How to Get the Beach Chic Look

Beach Decor - How to get the beach chic look

Not only do we have Snooki, the Jersey Housewives and Bruce Springsteen but Jersey also has it’s own lingo.

Down the shore – that’s Jersey speak for going to the beach.

If I can’t be at the beach, I’ll do the next best thing and bring the beach to me.

Shells and glass fishing buoys

Weathered wood trunks

Huge glass fishing buoys

I’m sharing my favorite  tips for getting a chic beach look on the Lamps Plus blog so head on over …

and don’t forget the Coppertone.

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  1. I love the beach look and often add shells etc. to my sumer decor even though the ‘shore’ is 2 1/2 hours away. My bathroom has a beach look all year around too. I grew up in a different city that was a half hour from one of the best sandy beaches around the Maritime Provinces and we always called it “the shore”. I love your sea green glass floats on the mantel!! They are beautiful! Have a great Thursday. Pamela

  2. As a fellow Jersey Girl who has lived “down the shore” her whole life, I have to say you’ve nailed it! Headed over to read your post on Lamps Plus now.

  3. looking gorgeous Kelly! I love that look for summer, it’s so effortless and fun-loving. I love that mirror on your mantel, looks like a ship’s bow easing through the waves

    sigh I had a basket like that once and it got misplaced in a move. I still miss it. every now and then I hunt in the garage hoping it will magically reappear…

  4. If I wasn’t inspired before I really am now. I’m wanting to paint several things in our living room just for starters. Recently bought light grayish blue background curtains with white design on them. After the heavier winter brown curtains it makes such a difference in our small living room. We have bamboo shades on windows and a sisal rug with a tropical pattern around edge. Hubs just finished painting an old table light gray and will most likely paint couple other old tables in shed also. I’m so sick of dark furniture and being closed in all winter. I’ll have to do some coaxing to get hubs to do some things I want to do, he doesn’t get the vision I have. Doesn’t like all the extra work to get house the way I want is how it goes really. I just start things then he comes after me since he doesn’t like way I paint. Tuff. Better go we’re off to True Value to a paint sale. Yippee. Happy days

  5. Those vintage floaty globe things (the technical term clearly) are perfection! Looking good jerseylicious!

  6. I love the seashells in the basket. I like it when it looks coastal without being too cliché. The cottage I bought is on the seaside and the decoration when I visited was a nightmare of plastic seagulls and dusty fisherman’s ropes… I want to keep a coastal look, but something “chic”!

  7. I love the beach cottage look. I was wondering what’s the paint color for your living room? I love it!

  8. Where did you get the etched glass globes on the fireplace. I love those! I’ve been looking for tips to decorate our beach house. I just love the look of old weathered wood, like driftwood, paired with the soft cool blues. Add to that lot’s of vintage glass!
    If you know where to get the globes, can you please email me? Thanks! Kathy

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