one that I remember vividly is when I was in fourth grade. It was picture day and I wanted to go all out. I wore a pale green long dress with a “lace” overlay on the front that had a pink rose. I wore this with a pair of patent leather black shoes! I thought I was all that! What was I thinking?!

  19. Well, I have 2 pairs of paisley print pants that I wore years ago and I’d still be wearing them but they don’t fit anymore and it’s doubtful they ever will. I hold on to them because the fabric is sooooo fab. One pair is pink, green and white paisley and the other is pink green and brown paisley. One of these days I’ll figure how to re-use them.
    And funny thing yesterday I just pinned a dresser with awesome paisley panted on the front. Coincidence? I think not!! 🙂

  20. I thought I already followed you on Pinterest but I was mistaken. I’m glad I check because as of 2 seconds ago I am now.
    I don’t have a smart phone, maybe one day, so don’t Instagram.
    Oh and I had to laugh at the Freudian slip I made on my last comment. I wrote panted instead of painted. 🙂
    Thanks again.

  21. Hmm- strangest outfit- probably when I’m bundling up. I just start adding layers when I’m cold- I get to a point where I just don’t care if it matches or how it looks. The things just keep piling on.

  22. Strangest outfit: I thought it was SO COOL at the time, has to be bell bottom plaid pants, low riders, with a very wide belt, some sort of ugly platform shoes, turtleneck and a crocheted poncho (I made myself). Oh, and do not forget the BLUE eyeshadow!!

  23. Remember those things the guys wore for wrestling? I dressed as a wrestler for Halloween one year (of course I had to put a top under it)! I wore the full gear. Jeesh. Anywhooooo, I must win. I LOVE paisley. Seriously, check out my twitter or instagram and you will see the inside of my craft room cabinets painted paisley!!!

  24. I was shoe crazy. OK, so I still am. While in college I rocked a pair of emerald green, patent leather chunky heels. I’m talking Wizard of OZ green! I thought I was sooo cool!

  25. At the time I didn’t think so, but when I look back at pictures, I have to wonder what I was thinking when I wore a prairie shirt with HUGE puffed sleeves and gaucho pants that were equally puffed as they buttoned at the knees. It looked like a good wind would pick me up and carry me away!

  26. A zipper dress in 9th grade 1965 that had a zipper all the way up the front. Unfortunately, I didn’t alter the pattern and the zipper started at my knees instead of my waist. We HAD to wear the outfit on show off day. I failed that 6 weeks in Home Ec.

  27. I wore a long gold on black -paisley nightgown and peignoir (not a see through) and along with a long black wig one Halloween to the local hospital to take x-rays of Trick or Tread candy. Got lots of strange looks on the way to the x-ray department.

  28. The strangest outfit would’ve been in highschool (late 80’s…so that dates me a little) when I could fit into someof my mother’s things from the 70’s that she’d tucked away in the attic…for one of our school spirit days….believe it would’ve been “clash day” so none of the loud patterns matched…and boy did they each speak their own little language! 🙂

  29. How ironic that the worst outfit I ever wore was paisley! It was VERY loud and bright colored. The shirt on it’s own wasn’t bad, but the fact that I got the pants also and wore them together was way over the top. I sometimes run across a picture of myself in that outfit and wonder “what was I thinking”! Thanks for a chance at the fun giveaway 🙂 Amy M.

  30. When I was in upper elementary school in the 70s, I had a happening pair of red gingham hip huggers. Apparently I was in the midst of a red gingham phase — my whole room was decorated in it!

  31. I wore some pretty crazy outfits in the 60’s & 70’s….well the 80’s too! I guess my dress ups with my son: & when I worked with kids: a 1920’s Oklahoma farm wife for the Orphan train reenactment, a pirate, a Lewis & Clark explorer & more, so much fun! I do hope I win. :o)

  32. I’m a conservative dresser, but I have these mismatched flip flops (the dogs chewed up the matching ones) that I wear around the house. I left the house one day forgetting to change shoes! A lady asked me if I was making a fashion statement! I just looked at her blankly, she pointed to my feet, I burst out laughing! Went the whole day running errands like that! Didn’t want to drive home to change!

  33. 1969. 8th grade. My mother chose the fabric & pattern & made me a pantsuit that didn’t “suit” me. Fabric was a loud, big, psychedelic print of browns & oranges & golds. Pants were flared & top was squared & I wore a tie belt of the same fabric.

  34. Strange huh?? I thought my pink-polka-dot-hip-huggers and pink striped-tied-up-high-shorty shirt were just…well can’t say the word we used back in the 70’s, but it rhyms with witchin…LOL I don’t have the instagram thing, but I’m all yours on Pinterest!! Love all you do!!

