Behind Closed Doors – My Mudroom Gets Organized


Mudroom Organization Ideas - creative tips for making the most out of every square inch of space for storage

When we renovated our house, I couldn’t wait to add a mudroom.

It’s not huge so I made sure to make sure it had lots of storage – closets instead of cubbies so I could hang all of our coats.

Little did I know, way more than coats would be occupying this space.

It’s where we store cleaning supplies, sports equipment, dog paraphernalia, muddy shoes and more. What better way to add extra storage than to use areas that are normally wasted space, like the inside of doors.

For Father’s Day, I decided to get the mudroom in ship shape and give my hubby a place to hang his hat – literally! It was a snap with these fun new products from Command™ Brand.

Love the new line of Command products

Before …

Love the idea of mudroom closets - perfect for hiding the mess

look at the inside of those doors just begging to be useful.

Mudroom closets - love these so much more than open cubbies

After …

Love these creative mudroom organization ideas #DamageFreeDIY

Items to organize such as hats, brooms and mops, dog leashes, dry cleaning, etc.
Command™ Broom Gripper (I used 2 packs)
Command™ Clothes Hanger (I used 1 pack)
Command™ Clear Large Hook (I used 3 packs)
Command™ Jewelry and Scarf Rack (I used 1 pack)

Note: Follow all Command™ Brand package instructions for proper surface cleaning and prep, adhesive strip placement and recommended weight claims.

Brooms & Mops

This Command™ Broom Gripper is genius! No more shoving brooms and mops into the back of the closet only to have them fall on us when we open the door.

Love this organized mudroom - the shoe storage and the way she hung the brooms!

Following package instructions, adhere two Command™ Broom Grippers to the inside of a closet door.  Be sure to mount them high enough so the bottom of the broom and mop don’t touch the floor then insert one item into each gripper.

I love these Command broom grippers!


I love these Command™ Large Clear Hooks because they blend right into the background. I hung three in a vertical line, following package instructions and hung one hat from each hook.

Make the most of unused behind the door space for hat organization

Use hooks to hang hats inside a closet door

Dry Cleaning

To keep freshly dry-cleaned clothes from wrinkling, adhere one Command™ Clothes Hanger, following package instructions.

Love this clothes hanger - it can hold tons of hangers from just one hook

I love that it’s wide enough to hold up to three plastic or seven metal hangers from one hook.

This clothes hanger is perfect for holding lots of hangers at once

Dog Accessories

Sushi’s leashes no longer get jumbled up with our keys since I followed package instructions to hang this fun new Command™ Jewelry and Scarf Rack that adds the bling that I love while holding leashes and harnesses.

Love the key and leash storage

Now if I could just get my girls to clean their rooms, that would be the best Father’s Day gift my hubby (and I) could ask for.

I am a Command™ Brand ambassador and truly love the company and their products – I only speak the truth.

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  1. I am officially jealous of your mudroom! Those mess hiding cabinets are wonderful. I want all of our closet doors converted from bi fold to swing for just this reason. There are so many storage and organizing opportunities behind the doors.

    [email protected]

  2. I am learning about so many new Command products and their uses from you. Thanks! I am going to find a spot to use that blingy hook rack asap. I have a door in my bedroom just screaming for some hooks for my husbands hats, too! Your blog is one of the first that I always click on.

  3. PS: I don’t have a mudroom here in Florida but sure do wish that I did.
    I especially like the color on the cabinets.

  4. Love your mudroom!!! The Command items are genuis and have been added to my shopping list. Thanks for sharing with us.

  5. Oh shoot,now i need to go do something else,like buy some Command products to use on the back side of my cabinets in my washroom.It is a great idea but i thought i was going to get to rest for a few Thanks Kelly.

  6. I don’t think command strips can help organize my mudroom. Picture one of your long cabinets that never got its shelves installed, with shoes piled 2 feet high and a Hoover carpet cleaner resting on top. Ok, adding that to the top priority list, then you come tackle it. Please.

  7. We bought our home a year ago next month and I’m dreaming of adding on a mudroom. Love what you did with yours! And I have to get that broom holder, I had no idea they existed!

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