Orange Pomander Monogrammed Place Setting

Have you ever heard of a pomander?

No, not a pompador, a pomander.

It comes from the french word pomme d’ambre, apple of amber.

Orange Pomander Monogrammed Place Settings - great for the holidays (and smells divine)!

Pomanders were used to mask odors (as you can imagine!) and ward off diseases in the Middle Ages and were made form gold, silver or even wood and filled with a spice mixture.

They evolved into the clove studded orange pomander that are common today.

How to make an orange pomander - great for the holidays (and smells divine)!

These are anything but common.

Here’s a fun take on the classic – a monogrammed pomander.

How to Make a Monogrammed Pomander

* Draw a letter on your orange (I started with pencil, but moved to pen to better see the outline)
* Push each clove into the orange along your drawn line – keep cloves as close together as possible
* Keep in a cool, dark place for a few weeks, turning them every day until they dry

– If your pomander starts to mold, throw it out
– Once dry, pomanders will sound hollow when tapped, shrink to about half of their original size and be very lightweight.
Make an orange pomander - great for the holidays (and smells divine)!

How to make orange pomander - great for the holidays (and smells divine)!

These will last for years – enjoy!

I’ll be setting our Christmas table with these this year.


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  1. What an easy and cozy idea for the holidays. I remember my grandmother having these around when I was a little girl. I hope I can find the time to make a few as a reminder of her this season. Thanks for sharing!

  2. What kind of oranges did you use. I have 12 drying right now but every time they mold. I tried drying them in the oven but that didn’t work either. Just wondered if there was a particular orange. I used naval oranges. Tx for your help.

  3. you know – in Little house on the Prairie – they put cloves in APPLES! one of my kids took my container of whole cloves and used it to make a potion (not the cloves just the container) – I have to go get some more!

  4. This looks great. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your loved ones! I would love for you to visit me and see the centerpiece at my Thanksgiving table 🙂 I am visiting you from Savvy Southern Style!

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