Master Bedroom Update – New Bed!

Love this stylish metal bed!

Sometimes I sneak into my bedroom, shut the door and …

stare at my bed.

I know – I have issues but that’s a story for another time.


BEFORE – the elephant in the room (read all about it here).

Four poster bed

AFTER – new metal bed that sets my heart aflutter.

I stalked that bed until I thought it was going to get a restraining order on me until finally I caught a great sale then waited patiently for it to be delivered (see source list at end of post including more of my favorite metal beds of all time).

Love this black metal bed - a classic shape in an unexpected material

The bed makes me overlook the missing drawer pulls, all wrong wall color and lamps I want to update.

Love this black metal bed with white bedding!


1) New Rug – the room looks so much better since I removed the old rug (to be sold on Craigslist) but I’m on the hunt for the perfect replacement

2) Paint – searching for the perfect shade of white to help hide the asymmetrical windows

3) Art & Accessories – new lamps and art to jazz up the space.

4) Bedding – try out a more neutral look.

Gorgeous black metal bed with fun little keyhole cut out. Looks great with the white duvet and blue pillows

In my hunt for the perfect bed, I ran across some other beauties.

Here are some of my favorite stylish metal beds (some affiliates) …

Stylish Metal Beds - love all of these!

1) Metal Keyhole Bed – the bed of my dreams!

2) Metal Canopy Bed – love the light and airy look of this romantic bed

3) Iron and Linen Bed – the linen reminds me of rustic burlap which makes the perfect farmhouse style bed

4) Farmhouse Metal Bed – this was my guest room bed until my daughter recently claimed it as her own

5) Curvy Metal Bed – classic shape in an unexpected material

6) Metal & Upholstered Bed – love the mix of a soft linen headboard with metal

7) Brass Bed – love this modern take on a classic brass bed


Sweet Dreams – I’m off to stare at my bed some more.

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  1. Great choice for your new bed. My daughter uses my dresser I have had since I was a kid. My dad refinished it in a antique orange and was supposed to add the knobs later. I have brought that dresser with me in every move and never put knobs on and I don’t think I will ever part with it or repaint it because it is one of the few things I have left from my childhood and my dad. It’s funny how a piece of furniture can hold so many memories and tell a story. Pat S

  2. Hi Kelly, I’m with you on this one. It would have taken lots of looks and studies to make sure I really loved it. I’ve been known to second-guess myself a few times before and after purchasing an object for my home. The bed is gorgeous! I love the fun, no-frills, yet sophisticated style. Just wondering if you tried the rug under the bed before deciding to replace it.
    BTW, I am enjoying your blog!

  3. Love it—the dresser is perfect. You made some really great choices.

    I’m always restless (HA!) when it comes to my bedroom. I love to switch up the comforters, duvets, shams and curtains. I rotate things a lot. Fun, right? 🙂


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