Peter Cottontail DIY Silhouette


Make this cute Peter Cottontail bunny silhouette

Have you met our ancestor, Peter?

His silhouette hangs in our house to welcome spring.

Make this cute Peter Cottontail bunny silhouette

Look at that regal profile.

Make this cute Easter craft - a bunny silhouette!

Don’t have a long lost relative named Peter – just make your own and pretend.

DIY Bunny Silhouette

1) Draw bunny on a heavy piece of card stock (feel free to print out and trace my Peter Cottontail)

2) Cut out card stock bunny and trace onto a colorful piece of Martha Stewart Crafts Scrapbook Paper

3) Use Martha Stewart Circle Edge Punch to create a 12″ circle on a colorful piece of paper

Martha Stewart Crafts Circle Edge Paper Punch - this thing is so cool!

4) Create a 9″ circle with a white piece of paper

5) Layer the bunny and circles onto a piece of scrapbook paper with a glue stick

6) Frame and welcome the newest member of your family, Peter Cottontail, into your family


Make a bunny silhouette

In case you missed Day 1, make your own egg garland and see my spring mantel here.

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I’ll be back tomorrow with a spring in my step …

and stay tuned for Monday and our big six blog 6 Days of Spring linky party and $250 Pottery Barn gift card giveaway.


My BFF Martha sent me these Martha Stewart Crafts goodies but I only speak the truth – see my full disclosure policy here.

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  1. Precious! I love bunnies and I love Easter decor. This is soooo PrEcIoUs! What’s next? I wait with great anticipation.

  2. I LOVE this project . How clever! I also love Peter Cottontail. I actually had a stuffed Rabbit of Peter and his mother, and read those books all the time, then read Beatrix Potter to my kids until they wouldn’t listen anymore. Thanks for the nostalgia, love the updated look for Peter!

  3. How cute is that? Love that idea.
    Clever idea on your egg garland as well.
    Looks like you’re really getting prepared for Easter.
    Thanks for the inspiration

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