Vintage Lover’s Paradise in an Old Barn!

Take a tour of Sweet Clover Barn. This multi vendor antique and vintage shop is filled with quality furniture, accessories, art, and more!

Sweet Clover Barn Frederick MD - a vintage lover's paradise!

I love a good road trip …

especially when I get to head out on the open road with Denise in her Crafty Camper …

and even more especially when the destination is an old barn overflowing with vintage goodness.

Destination: Β Sweet CloverΒ in Frederick, MD run by my friend CassieΒ and Sarah and filled with tons of amazing dealers and cool finds.

I may have drooled on myself more than once and you will too when you check out the amazing stash of vintage goods and fabulous displays.

Sweet Clover Barn in Frederick MD - a vintage lover's paradise!

Outside is a cool old ride …

Vintage Schwinn bike

or you could always ride one of these if it’s more your style.

Horse farm at Sweet Clover Barn

Step right in.

Vintage shopping

Cow art

Vintage library card catalogs

Decorating with white

Vintage scale

Antique shutters

Antique mirrored armoire

Vintage street signs

Antique store booth

Cutting boards

Vintage card catalog

Chippy old door

Bull head sculpture

Suitcase table

Striped dresser

Everyone was getting crafty with some fun projects led by Denise.

Make a plastic animal coat rack

Craft classes

Even the check out area is cool!

Pallet desk

Antique table

Wait, there’s much more to discover upstairs.

Rustic stairs

Retro dishtowels

Rustic barn sale at Sweet Clover

Antique dealer booth

Vintage rattan furniture

Look, there’s another cute little cottage behind the barn filled with more fun finds.

Sweet Clover Frederick MD

Horse farm

Until we meet again my sweet, sweet, Sweet Clover.

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  1. OMG. I would have to take out a loan if I where to shop there. So, so many cool items that I seen and Want.
    Cool looking barn as well

  2. oh wow! thank you SOOOOOO much for sharing this, kelly!!!! your pictures are fabulous- love the bike image!
    and thank you again for coming to spend time with us!

  3. Sweet Clover is one of my favorite barn sales each month. Wish I had known you were there. I stopped by early afternoon on Saturday. Your friend’s little camper…ADORABLE!!
    Mary Alice

  4. I like the idea of using the old silverware case for paint brushes. I also liked the map on the side table top.

  5. You captured the spirit of Sweet Clover! I’ve only been selling there in my booth for nearly 3 months, but I love it! It’s THE happening spot here in Maryland :). One can get lost in there. Plan for at least a good couple hours. And it was good seeing you again!

    Serena @ Thrift Diving

  6. What a great store! That’s the kind of place you could visit for the inspiration alone (and then of course go broke shopping!). The giant mirror next to the painted armoire with frosted glass really caught my eye.

  7. I’m so glad that spring has finally arrived in Michigan so DH and I can hit the road for a treasure hunt! These photos have got me itching to get out there.

  8. My gosh- I can’t BELIEVE all the great stuff in that barn…and I like that it is pretty neat and you don’t have to “dig through” like you do in some barn sales. I love all those shutters and that blue bike looks just like the one I had when I was growing up….wish I had it back now. xo Diana

  9. Seeing all that, horses, land, goodies, makes me miss KY so much. Wish we could have stayed there, we had 1 1/2 acres, 1500 sq.foot 3bdrm, 1 1/2 bath, sunroom, oh I could go on. Only problem, the humidity and allergies there were so bad for me we had to leave. Miss our place so much, especially the price, $55,000. And our oldest son completely remodeled it. Total, total bummer.
    Oh the goodies in that barn, I too would have had to take out a loan or not pay the mortgage, who needs to eat, buy goodies. lol
    Well back to painting a shelf. Loved your post.

  10. I love road trips to eclectic, historical places. I have found & purchased some sweet vintage pieces that add a bit of charm here and there around my home. Love it!

  11. Okay I live in Maryland and I’m currently trying to figure out why in the world I haven’t been here! I love everything I am seeing! I would seriously give up my first born for those industrial storage cabinets and that chandelier. I’m going to have to go check it out pronto!

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