What Would You Turn These Weird Thrift Shop Finds Into?

Mystery Thrift Shop Makeovers - See thrift shop items transformed! kellyelko.com

WWKD – What Would Kelly Do?

You’ll have to wait until tomorrow to find out what I turned this weird thrift shop find that I got in the mail into …

What would you turn this thrift shop find into?  Find out what she did ... kellyelko.com

and see what another fabulous blogger did with this little ice bucket that I sent her (along with a few other goodies).

Trust me, it’s amazing!

What would you turn this thrift shop find into?  Find out what she did ... kellyelko.com

In the meantime, I’d love to know …


WWYD – What Would You Do? (remember, we could use anything we wanted to jazz up our finds)

a) What would you do with those weird triangle things (they came with three extra little dowels so they can be attached together thru the holes)

b) What would you do with that cute little ice bucket?

Leave me a comment letting me know – I can’t wait to hear all of your creative, wacky, psychotic, and out of this world ideas.


Then stay tuned for tomorrow when you’ll find out what I, the blogger that I sent the bucket to, and 19 other bloggers did with their mystery thrift shop finds.


See you tomorrow for She Sent Me What?

P.S. you’ll also see who were sent the most amazing finds and who got horrifying cast-offs that nobody in their right mind would want!

P.P.S. This was Jennifer Rizzo‘s fabulous idea!

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  1. OK Kelly,
    Now you’ve done it. The ultimate media tease. I’ll have to wait until tomorrow to see what you are going to do with those triangles. In the meantime, Jane and I will fill the bucket with ice, take it out to the garden and have a nice cool drink.

  2. don’t know right off hand what to do with your wooden triangles but the ice bucket; they are great when going on picnic or to a summer pot luck to serve a cold pasta salad or potato salad in. The kind shown here are great for that.
    The buckets are also great to use as a vase for a nice fresh flower arrangement.

  3. A terrarium popped into my head for the triangles, the ice bucket would look great sitting on the bar cart. Thought a pendant lamp at first but it’s too thick and solid so no light would shine through with drilling multiple holes. Can’t wait to see what was done!

  4. Wow! What a fun project!!! I’d love to do something like this! Great idea & I can’t wait to see what you make with this 🙂

  5. How fun is this, Kelly? Can’t wait to see the transformations. One could fit a piece of wood inside the triangle and lay a pattern of tile mosaic, grout in between the tiles and call it a trivet for either a hot dish or maybe a plant stand. As far as the ice bucket, I’m stumped. If you can take the inside insulation out, make you could turn it into a planter basket for a pretty bouquet of daisies or your favorite flowering plant.

  6. The triangles could be turned into a hanging pendant light. Use them for frames. You may need longer dowels, I’d use something around 24″. The frames could be covered in paper, fabric, perforated metal, the kind for radiator covers, translucent plastic sheeting, you get the idea. You may have even done one before. As far as the ice bucket, all it needs is to be covered in fabric. Something trendy or vintage would do the trick. (http://www.housefabric.com/Houndog-Black-White-P102467C406.aspx) I’d use Mod Podge. And spray paint the handle and knob.

  7. The triangles would be cool to do a weaving on. That has the most possibilities popping in my mind. Can’t wait to see more. Love this idea. Pat S p.s. if the ice bucket is real wood it would be cool to do a wood burning design on.

  8. For the triangles my first thought was sun catchers. You could use colored glass or acrylic to fill in the spaces. Could be hung in a window, from the ceiling or outside.

  9. What a fun challenge! Can’t wait to see what you do! My first thought was painting the two triangles, then connecting (with longer dowels, if necessary) so they would be deep enough to hang on the wall for wine or towel storage. But I think they would be great collage frames, too. And the ice bucket is so fun, I’d hate to alter it…I’d probably just use it as a champagne or wine cooler…

  10. Very fun…will be watching to see what you all create.

    Using the shears to gauge the size of your triangle, maybe a wine rack or Christmas trees with ornaments hanging inside or photos…or perhaps the base for a little table?

  11. In our city we have to recycle food waste and food packaging in a green bin. This would look great in the kitchen and can easily be washed out with plastic inside. Lid is necessary. The plastic bin the town gives us is ugly.

  12. I bought the same ice bucket at my local Goodwill. I put it in my son’s outdoor-themed room. He uses it to keep all of his pocket change at the end of the day. I’m not sure how much he’ll have when it’s full, but I’ll bet it ‘s a lot!

  13. Hummm…the triangles would make neat drying racks for herbs and flowers maybe? The ice bucket….I could see it on a desk filled with watercolor brushes and pencils. Or on a kitchen counter for holding whisks and wooden spoons? How about a really retro dog treat container? Oh so many possibilities! Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

  14. Those triangles are interesting. I see painted photo collages. The ice bucket has many fun and useful ways: planter, cookie jar/container, caddy.

  15. What a rascal teasing us all. Of course now we’re all panting to see what you all do. Can hardly wait. I might even get up earlier to see what you’ve posted. I’m a bit of a night owl, really get going on projects late at night. When hubs was a trucker I’d be up half the night. Love mystery posts, so much fun imagining what we’ll see when you post the results. What incredible ideas we’ll all have. Happy Spring days

  16. I would stain and distress the triangles, then use a piece of reclaimed wood to make a shelf…using the triangles as the underside support brackets…..Or I would paint them bright funky colors, get some long wooden dowels that fit into the extra holes…..and connect them together with the long dowels….put the whole thing on one of my daughter’s book shelves and choose a selection of books to go on it, and stage some cute nick nacks around it in colors that complement it :o) For the ice bucket, I would spray paint it, and do a quick number stencil on it….then add it to my poolside patio! If I had more than one of them, I would hang them on the fence/wall under my patio cover to hold the collections of suncreen and bug spray!

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