Take the Color Personality Quiz

 Take the Color Personality Quiz! kellyelko.com

While I live in blue jeans, I never liked blue in my house …

that is until recently.


Once I found these mid century club chairs in their original blue velvet (with every intention of reupholstering them), I feel madly, truly and deeply in love with them.

Mid century club chairs in this gorgeous living room kellyelko.com

Since that affair began (don’t tell my hubby), blue has been sneaking into my house in pillows, throws and the big, bold and beautiful vintage console table turned peacock blue media cabinet.

I’m fickle, what can I say.

And it’s true that every gal is entitled to change her mind … and often.


Imagine my surprise when I took this fun color personality quiz only to discover a color I never in a million, gazillion, catrillion years would have considered.

Take the Color Personality Quiz kellyelko.com


Hmmm, coral would look pretty with blue …

I may just have to reconsider.


Let’s be like twinsies – why don’t you take the color personality test too?

I’d love to know what color you get – and if it’s as surprising as mine – feel free to leave a comment below letting me know.

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  1. My color personality is Nautical Blue and I would say my design style is beachy cottage. Makes sense as I live in a “Cape” home and also live near Cape Code.

  2. This was a fun exercise. Answered the questionable truthfully LOL. I’m Nautical Blue. I do have touches of it everywhere in the house, from the blue leather sofa and ottomans to the blue willow plates over the stove top. Even the master bdrm has a deep blue cashmere paint on the walls. Nothing like having it confirmed.

  3. Gosh mine is gray?!?!? Don’t believe it 😉

    “This palette of colorful grays is a perfect balance of sophistication and serenity. Each hue bears the marking of another color (blue, green, purple, etc.), creating a neutral palette that is anything but dull. Pair with rich jewel tones for a luxe look, or with muted hues for a soothing rendition.”

    LOL this comes just after I covered up my dark gray walls with a fresh coat of white.

    1. My color was also grey. I don’t like the color in home decor, but I find grey appealing in clothes. May have some truth.?

  4. Mine said “Honey” I was surprised also. I too usually avoid blues in decorating & live in blue jeans. Although I must confess 25+ years ago I had 2 wing chairs custom designed in a Navy/Royal Blue Velvet & loved them. I have not owned them in over 20 years. Recently I have been drawn to blue accents, I have a friend who has polish pottery pieces & antique blue willow dishes , love them so maybe I will be adding blue again too! I guess that is part of being eclectic our taste are always evolving.

  5. Nautical Blue!! Didnt see that coming. Also, a blue avoider! I think honestly because growning up my mother did the blue thing. Everywhere. And cornflower blue, country blue, confederate blue….etc……yuck. i was never going blue. I am however, a boho girl and eclectic french cottage and there are a couple of blue shades i am in love with now! Silver baby blue, and light baby blue on the verge of periwinkle that just makes me so happy!! Ironic! Thanka for sharing Kelly!!

  6. My color personality is Market Greens. I’ve never really used green in my decorating before, I love Blues, Grays, and Neutral colors like a Clay, and I love White. Maybe I’ll have to rethink and try adding a little green here and there and see what I think. Pretty interesting

  7. i got cozy orange…. i don’t think it suits the look i go for but it does suit me as a person. i think i love blue because it balances that fiery part of me.

  8. Hi Kelly, My color personality is Sea Glass – pretty shade of blue! I have always had some blue somewhere in my home and am always thankful when the designers have added it to their color pallet. I mean goodness, the sky and the ocean have been made blue for a reason!! Lol. I recently painted one wall in my studio turquoise and I love it! I do prefer muted shades and matte finishes, thank goodness, and most of the other walls in my home are neutral. I love your coral and it would look good with those gorgeous blue chairs. Can’t wait to see if it gets integrated into your lovely eclectic home 🙂

  9. Creamy Latte. While I have a deep carmel color in the bedroom, I am not a neutral person, so I think this quiz is incorrect. So there. Hmmph.

  10. I got blush pink. I’ve been anti-pink my entire adulthood, so that’s not one I would actually use. I like an industrial neutral look. Decidedly non-pink.

  11. Oh my gosh, it nailed me. Grey!
    My interest in greys started 10 years ago, use with jewel tones purple, red, light blues, shades of pinks,& yellows…there is almost no colors to clash…as I sit here with a charcoal grey sweater and blouse on and grey metallic nail polish.
    I feel like I was grey before grey was cool. ))

  12. My color is Spice. For most of my life I’ve gotten excited over and had to have those colors somewhere in my home. Never knew why, now I do. It was a visceral thing.

  13. What?! I think it’s a sham! Mine was Coral too! Lol. I really don’t care for Coral… Bet it was my choices of fall & Italy that skewed me toward Coral. Truthfully, there were usually multiple “correct” answers… Tempted to take it again. And maybe again. Until I get Grey. Or Spice. Or anything but Coral. =)

    Kidding, kidding.

  14. Here I thought everyone loved blue …. blues. Throughout my life every place I lived in had lots of blue. As a teenager, blues and greens mixed with lots of white.

    Maybe I should take your test!

    The blue chairs are nice. Great color I must add!

  15. Blush Pink???? I must have lied on the survey. I should have chosen that Italian Getaway instead of England and I probably would be freaking out if I had unexpected guests for the weekend instead of making a plan. I think I really should have been neon orange.

  16. Mine is lavender which never would have occurred to me! Lavender mixed with my bits of Oriental blue pottery, hmmm, now there is a thought…

  17. I got SEA GLASS! I have never had turquoise in my home but lately I have found myself more and more drawn to it. I thought it was interesting that they never asked a question about anything that had to DO with color. xo Diana

  18. I know I’m a bit late to the party, but I got “Creamy Latte.” Which is weird, because I always gravitate to Turquoise, Teal, Aqua, etc. 🙂

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