She Sent Me What? How I Transformed This Weird Thrift Shop Find!

Thrift Store Makeover Ideas - see how to turn unwanted items into creative masterpieces!

I was thrilled when Jennifer Rizzo asked me to take part in a fun idea called She Sent Me What?

It goes like this:  21 bloggers would each …

a) send a thrift shop find under $15 to another blogger and

b) transform the thing that was sent to them into something amazing

The talented Ashley from The Handmade Home sent me a mystery package – read on to find out what it was and how I transformed it!

(P.S. – if you’re new her – you may want to start by checking out my home tour)



Freddy Krueger.


Their chainsaws, razor fingers and killing curses are child’s play compared to the horror that awaited me.

You know when you agree to something and are so excited and gung-ho and think it’s the most amazing idea in the universe?

Well, I must have agreed to this after my second margarita of the night because when I awoke and realized what I had gotten myself into, I realized I was trapped in a nightmare.


Would I open the box to discover a lopsided clay ashtray that little Jimmy made for his daddy in 1972, a well used wig from the disco era, a shrunken head?  What had I gotten myself into?

So I tossed and turned, and turned and tossed and spent many sleepless nights hoping and praying that something amazing would arrive.


The sound of the doorbell had me quivering with fear.  With raccoon like circles ringing my eyes from lack of sleep, I slowly opened the door and stared down at a package no bigger than a breadbox.

I carefully brought the package inside and set it on the table where it sat, mocking me.

When I mustered up enough courage, I tore through that package to find this:

See how this thrift shop find was transformed into something creative!

She Sent Me What?

I went through a few stages from anger to sadness to loneliness to despair to eating a half gallon of fudge ripple to thoughts of murder to finally, acceptance.

Oh I would take those weird triangle thing-a-ma-jiggies and turn them into something amazing alright (or at least something creative)!

Challenge accepted.

Voila – an arrow showing everyone who enters my backyard that it’s time to get this party started.

Make a wooden arrow sign - so fun for outdoor parties!

One straight cut and two 45 degree angle pieces of wood, a few nails, a little wood glue, some paint, eye hooks and rope later and …

a colorful arrow showing the way to the party – the only thing missing is a cocktail.

Best part – chalk paint lets me switch up the sign whenever the mood strikes.

Make a wooden arrow sign - perfect for parties!

The thrift stop transformations don’t end here.

Hop over to visit Lindsay from Makely School for Girls to see what I sent her and what she turned it into – trust me – it’s amazing!

 See 21 thrift shop transformations!

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  1. Love your arrow! Lindsay ended up doing what first popped into my head yesterday when you asked about the ice bucket. Love this blogger game!

  2. Kelly, I knew you would come up with something way cooler than I suggested! After all, you are the pro, not I. Love that arrow. Its totally fab.

  3. What a fun game and what a clever idea! I sat and looked at the two triangles for awhile trying to figure out what you would make. Never would have thought of an arrow sign! I love it. On to check out the other game players. Very inspiring!!

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