Thrift Store Score – Vintage Brass Elephant

If you love vintage brass animals, you’ve come to the right place. I scored this beautiful brass elephant at the thrift store and the patina on it is gorgeous!

Vintage large brass elephant - brass is back and I love brass animals as home decor

My dad was a hunter and collected all things ducks including a pair of brass Mallard duck head bookends. I always thought they were the ugliest things on the planet. Now I wish I had them.

Everything old is new again and brass is back in a big way. I have had a huge Moroccan brass tray tabletop (that I use as a tray on my coffee table) for over 10 years and added a $1 estate sale brass quail a couple of years ago. My latest brass find is a huge elephant.

Like a hunter in the Serengeti, I spotted the elephant through the thick brush (I mean through the clutter on the thrift store shelves).

Love this huge vintage brass elephant

I pounced on it only to discover it was out of my budget.

I took a risky move and decided to leave the elephant and return in two days for 25% off Monday.

I drove home and waited and waited and bit my fingernails and waited some more.

On Monday morning, I headed straight to the thrift store in search of my beloved elephant.


As tears welled up in my eyes, I took a spin around the store over and over hoping to find him …

and finally I did.

Brass is back! Love this huge vintage brass elephant

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I’ve been searching for more vintage brass animals to add to my collection. Here are some of my favorite brass finds.


The elephant is a symbol of wisdom so I’ll leave you with these words of wisdom …

What do you call an elephant in a phone booth?


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  1. What a great find on that elephant. Beautiful guy he is.
    I Don’t dare show my hubby, as he also collects brass items. We are out of room for another display case.
    Best of luck to you on your brass collecting.

  2. LOL Maybe the duckhead bookends came from me! I got some as a Christmas present from family decades ago and used them for a bit and then gave them away to Goodwill.

  3. Kelly, I once saw a little cobbled together vanity that I fell in love with at Goodwill. It was above my budget too. I left without buying it. I was in my car ready to leave but couldn’t get the vanity out of my mind. I called hubby and asked him to meet me there on his way home. I had a coupon and figured it would be less than $20. We went in and it was gone ( panic mode). I asked employees about it and Yes!!! it was still there but had been moved. My daughter used it a few years but has given it back and one day I will find the right spot for it again. My husband thought I was nuts but you understand my feelings. When we fall in love with something old and maybe cobbled together and have to bring it home. Pat S

  4. That’s a great score! Everytime I purge my house (admittedly rare), I eventually regret what I gave away. Now bemoaning a copper pitcher that I donated a few years ago, before copper was so in! I feel the pain of the duck bookends.

  5. Excellent! You feel like I felt when I find the brass swan gracefully perched on the Goodwill shelf for 1.75 (shown on my Instagram page) I love your elephant. My Gma used to collect them…hmmm..I think it might be catchy.

  6. I love old brass animals (and candlesticks too!). My hubby has an obsession with hippos so I always look for those. But I love elephants and giraffes. I tend to pick up a few here and there, depending on price. I even found a few frogs and dinosaurs for practically nothing at an auction. One of my best auction buys yet!!!

  7. I like your elephant he’s really a nice piece to your great collection. That joke was very clever!! lol!

  8. When we visited India several years ago on a tour….I became enamored with elephants..
    They are revered in India and if you own one you are considered quite wealthy …I had the
    pleasure of riding one…quite an experience…having a statue of one is supposed to bring you
    Good Luck…usually they are made of Brass…but many are made from a Faux Ivory? Makes
    an interesting collection….

    1. My husband has been to India many times for work. I always wanted him to bring me saris or statues but he is not a shopper. Maybe I’ll get there one day and ride an elephant!

  9. I am always on the lookout for brass animals for my space in a vintage shop. I recently found two foxes, a pineapple, and a lion. (I know a pineapple isn’t an animal.) All sold immediately! You are right! Brass is back!

  10. Hi u have a great brass collection I have A LOT OF BRASS IM LOOKING TO SELL;) I’m from Wisconsin and have like 8 or ten brass EXTRA LARGE BRASS ANIMALS. VINTAGE ALSO. please email me for pictures I have a 2’ tall or taller swan. Just so u know I’m real it’s from Doliby Cashier also

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