2015 – The Year of Using Only What We Love Decorating


I love this vintage inspired Norton console table - perfect for displaying favorite collections eclectiallyvintage.com

I love Christmas …

but I also love packing away all the tinsel and garland, the Shiny Brites and trees and starting fresh.


I’m ready for simplicity.

Less stuff and more of what I truly love.


I’m starting with my gorgeous new Norton console table from Birch Lane that reminds me of an antique radiator screen with the metal mesh back and side panels.

It’s the perfect place to display my collections – the things that make me smile.

Vintage Pepsi crate for storage or display kellyelko.com

I vow that 2015 is my year for purging the excess (difficult for a self professed thrift shop/estate sale/flea market buying junkie).

Love the open fretwork of this console table - and all the open shelves for display kellyelko.com

So while I’ll continue to update, rearrange and style my house, I’ll also be getting rid of things that I haven’t used in ages and that are just taking up space and cluttering up my house (and my life).

Antique trophy collection kellyelko.com

One of the reasons I love this console table is because it has plenty of room for storage.

In fact, I am drooling over everything on the Birch Lane site and it’s the perfect place to get inspired with gorgeous display ideas (you should see how they styled my console table)!

Vintage clock collection - love Big Bens and Baby Bens kellyelko.com

Oh, don’t worry, I won’t stop my trips to the thrift shop any time soon …

I’ll just be much more picky about what I bring home.

The perfect sofa table for display or storage kellyelko.com

Here’s to surrounding ourselves with only things we truly love.


Thanks Birch Lane for the perfect piece to show off my collections.

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  1. I too am working towards “cleaning”…but it is difficult to let go of things that have memories even if you haven’t used them in forever!

  2. Words to live by, Kelly. I am also a lover of pretty things, and when I find one, I need an entire collection! But I have vowed this year to clean out and pare down. The beauty of having my little barn shop is that I can find a piece, use it in my home for awhile, then sell it and find another piece to love (for awhile). Happy cleaning!

  3. I too am getting into the purge! I have stored most of our Christmas items in a large closet instead of hauling heavy boxes to the attic! Closet is done and I have two boxes ready to donate. On to the rest of the house. Neighbors and co-workers are also a wonderful source to donate to!

  4. Beautiful! You have an instinct for putting just the right things together! I’m also trying to get rid of the things I don’t need. It’s so hard right now. But, I’m determined and it’s got to be done. I know in the end I’ll feel better, right?? πŸ™‚

  5. I agree, every year I purge, get rid of unnecessary things that just clutter up the space. It feels good to start fresh! I absolutely love your console and the way you styled it! Beautiful!

  6. I have pieces of furniture i need to get rid of ,i have no more need of ,i just need to do it. I love your console.

  7. Does anyone else remember a commerical where the family was overwhelmed with stuff so they went out and got some kind of plastic storage boxes then looked around at all the empty space and said…”We need more STUFF.” Well, I keep telling myself that if I get rid of stuff then I can go out and get new stuff…so far it is working. HA HA

  8. Purge…..what a great word and a great idea. We just had a new storage building built and it’s already full. Purge……Jane and I are going to expand our shop this year. Maybe purge for dollars is a good idea. We’re still big fans.

  9. That is a fabulous piece! So cool, graphic and stylish. I could use one and fill it with my ironstone pieces. It would make a great server with the open shelves. Go ahead and simplify, but stay fabulous!!!! xoxox

  10. Beautiful setup! I love this console and am looking to purchase it! It says on the website that it is a cherry finish top, but it doesn’t look very red to me and I don’t care for cherry. Does it have a more cherry or walnut look to you? Thanks!

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