Fave 5 Simple Spring Projects


5 Favorite Simple Spring Crafts - these are so unique! kellyelko.com

You know my motto …

simple projects equals more time for cocktails.


So here are my favorite 5 all time ideas I’ve created for spring over the years …


Burlap Bunny Table Runner – this family of bunnies is still hopping across my table and their pom pom tails are still making me smile.


Easter Egg Garland – it’s colorful and cute and my girls love it!


Singing in the Rain Umbrella Wreath – because round wreaths are so overrated.


Easter Grass Centerpiece – you’ll never believe what I used!


Peep Wreath – one of the few candies I hate makes the perfect decoration.


Hope these put as big a spring in your step as they do for me!

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  1. I laughed out loud at your Peep confession! I’m not a fan either, but I love your wreath! Unfortunately, I live on the Gulf Coast where it can be humid, even in the spring. I think my door would be oozing with “Peep-Weep” if I attempted this! All your ideas are adorable and I especially like the table runner!

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