Sugar High Valentine Party

Update – my fabulously fun, pink, delicious Cupid Float has been so popular so it’s gotten a makeover and looks better than ever!   
Ah, gotta love the tween years!  My 12 year old twins decided to throw a Valentine’s party – girls only!  After all, girls rule and boys drool (at least for now)!
What’s better than a table overflowing with sugar?


Eclectically Vintage


Framed Pics – When the guests arrived, we took pics of them in a huge frame!  Each girl gets a pic to take home!
Eclectically Vintage



Pin the Lips on Justin Bieber – Hung a poster of the Biebs and cut out lips from scrapbook paper.
The girls were blindfolded, spun around and tried to come closet to Justin’s lips!

Candy Heart Stacking – see who can stack the most candy conversation hearts!

Guess Who – The girls filled out a questionnaire with 10 burning questions such as, What 3 things would you bring to a dessert island? and Who’s your secret crush?  They had a blast guessing who was who!

Dance Off – Blasted the tunes and the girls boogied til they couldn’t boogie no more!


Eclectically Vintage



Homemade mac and cheese topped with crumbled potato chips (courtesy of The Hubs)

Cupid’s Floats – Cherry 7-Up, a scoop of vanilla ice cream – topped with whipped cream and a marichino cherry



Eclectically Vintage




Mini red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting

Chocolate fountain with cubed pound cake, strawberries, bananas and marshmallows to dip – the hit of the party!
Eclectically Vintage



Eclectically Vintage


The girls disappeared up to the attic to watch a movie, When in Rome, and decompress from their sugar highs!
Check out my pom pom bouquet – what a great Valentine’s gift it would be!


Eclectically Vintage


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  1. FUN! Man I remember when I loved those Maraschino Cherries. My grandparents had a bar and all the kids were always eating all the cherries 😉 Looks like the girls sure had a fun time!!

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