  35. The strangest outfit I ever wore was a sleeveless brown corduroy mini dress split up the front with matching hot pants underneath and gold stockings to an ex-boyfriend’s wedding in the middle of winter. Bet he was thinking, thank goodness I didn’t marry her!

  36. strangest outfit was courtesy of my mom, first grade, big houndstooth check, orange & pale olive jumper with white blouse that had a huge, itchy ruffly collar, I looked like an Elizabethan for crying out loud!

  37. I’m pretty sure I already follow you on pinterest. I once had a cool (but strange) one piece quilted psychadelic floral one piece in shades of blue- with bell bottoms of course. Loved it! So warm and comfortable. I usually wore it with long strands of seeds made into a necklace.

  38. Let’s see, how many strange outfits can there be, considering i was around in the 70s, 80s & 90s when there were some truly strange outfits strutting the streets! probably the polyester trousers/matching print hug-a-boo tops, along with sky-high platform slides…in scary color combos and prints…get down, boogie oogie oogie …

  39. My strangest outfit? Super skin tight yellow jeans and a white cut off shirt with a hot pink bra. I don’t know how I even moved in those jeans! Oh to be in my teens back in the 80’s again…Oh Kelly my pie birds? They found a home in my reading nook window. Just love em’! Have a wonderful day girl!

  40. The strangest outfit I ever wore was a Easter Bunny outfit my mom made for me to be in the school play. I still remember it and think it was neat that my mom made it special for me. .Following Eclectically Vintage on Pinterest. and I get follow-up bu email.

  41. Strangest outfit – striped pants, red, yellow, blue and white. I’m sure I looked like a circus tent but thought I looked fabulous!!

  42. Oh, Lord — I had a big puffy Laura Ashley top and MATCHING pants I wore once. Once. Oh, the shame…. even though it was the 80s it was still a bad idea. 🙂
    We share a birthday month, Kelly, so happy happy to us!
    xo Heidi

  43. Worst outfit…in the 70’s, black jumpsuit “hot pants”. It had big pockets on my boobs, and a low slung belt. Hadn’t thought of it in YEARS, thanks.

  44. My worst outfit mistake was just in the past few months. I thought I had on a black knit skirt but when I got to work (in real daylight) it was navy blue and didn’t match the sweater and tights I was wearing.

  45. When I was in high school I dyed a full slip (remember those?) peacock blue, sewed black fringe across the top and bottom, and wore it with long beads. My mother disapproved.

  46. The strangest outfit I ever wore was a sizzler dress I made in 9th grade sewing class. It was strange because it was a silky purple fabric with giraffes on it. I do wish I still had it, just so I could show my daughter!

  47. Harvest gold jacket dress and white go go boots. What can I say, I was young and I thought I knew it all about fashion. Thqnk goodness I grew up and learned about fashion.

  48. Followed you on Pinterest! yeah!
    Strangest outfit included tie dye pants, and I got plenty of comments, not all good. PS: it was the 70’s

  49. I think the craziest thing I ever wore was a paper dress way back when paper dresses were a huge fad! What’s that you say? You can’t remember when that was? I try not to think how many years have passed since then! But I wish I still had that dress! It would surely be in the vintage category by now!!

  50. The strangest outfit I ever wore had to be one of my favorites believe it or not …. I was an one-piece balloon jumpsuit from a Laura Ashley pattern that I made myself when I was in college. I loved that thing and would be caught dead in it now! LOL

    Great giveaway! Thanks for hosting!

  51. I was a huge Madonna fan in the late 80’s. Black mini skirt and a black tank top with a lace tank top over it. I had the lace cut off gloves and lace footies; can’t forget to mention the lace ribbon in my permed hair with white sunglasses & cross necklaces! Oooh, like a virgin…

  52. I bought a huge box of costumes for my two nieces and little nephew, because they love to play dress up. The box contained an XL childs flamingo costume, which somehow I got talked into wearing. It was not the most comfortable play time with the kids, but they loved it! I had to be swift and use my wings to avoid the cameras, but there are lots of pictures of the kids in their costumes. My niece Paisley still wears her bunny costume with the snap up legs even with her belly button, it may be time to find a new box of costumes. I love your stuff, please keep posting.
    Parsons, Kansas

  53. Following on instagram and getting ready to on pinterest! Craziest outfit ever was this dress that was red and white striped, like a candy cane with a big red bow on the hip and huge shoulder pads! It was the 80’s of course!

