Natural Fall Porch

Natural Fall Porch Decorating Ideas

I’m all about a natural look …

as long as we’re not talking about my hair color.

Since fall is my favorite season and I already went crazy decking out the inside of my fall house (see it here), I went for a simplified fall porch using things plucked right from nature with a few vintage finds thrown in for good measure.

Love this natural fall porch - look at the stacked pumpkins!

Cinderella pumpkins are my favorite and I picked a couple in blue and a couple in white topped with good old orange pumpkins.

Love the mini white pumpkins on this natural fall porch

A couple of finials from HomeGoods are a welcoming addition.

Add a garden finial and scatter some mini white pumpkins on a fall porch



Love this natural fall porch

Celosia makes a fun change of pace from the usual mums.

Think outside mums for fall - try celosia on the front porch

Love these fun blue cinderella pumpkins for fall

A few vintage finds and an orange pumpkin on a fall porch

Love these stacked pumpkins on this beautiful fall porch


Add Indian corn to a wreath for fall

Love this huge old vintage tub filled with mums and a wood pumpkin for fall

Sushi even approves …

she loves munching on the mini white pumpkins.

Love this beautiful fall front porch filled with natural touches

Here’s to going au naturel!

Now I’m off to color my hair – those stubborn grays are taunting me.


Make sure to see how I decked out the inside of my house for my Fall House Tour here.

Eclectic Fall Home Tour

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  1. Kelly,
    It’s all just perfect! I love how you manage to bring each of the seasons into your home so beautifully!

  2. Love your decor and it all looks wonderful,Sushi i’m sure was a lot of help,she looks very proud of her work. lol

  3. What am I still doing up and reading posts? I keep saying just one more and couldn’t wait to read and see yours. Love your gorgeous fall porch and all your goodies to make it prettier.Those flowers are breath taking. You always have the perfect touch and have something little different and eye catching. Enjoy your Fall home and porch, and your furry baby. She’s sure grown up. Happy week

  4. So funny…you end your post by saying “here’s to going au natural” and in the next sentence you say you’re off to getting your hair colored! LOL

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