My Favorite Christmas Tree

See how to make a realistic artificial Christmas tree look even more amazing by using vintage finds as ornaments. This flocked tree is decked with vintage hand mirrors and has a folding tape measure as the treen topper. An antique chalkboard with snowflakes completes the look.

Glam Metallic Christmas Tree - love the unexpected vintage mirrors! #christmastree #vintagechristmas #vintagedecor #diychristmas #christmasdecorating

You know I love collecting.

I even have a growing Christmas tree collection in all shapes and sizes but this one in my dining room has to be my favorite.

Unlike the perfectly symmetrical triangular tree (that takes forever to assemble and light) that’s been with me through 18 Christmases, I am thrilled to discover that there are artificial Christmas trees with lights that actually look real!

Can I get a hallelujah!

The fact that it took minutes to assemble, comes with warm LED lights, snowy flocking and a bit of glittery bling on the branches is the icing on the yule log.

Glam Metallic Christmas Tree - love the unexpected vintage mirrors!

Love the vintage hand mirror ornaments on this metallic tree

So I did something that any blinged out Christmas tree deserves …

I added more bling.

Vintage hand mirrors reflect the light and the glitz and glitter of these merry metallic ornaments that make me smile.

Metallic acorn ornament on this glam tree

Vintage star tree topper on this glam tree

I have a collection of vintage sleds too.  Surprised aren’t you?

One of mine and one of my hubby’s sit on top of a velvet cardinal tree skirt just waiting to be piled high with gifts from St. Nick.

Vintage sled tree skirt - this tree is beautiful!

Love this velvet tree skirt

These merry metallic ornaments are beautiful!

I’ll be dining in style this year …

and those vintage hand mirror ornaments will come in handy to make sure I don’t have any spinach stuck in my teeth.

Glowing Christmas tree - you've got to see the vintage hand mirror ornaments

One of the most realistic artificial Christmas tree with lights I've seen


P.S. Want more decorating ideas – check out two full year’s worth of my Christmas house tours – Christmas House Tour 1 and Christmas House Tour 2.

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  1. I love your tree Kelly! It’s beautiful and it’s so you! It IS the perfect blend of everything. Those mirrors made me smile, as did the sled. Thanks starting my day with happy thoughts and memories of Christmas past.

  2. Looks fabulous Kelly!!!!! Love your tree and all the quirky and beautiful details, that star tops it all! I’m thinking of getting a sled too, saw a couple in my local antique mall, what price range would you consider reasonable? Thanks dear!

  3. Love everything about this tree! I actually passed on a star topper just like that at a local antique mall… I think it’s a sign I’d better go back and get it! Also, that chalkboard! Oh my, I’ve been looking for one forever! Where did you find it?

  4. Oh my what’s not to love about your tree! The sleds, star topper, and those ornaments….amazing! Husband and I are still debating on putting up a tree this year. We have a new kitten in the family. And put it this way. She’s lucky she’s so darn cute because…she’s so naughty! Really has a mind of her own. And she knows how to use those big blue eyes to her advantage. Maybe I’ll just get her her own tree? Like we need more decorations…lol! I need therapy….and a glass of wine!

  5. Hi Kelly, I’ve looked online at Home Depot for that tree? Does it have a special name? I went under the Martha Stewart line. Actually I had one just like it several years ago from K-mart when they carried her products. I gave it away to a needed family. Sure would like to buy another. Yours looks lovely! Thanks Sandy

  6. Wow that’s quite a tree and so beautiful. Pretty hard not to be in holiday mood looking at your incredible tree, wish we had room for a good sized tree but we have pretty small l/r. My very favorite of your ornaments was the metallic acorn, so pretty. All the ornaments are gorgeous but that’s my favorite. Cute idea with the vintage mirrors. Happy Thanksgiving

  7. I love your tree and website! I found it thru Pinterest. I’m thinking about leaving mine up and collecting ornaments thru the year. We have a good selection of thrift and antique shops in Bonhan, McKinney and Sherman TX.

  8. We have the most easy to assemble, lighted Christmas tree. My husband likes to spend extra time straightening every branch, but I think its perfect as soon as it’s put together! Your tree and decorations are gorgeous!! Those vintage mirror ornaments would be so handy on every Christmas tree!!

  9. Were you hinting at me that I have Spinach in my teeth? Because I always do. It is the bane of my healthy eating habits. So nice when we have guests over too and no one tells me. I am so impressed you have a tree up and decorated. I am in love with the vintage hand mirrors hanging on it. What a very, very cool idea. I am all about the bling during the holiday season. Maybe I should get a removable grill on my front teeth to hide the spinach and add to the bling.

  10. Very fun! I like the sled under the tree, too. My husband rehabbed his own Flexible Flyer – maybe I’ll bring it in this year. I have a tree I put on my kitchen island which I decorate with baby items, all the way from my great-grandparents to my sons. There are bonnets and booties and socks, and I top it with a little handmade angel, fashioned from a vintage handkerchief, which hung over the basinette when my first son was born. And as for those pre-lit wonders, I’m going to find one on sale after Christmas this year!!! Whoo hoo!

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