My Spring Mantel & What I Stole from My Mom-In-Law!


Spring Mantel Decorating Ideas - this is stunning!  See how to make the garland

Remember when you were a kid and your parents would buy a case of soda and return the empty bottles to get 5 cents back?

If I knew then what I know now, I would have hoarded all of those bottles away instead of returning them.

So when I discovered these dusty, neglected glass beauties in my mom-in-law’s basement, I had to rescue them (I’m nice like that).

Spring mantel - WOW!

Don’t they just scream spring?

Or is it just me who hears voices from inanimate objects?

This spring mantel is stunning!  Love the fresh colors

Oh Easter egg garland that I made last year, how I’ve missed you (see how I made it here).

Cute decoupage bunnies!

Spring tulips

Love this spring mantel - and that cute egg garland she made!

Now if the snow would just melt so I can retire my mittens.


While you’re counting down the days until flip flop season, check out some of my other favorite ways to decorate for spring:

Burlap Bunny Table Runner

Mason Jar Window Treatment

Singing in the Rain Umbrella Wreath




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  1. love the tulips in the bottles! and oh i wish i could still go to the redemption center and get lots of money for all the crap i used to drink! 😉 now i don’t drink soda, and i can’t get money off it either.

  2. Kelly I am with you about the snow melting. I have had about all I can stand of this cold weather. I love the mantle and that mirror is so pretty. I remember the days of the soda bottles too. I used to go with my dad all the time when I was a kid, the reason, I got a free pretzel rod, LOL!!! What can I say I was very little and that seemed like such a big thing to a little one.


  3. The snow is gradually melting here but the temps are way below normal. Your pretty mantel has inspired me to get the spring things out and lighten things up at least inside!

  4. You’d better put a good lock on your doors as I’d sure love to” borrow” that mirror on your mantel, oh do I want that. Love different shapes and types of mirrors. Your mantel looks so pretty. Love how you dressed the hearth also, looks so awesome. How I’d also love to have an old suitcase. None to be found around here (G.J., CO).
    Your tulips are so pretty, love color of them. Are they from your yard? We had forsythia bushes, tulips and daffodils come up on their own every spring in yard in KY. There they call tulips tete a tetes, small daffs which grow wild all over the place. All I have here is one bulb of purple hyacinths which smell heavenly when I go out the gate to car.
    I went out to shed little while ago to find Easter decos. Didn’t find all of it, especially all the cute ceramic bunnies found at thrift stores last Spring. Do have couple ceramic bunnies I found recently at thrift stores but I have several more out there some where. Bet hubs knows where they are tho so will wait til he comes home to help me get them out. Better go comb my hair, very windy here again. Talk about bad hair days, lol.

  5. What a neat thing to have! I love the way your mantle looks with the green bottles and the tulips and the Easter egg garland. I have to go check to see how you made that garland-it is adorable. xo Diana

  6. You are a lucky girl. I would only have been hoarding Diet Rite Soda bottles. And they are not as cute as those green bottles. I found an entire easter basket full of plastic eggs. There is a 12 year old in the house that needs a job stringing them together.

  7. The green color is perfect Kelly! I can’t blame you! By the way, I want to thank you again, I finally got my Dollar Tree gift card! Woohoo!!!

  8. Your mantel is so beautiful! I’m in love with that mirror 🙂
    And yes those bottles are shouting spring – I’m so ready to pack the coats and hats and gloves away!

  9. That architectural piece above the mantel is fabulous!! Actually beyond fabulous. Love it. I also love the bottles. Filled with flowers, they are perfect!

  10. Being a collector of bottles and small boxes, I love the bottles and the way the green just brightens up the room all springy-like.

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