20 + Off the Wall Plate Walls

20+ Off the Wall Plate Walls with Style! kellyelko.com

If you haven’t noticed, I love plate walls!

Here’s mine in my dining room – some old, some new, a big old metal tray and one lonely black plate to give it a twist.

Eclectic Plate Wall - one of 20+ creative plate walls at kellyelko.com

Notice the plate hangers?

Exactly – you can’t see them!

I use these invisible plate hangers and love them!

Eclectic Plate Wall - one of 20+ creative plate walls at kellyelko.com

If I had more wall space, or a vacation home in Hawaii, perhaps I would have room for all of these walls.

Travel plate wall

Travel State Plate Wall - one of 20+ creative plate walls at kellyelko.com


Silver Platter Plate Wall - one of 20+ creative plate walls at kellyelko.com

Or how about just a Silver Lid Plate Wall from Jennifer Rizzo?

Silver Lid Plate Wall - one of 20+ creative plate walls at kellyelko.com

Wrap Around the Wall Plate Wall from View Along the Way

Wrap Around the Wall Plate Wall - one of 20+ creative plate walls at kellyelko.com

Twine Wrapped White Plate Wall from Adventures in Decorating

Twine Wrapped White Plate Wall - one of 20+ creative plate walls at kellyelko.com

Colorful Plate Wall from At Home on the Bay (see her full house tour here)

Colorful Plate Wall - one of 20+ creative plate walls at kellyelko.com


Check out Eclectically Vintage on Pinterest to follow all my pins – including my plate wall board.

Make sure to check out my favorite way to make an invisible plate hanger?

The easiest and cheapest way to make an invisible plate hanger kellyelko.com

Here’s to getting those plates out of cabinets and off the tables and onto a wall!

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  1. Great post, Kelly! I’m thinking about doing a plate wall in my booth space — I have lots of decorative plates for sale and thought this would be a fun way to display them all together. Thanks for sharing!
    xo Heidi

  2. Help! Can’t see the invisible plate hanger, it really is invisible! I have a plate wall over my cooktop and the hangers need replacing. Please show us how you did it 🙂

  3. Love all the “plate walls”. My Mom had a huge wall of plates over the dining table, but I do not have a wall suitable for plates, or maybe just do not want to make one. I have a big collection of your ’50’s enameled fruit tray/plate that can really brightened up a kitchen really quick. Right now, they are packed away. May get them out this summer.
    Thanks for sharing all these great ideas for displaying plates.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  4. You know, I love plate walls. But don’t have a dedicated plate wall. I do have plates here and there…but not all on the same wall.
    I ‘ve seen them done in all types of rooms too, not just kitchen and dining rooms, either.
    It’s a cheap and easy fill in for someone just starting out

    …I’ve found a buyer for your metal tray, should ever decide to sell!

  5. Hi Kelly. My name is Kelly ( I giggle).Ive been following your blog for a few months now.I love your stuff! Especially your big round metal tray with the odd colored apples. I have that tray along with the matching coffee pot.Too funny! They were my Grandmothers.Yah!I havent posted them on my blog yet but when I do I will surely let you know! Cheers!

  6. Beautiful! I have a small plate wall – metal trays actually. BUT, I have a plaster swan I found at a vintage store and didn’t have a clue how to hang it until you showed me the hidden hangers! Genius! Thanks.

  7. Love, love, love all the ideas for plates, and the no see hangers. Thanks for sharing your great ideas, as I have no sense at all when it come to art.

  8. I have tons of plates but have never worked up the nerve to create an entire plate wall. I do love all the ways they are being used in home decor. Thanks for the roundup!

  9. Love plate walls I have been thinking about trying it out and didn’t know about the invisible plate hangers thanks for the tip! PS if you ever get that vacation home in Hawaii, I’d be happy to visit 😉

  10. I love plate walls. I never think about buying them when I am out, I am always hunting for the furniture, or the odd bottle or whatever I can resell or shove in another corner of my house. I love your collection, the colors are so cheery and bright. I love the bottle collection in the shot too. I need you to come and eclectically funk up my home. It is too often the laboratory for current projects. I think my favorite is that silver plate wall. I want every single thing in that picture, including that shoe.
    The party looks so fun, can’t wait to see what everyone is sharing. And I would SO love $250 to spend at Pottery Barn. Maybe I will buy some plates.

  11. The silver tray display is lovely. The various patinas and shapes of the trays is pleasing to the eye …love it! Just might motivate me to dig into the boxes i have stored in the attic and find some of the trays I received as wedding gifts years ago.

  12. Kelly, I just love your site , your collections and eye for finding unique finds….I to love looking for great finds. I don’t live in a 100 year house but I love my collections, I have a flower wall in my dining room, its assorted small frames with crosstiched, prints, oil flowers. Most of the crosstiched ones my mother did while alive, not everyone gets it, but I LOVE it just the same….some might think of it is “ULGY” but I don’t decorate for them I decorate for me, I don’t care whats in fashion or popular. I love old kitchy items I just wish I had more room to display them. I was at Goodwill this week, and I thought of you several times during my shopping trip….Keep up the GREAT work you do, I look forward to your email every day!!!!! Jeanne

  13. I must be living in a cave, because I didn’t know there was such a thing! I ADORE you unusual placement of plates – I am inspired! Happy weekend from the enchanted oven!

  14. These are wonderfully inspiring, thanks. I’m going to pin this to my dish love board. I am planning a dish wall and one of the plates I am using is like yours….the Asiatic Pheasants plate, love that! I got the dish gene from my mom who has been collecting dishes for many years, so most are from her. She say she has a ” Glass -ss”! maybe I’ll post mine if it turns out ok.

  15. I have a plate wall as well! Every once and a while I’ll change the colors around or switch out a few here and there! By the way, your color collection reminds me of spring! It’s lovely!

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  17. Thank you so much for these. I received my grandmother’s collection of travel plates when she passed away in 1965. All these years, I’ve toted them around with me; to college, to my first home in Texas, on a move to Colorado with my new hubby, back to Texas, then to my forever home. They have really traveled and always stayed in their box…!!! I’ve always known I wanted them on the wall as a daily reminder of her, but didn’t exactly know how to make it beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing and starting me on the long, creative road to bring Grandma into my home.

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