Curb Appeal – Summer Homes

Love this antique blue house - such charming curb appeal

Don’t call the cops if you see a strange lady walking her dog and snapping pics of your house …

it’s just me.

My neighborhood is filled with so much curb appeal – here are some of my faves from my summer walks.


It’s amazing what personality you can get with a brightly colored front door.

Curb appeal - love the gray house with a fun pop of color from a bright yellow door

Love this brick colonial with ivy covered walls and classic planters

Antique brick tudor - such cub appeal!

Love the way this old house is situated on the top of a hill

Love the unusual dormer.
Love the unusual dormer on this antique white house

This house is actually a few apartments – I’d love to get my grubby little hands on it and turn it back into a single family home.

Beautiful stone victorian

White picket fence adds such curb appeal to this old house

Love this classic black and white colonial house

Last month I drove by this house and screeched to a halt when I saw all that peony amazingness!

Love the row of peonies planted in front of this cape cod home

What’s your favorite house?

See more curb appeal homes in my neighborhood HERE.

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  1. You have a great neighthood. Thanks for all that wonderfulness. Three is interesting and so is six. Have a great day.

  2. On your succulent post, what is the best way to take the different plants out of a container that they came in (a terra cotta bowl)? It seems like there are pebbles that are somehow glued on top of the soil.

    1. Hi Candy – I think the nursery glues the stones on top so they don’t come loose during shipping – but that makes it hard to water! Try taking the plant out of the pot and prying the glued stone layer by bending it up and down until it breaks off. Hope that helps!

  3. Beautiful! Please tell me, what are the little things sticking up from the edge of the roof on the third house (the brick one)? I saw something like that on old houses in Virginia but couldn’t find any information about it. What are they for?

  4. I should add that I’ve only ever lived in central California in ranch houses, so please forgive me if the above is an obvious or ignorant question!

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