  54. Hi Kelly,
    You’re way too young to know about this, but we wore hot pants back in the early 70s. With boots or platform shoes. We thought we looked hot, but come to think about it, we probably looked really trampy! I follow on Pinterest, but haven’t ventured out onto Instagram yet!

  55. I wore an outfit I made in HomeEc. We had to make a pair of pants and a shirt. I picked a pattern that was for BIG legged pants and didn’t know you couldn’t use a denim type material. Didn’t exactly turn out very flowy. Also picked a difficult material for the shirt. The seam were all puckered and uneven. Boy the lessons we learn.

  56. I guess the strangest outfit I ever wore was when I was in 4th grade and I loved the color red just a little too much. I had everything I could possibly find of mine that was red to wear ALL TOGETHER…lol at least I can blame it on my age at the time….

  57. I don’t know about strange…pathetic maybe? I wore this sweat shirt that I found in our family’s cabin. It was really old, having holes and all.

  58. I’m following you on Pinterest and loving it. Then, there was this strange outfit. I wore burgundy bell bottoms that had slits up the side almost to the top of my thigh and a halter top. Well, it was the 70’s and I only weighed 98 lbs. Those were the days…

  59. Started following you on Pinterest. Your Burlap Bunny Table Runner (which is too cute!) is what led me to your site & I can’t wait to see everything you post!!!

  60. Oh the memories. . . Lol! I remember rocking a pair of Sasoon jeans and a terrible satin blouse, also around the same time I had an “Annie Hall” inspired outfit complete with menswear tie! I shudder to think of the blackmail pictures!

  61. I can’t really recall wearing a truly strange outfit although I have a lot of costumes at home which come in handy from time to time. At my wedding I wore a white tuxedo while my husband wore a more traditional black one. Jo @ Let’s Face the Music

  62. Well, my tangerine sweater and pants made me look like a giant orange…so I guess you could say that was my most outlandish outfit. I just had a baby so I was a bit large…and orange!
    I already follow you on your blog and on Instagram. I would love to win!

  63. The strangest outfit I ever wore was bell bottom pants that got hung in my bicycle chain. A neighbor had to help me get untangled.

  64. The strangest outfit would have to be MC Hammer pants, an above the waste neon pink top that had tuxedo tails, and 3 pairs of neon tube socks-all different colors, and penny loafer shoes. 80’s Rocked 🙂

  65. The strangest outfit I ever wore (and I thought it was SO beautiful at the time) was a plaid A-line skirt with a fuzzy lavender sweater and dark purple stockings. I wore this to church to try and impress an older guy there. Ha!

  66. The worst outfit I ever wore is probably one of the hideous dresses I wore for a piano recital when I was growing up!!

  67. One of the worst was an electric purple bridesmaid dress. I have no idea what the bride was thinking. Even at the time I thought it was hideous (and tried to talk her out of it).

  68. Didn’t know you where on Pinterest – so excited to find you there. Strangest outfit? High School (at least 20 years ago) Regular school day – I show up in a white top, yellow and white polka dot baggy/clown jumper. Black top hat (from my sisters magic set) Fuzzy slippers. And funky pins. I had been teased and laughed at all through school. I finally decided the hell with it. I was going to have fun to. I learned to stop caring what others thought and tried to just be me. Best lesson from a crazy outfit.

  69. The strangest outfit I ever wore included a bright knee-length floral jacket/coat that my sister said would look cute on me but actually made me look like I was wearing my robe to work! I endured the comments for one day and promptly got rid of that jacket.

  70. I will follow you on Pinterest as soon as I’m done typing this. thank you for sharing this giveaway!! the ‘strangest’ outfit I ever wore was when I was in my 40’s and I bought this cute long dress from Spiegel and wore it to work, and one of the older men said, wow you look like a Grandma!!! so I sent the dress back the next day. P.S. I have since became a Grandma!!!

  71. The strangest outfit I ever wore was a green skirt that I made in school, with a purple sweater I used to love.

  72. I wore a Scottish Kilt in Junior High back in the early 70’s. I thought I was really cool, but even then I think it was rather geeky.
    Thanks so much for sharing your life with us through your blog.

  73. I wore a big ribbed corduroy skirt and jacket with a turtleneck. I loved it at the time because it was a “real” outfit.

