Farmhouse Kitchen Essentials

Industrial tiered tray - get the farmhouse look in your kitchen

The kitchen is definitely the heart of my home.

It’s a work horse – something is always simmering, we eat dinner together most nights and homework is sometimes spread out on the island.


There is laughter, good food, friends and memories.

There are crumbs, sticky messes and dirty dishes.

I wouldn’t have it any other way.


Some must haves in my farmhouse kitchen essentials are …

Farmhouse kitchen essentials - get the farmhouse look with these fun kitchen accessories


1) Cake Stands – perfect for display and varying height when serving – marble and wood stands are some of my faves

2) Glass Jars – store flour, sugar and salt on the counter with different size jars – add a few colorful scoops for extra flair

3) Galvanized Stands – stacked or alone, galvanized trays add rustic charm

4) Bottle Drying Rack – show off favorite mugs or decorate this huge rack for every season

5) Chalkboard – never forget the milk again – love the rustic wood frame and shape

6) Industrial Tiered Tray – perfect for stacking everyday items, tiered trays are perfect if you’re short on space

7) Bread Box – the aqua color and streamlined shape make this a stand out – store bread, mail, dog treats …

8) Bottle Carrier – easy to tote inside and out or use as a centerpiece – fill with utensil filled mason jars or wine bottles

9) Farmers Market Sign – looks like it came straight from a roadside tomato stand

10) Scale – retro shape and fun color make this a kitchen counter keeper


Every farmhouse kitchen needs a few coffee mugs and I can’t stop collecting my favorite Rae Dunn mugs from HomeGoods!


What are your must have kitchen accessories?

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  1. While I love the items you’ve selected and I love the vintage and slightly rustic quality of farmhouse style we simply don’t have display space or counter space to adequately display these treasures.. I recently redid our kitchen in farmhouse style. It’s an average size kitchen with an unusual layout and less than 8 feet of counter space with no island. The cabinetry is solid and original to the early 1940’s home, so other than paint, we weren’t removing them. Nearly all of our farmhouse style comes from things that can be ceiling and/or wall hung. 1940’s black trivets hang on the cabinet frame around the kitchen sink. An old barn style lantern is our ceiling fixture and my blue cobalt penny candy canister set sits on an ‘appliance shelf’ under the windows across from the sink. Feed/flour sack valances for the two crank windows above with a nice deep window sill display my cobalt blue glass collection. Discovering a sudden skin irritation from liquid soap, we switched to oatmeal (yardley) bars and three or four bars rest comfortably in a small blue and white ginger jar by the sink. Switching out the hardware on the cabinetry to oil rubbed bronze and doing the same with electrical and light switch covers. A black wrought iron tray with birds atop sits on the top of the dishwasher corralling dog treats in quart size mason jars. Above is a framed picture of a women feeding chickens and a stained glass teapot shaped nightlight also perches there to light up a darker corner of our kitchen at night. Soft blue walls and pure white cabinetry (and appliances) keep the kitchen light against a foil of black quartz counter tops. OUr flooring is hardwood stained cherry to ground the room. I added two sofa back tables (I already had from our previous home), back-to-back, adjacent to the sink to serve as an island/casual eating space with stools tucked underneath. Including paint, our total expenditures to go farmhouse was under $500.00. I crocheted a cape code blue and white checkerboard rug for in front of the sink to tie in with the other blues in the room. I also made a ‘grocery list’ reminder with a cheapy frame I purchased from Dollar tree. Printed out ‘every things better on the farm’ painted the frame dark blue and put the print under the glass. a grease pencil hangs by a length of twine to mark what I may need from the market and is easily removed with a paper towel.Wish I could figure out where to put it, I love that bread box! We do have a vintage scale and an antique coffee grinder atop the fridge.

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