Party Tips and Tricks from the Pros (& I’m in Country Living Magazine)


Write Date & Occasion on Corks - instant memories!

What’s better than Thanksgiving dinner?

Family, friends, turkey, mashed potatoes, pecan pie …


Not much gets better but this comes close.

Look for me in the November issue of Country Living magazine!

County LIving - love the Party Tips & Tricks from the pros!

Their Ask the Pros section provides tons of creative ideas to have the most amazing Thanksgiving ever.

Party Tips & Tricks from the Pros - love this idea of writing special occasions on wine corks and saving them!

Here are some of my favorite tips from Country Living:


“Add oomph to a buffet by elevating different dishes with cake stands, vintage boxes, or even stacks of hardback books.”  Cari Cucksey, of HGTV’s Cash & Cari

“Decanting tape water into bottles with sprigs of mint completely dresses up this run-of-the-mill beverage.”  Amanda Pays, interior designer

“I track each dish onto a chalk cloth runner, then label it.  During the mad dash to get the food out, the stuffing always ends up in the right place!”  Kelly McCants

“I corral our galvanized bins and camping coolers on the back porch and fill them with ice and drinks.  This setup establishes a relaxed atmosphere – and frees up precious fridge space.”  Shannon Quimby, stylist

Another use for Ball jars:  “The wide-mouth ones layered with leftover trey, potatoes, cranberry sauce, and stuffing doulbe as pretty takeaways – sort o a Thanksgiving rifle to go!” – Julie Murphy

 Write Date & Occasion on Corks - instant memories!

There are lots more in the mag – be sure to check it out!


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  1. Hi Kelly. I just received my issue of CL and was so glad to see you in it. What a great idea. I am sitting here kicking myself thinking about all the wine corks that I have trashed over the years, and what I could have done with them. I always love your ideas! XO Sue

  2. Great idea, Kelly! I too save my corks but never thought to write the occasion on them. Congratulations, Lady! That’s a huge publication. Brake out the wine bottle and add that cork to your collection!

  3. Oh, I am so excited for you! Its a no wonder you’ve been chosen to be in a magazine
    your blog is so full of creative and beautiful decorating ideas!

  4. HUGE Congratulations, dear Kelly, for getting into the magazine. Good for you! I am so happy for you. I guess I need to get a copy of that magazine now! xo Diana

  5. Thank goodness I have another friend to keep in the bathroom, but Brawn is getting tired of me saying in my very best Buddy the Elf voice…. “I know her!”.

  6. Congratulations! Love your idea and all of the others mentioned here. Especially the idea for using the wide mouth jars for leftover take aways!

  7. I started following your blog when you were featured in Romantic Homes, and continue to look forward toeach new installment. So excited that you’re getting much deserved recognition cause darlin you dazzle!

  8. CONGRATS!!!! How exciting is that!! They are probably one of my most favorite mags, I saw it the other day, and had to come right over and say YAHOOOOOO!!!! So cool, and so happy for you!!! LOVE this idea, and so happy for your feature!! ~Bre

  9. Where the heck have I been?????? How did I miss this coolness? In a cave with furniture toppling over on top of me and my ears plugged with sawdust. Makes for a gorgeous visual. I can’t wait to get my issue and take it out and show unsuspecting people that my friend Kelly is featured in there with some very big time names. If I drank wine, I would so do this, but I can’t write on the little tabs of the Diet Pepsi cans, and not much exciting happens around her anyhow…..Unless you count being able to finally park my car in my garage. That is reason to celebrate!

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