  74. I remember wearing these burnt orange polyester pants that had like patches sewn on them in a hunter green plaid type material and I wore an orange and green plaid shirt to match with orange, green and white striped knee highs and brown open toed platform sandals. LOL That was deffinately the seventies I believe. haha

  75. The strangest thing I ever wore was a pair of overalls I made out of canvas drop cloth and I’m not a seamstress, so you can imagine the angles were all out of whack. Being so proud of my accomplishment, I actually wore it. Lol

  76. I was a hippie in my much younger years… like when I was about 10, and truth be told there is probably a little hippie still in here! We had a park a few blocks from home and me and neighbor used to dress up and go down to the park for the “Love In’s”…do you remember them? If you do you were probably a hippie too! I wore the long “grannie dresses” and my friend dressed as the guy with the wire glasses and BIG scandals, vest and flowers in our hair… we were so cute, they used to let us sit up on the bandstand when the bands played and we got to hand out flowers to all the “flower children”… “Flower Power”. Oh they were good times!

  77. Ok…I am following you on EVERYTHING….Pinterest, twitter, Instagram, Facebook, your website 🙂
    As for the strangest thing I’ve worn…I’d have to say that I honestly don’t thing I’ve worn anything “strange”. I just wear “me”….& I like to think that if its different from others, it’s “unique” 🙂

  78. i wore a very bright purple sweater with many colorful flowers in middle school when I lived in Ukraine. I got it in a package from US from my uncle!

  79. In early September in Kansas, average temp still boiling, I wore a green Cosby-like but with an Espirit price tag (high for my part-time high school job) sweater. I sweated through the day and didn’t pull it back out until January (the right time to wear such a thick monstrosity). Oh, coordinated with green Espirit pants. Yikes. What was the question?

  80. in high school (80’s) I had a zebra print outfit that was hideous – cropped top – pants with a cinched waist, baggy in the hip / thigh area and tapered at the ankle. Truly horrible but I thought I looked hot!

  81. Considering I’ve worn pajama pants to the grocery store, I probably wouldn’t be the one to point out strange. However, of the outfits I’ve worn, my over the top strangest was probably those black, shiny MC Hammer pants {can’t touch this!}, with a purple silky shirt and black patent leather shoes. It was pretty hot back in the day…..or so I insisted at the time to my mom, lol.

  82. The strangest thing I ever wore was the green satin dress we were forced to wear for our school choir. It was our school color, the dress was horrible, hot and showed or course, all stains! I hate to admit how old I am, but of course, back in the early 70’s that was the look. Following you on Instagram and Pinterest!

  83. learning to sew…biggest puffed sleeves ever! Follow you on pinterest! Thanks I just purchased real platehangers…like yours what was I thinking….no brainer to make…thank you again

  84. Well I was a kid in the 80s so I did the whole skirt over pants thing or shorts over sweats. There was a lot of weird layering back then :/

  85. In high school, I was part of the crowd who liked to shock and awe all of the teachers. My friends talked me into wearing a shirt that said “I am not gay, but my girlfriend is.” I will never forget that. Ugh. Teen life. (Rolls eyes)

  86. My mother made me a patchwork Hollie Hobbie dress with a matching bonnet for a wedding when I was 6 or 7….. I guess Hollie was popular that year, because I also had a bedspread in the same style! To this day, I really don’t know why I wore it out of the house, let alone to an important event! I still have the pictures to prove it!!

  87. The strangest outfit I ever wore had to be a bright orange mini-dress that had really bright flowers, I guess you’d say they were in a pattern, with white platform sandals. I thought it was cool. My mother questioned my sanity, but all mothers question their teens’ sanity, right? But when I walked through the halls at school it seemed everyone questioned, doubted, refuted I had any grey cells at all.

  88. It serves me right for not checking my e-mail for a few days! I missed the giveaway. But I love this stencil. I have used it in the past. It is a stencil screen and adheres itself a little. The plate idea is beautiful. I would want to make them as dinnerware.

  89. In highschool, in the late 80’s I wore a man’s striped PJ shirt, cut-off jeans to the knee and workboots. I thought I was so cool…..delusional for sure!!!

  90. The strangest outfit was in the strangest decade , “the 80s” the curled bangs, jean jacket , neon shirt with faded jeans (with holes ) pegged at the bottom with leather shoes and no socks!?!? Really . Looked pretty awful

  91. Thanks for the fun giveaway. Probably one of my strangest outfits I wore was when I was living in Las Vegas during my high school and college years. My favorite outfit to wear while going out were these horrible, fitted, Capri length leopard print pants with platform shoes and a funny draped black shirt. I look back at pictures of myself wearing that outfit and I wonder “What was I thinking?”. Obviously I wasn’t. 🙂

  92. I love all things Estate Sales, Garage Sales, Thrift Stores, and Antique Stores as well. Basically if it is old and vintage, I love it. I look forward to following you on Instagram. LearnGrowDesign

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