Nantucket in My Yard with Polywood Furniture

Looking for durable outdoor furniture that will last? I have searched high and low and finally found POLYWOOD recycled outdoor furniture – made with recycled plastic but with the look of real wood.

Polywood Adirondack Chairs Conversation Set - earth friendly and stylish!

As he reclined in his new Adirondack chair, ice cold lemonade in hand, a huge smile spread across my hubby’s face as he said, “my vision quest has come to an end” (did I mention he’s a tad bit dramatic?).

After 20 years of wanting, thinking and dreaming of owning comfy Adirondack chairs, his dream has finally been fulfilled – and on Earth Day too (April 22!) which is perfect since POLYWOOD is made from over 90% plastic bottle waste (keeping it out of landfills).

Recycled Plastic Adirondack Chair Set - so many colors and built to last!

I’ve always envisioned white Adirondack chairs on my lawn, croquet set nearby, lemonades perched on chair arms …

very Nantucket style.

I couldn’t be happier with my POLYWOOD Adirondack chairs conversation set – four chairs and a big round (38″) table perfect for holding icy cold drinks.

What I had instead were two $5 plastic Adirondack chairs from the supermarket that were so flimsy, we were afraid to sit in them (yes, we may have toppled over once or twice when we sat).

Legs in the air and spilled lemonade (not to mention margaritas) was not quite what I had in mind.

Recycled plastic outdoor furniture - stylish and durable!

So I replaced them with something built to last, with style.


1) Earth Friendly – there’s the equivalent of 500 milk jugs in each one of my adirondack chairs!

2) Stylish – choose your color (I was tempted by the blue and green chairs … the red and orange are pretty amazing too … choose from 13 colors).

3) Comfortable – we sit for hours, reading and sipping lemonade of course.

4) Durable – POLYWOOD survived Hurricane Sandy!  Yes, my friend’s good friend couldn’t believe they were still looking good as new after Sandy devastated their beach house.

5) Simple – beyond easy to put together with each chair taking just minutes!

6) Compact – remove two pegs from each chair and they fold up for easy storage.

7) Maintenance Free – who wants to paint and stain every couple of years when they can be lounging with a margarita.  Bonus – I can leave them outside all year long.

8) Great Warranty – I’m covered for 20 years – just imagine the amount of margaritas I can consume in that amount of time!

Polywood Adirondack Chair - each chair is made from over 500 plastic milk jugs!

See the grain on the arm of the chair – I love that it looks like real painted wood (without the maintenance)!

Recycled plastic outdoor furniture - this is built to last!

No maintenance outdoor furniture - looks like real wood!

Polywood Adirondack Chair conversation set - love the four chairs and the big round table!

There’s more!  Five of my fabulous friends each chose a different POLYWOOD set – and each one looks amazing in their yards.
Go check them out …

Adirondack chairs and a treehouse

Polywood Rocking Chairs

Polywood Outdoor furniture
Polywood loung chairs

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  1. How perfectly beautiful and relaxing your pictures are. Your photos speak volumes. I have always loved these chairs!

  2. O’K I want to be sitting there! I too have dreamed of set like that & having a croquet set near by helps finish the vision. To see the trees in bloom what a beautiful setting.

  3. Love your set!
    A set of Adirondack Side Table/Chairs would look awesome in my new backyard next to the grill patio and screened in porch.

  4. Oh my goodness… totally Nantucket and how in the world does your backyard look LIGHT YEARS ahead of ours? We only have tiny buds! LOVE THE CHAIRS and love what your friends chose too!!!

  5. What an idyllic setting! I absolutely LOVE your Adirondack chairs. “If” I don’t win a set of my own I will probable buy them this summer. I’ve been wanting to build a built in fire pit in my yard with adirondacks around it.

  6. I could go for some Polywood in my backyard. This would definitely be a step up from the round robin of the seasonal dumpster special. Dreaming of real backyard furniture now. I share your husband’s vision quest.

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