I Scored at the Thrift Store – Glass Fishing Buoys


Eclectically Vintage I Scored at the Thrift Store finds nautical

Like a fish, I’m attracted to shiny objects.

So I know if I was doggy paddling in the waves and gulping salt water, I would have swam straight towards these bobbing buoys.

Eclectically Vintage I Scored at the Thrift Store finds nautical

Remember when I found these big glass fishing buoys during my journey toย Brimfield last summer?

Eclectically Vintage I Scored at the Thrift Store finds nautical

Well, they’ve been multiplying and now I have a vintage bread basket full.

Eclectically Vintage I Scored at the Thrift Store finds nautical

Think the little ones were for guppies?

Eclectically Vintage I Scored at the Thrift Store finds nautical

I think I’d feel like a fish out of water without my fun little collection of buoys.


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  1. Love these (as you know!)… that is QUITE the collection, Kelly!
    xo Heidi
    PS — don’t you always wonder where they’ve been, how far they’ve traveled, what they might have seen along the way?? So cool. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. No you did not! Lucky duck. I’ve been searching for fishing buoys for years. Little jealous over here this morning! Awesome find.

  3. Wow Kelly!! I just love the glass fishing net buoys….you truly scored Kelly…I have a collection of these vintage Japanese cuties that I received from my mom…I love that yours are so colorful!!…Have a great weekend!

  4. You must have some awesome thrift stores in your neck of the woods. Love your fishing bouys. I have 3 from a longtime ago. They’d like to have a playdate with yours.

    And those big ones, do you happen to remember what you paid? I passed on some at an auction recently, and I’m thinking I should have bid just one more time.

  5. Well, I’m completely jealous! What a score those big ones were, especially! I have three sizes of the purple, then one blue and one green. I LOVE them. On a side note, I have that exact same bread basket in the cupboard – that I use for bread. I love your floats in it!

  6. I love your collection of floats. The little purple one is incredible! I have about 20 in my stash. All various colors and sizes. They are in my clam baskets right next to my fish tank. My best friend lives on the Alaskan coast and he sends floats to me occasionally. We always wonder where they’ve been. What was caught in the nets ect..
    He calls them my mermaid bubbles! Your posts are always so much fun Kelly.

  7. I have actually never seen those before that I can recall. I LOVE them! May have to start searching and collecting myself!

  8. Your thrift store is just so filled with a lot great stuff! I’ll share some of my hoard too next week. By the way, I have the same silver bowl you have here holding your guppies, yup, you guessed it, from the thrift store! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  9. Hi there Miss Kelly, I am your newest follower. I found you through The Cottage Market this morning…and what a good find! Love your blog. So glad to have found you- xo Diana

  10. These are so neat! I would never have thought to scoop these up and display them, but they look fantastic. I don’t think I have ever even seen things like this in a thrift shop. Must be an East Coast thing……

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