Wood & Copper Fall Tablescape

Love the texture of this nubby blue table setting for fall kellyelko.com

Company’s coming.

That means setting a festive table.

This year, I’m all over natural wood bowls and trays and everything copper.

Here’s how I set my fall wood and copper tablescape full of texture.

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Love the rustic root wood bowls on this fall table kellyelko.com

Who says a table runner has to run down the length of a table?

I threw tradition to the wind and put two nubby blue table runners across the width of the table – an unexpected swap of the usual place mats.

A root wood tray is perfect for holding wine kellyelko.com

I’m going all 1970’s with lots of wood bowls and trays.

I love using trays to corral things and the wine, glasses and vintage corkscrew are ready to be enjoyed.

Love the rustic wood and copper on this fall table kellyelko.com

Dish towels make the perfect napkins. Perch a mini pumpkin on top for a simple place setting. Turn them into Thankful Pumpkins at the end of the meal.

Love the rustic wood bowl on this beautiful fall table kellyelko.com

My fall terrarium is filled with moss and the world’s cutest little mushroom nutcracker. All that’s missing are the fairies.

Love this fall terrarium centerpiece kellyelko.com

It’s all in the details and some of my favorites include copper moscow mule mugs filled with cider, cacti salt and pepper shakers and the cutest mini bread and butter trays complete with a vintage butter knife at each place setting.

Mini bread board at each table setting kellyelko.com

What are you waiting for? Pull up a chair and pass the bread.

Love this fall table setting kellyelko.com

I love the wood wall wine cubbies and pieced cowhide rug but changes are coming to my dining room soon. I’m beyond excited to give the space a little facelift with the most amazing new chairs coming soon.

In the meantime, let’s eat.

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Copper Mugs
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Terrarium Centerpiece
Mushroom Nutcracker in Terrarium
Faux Succulents in Terrarium
Cacti Salt & Pepper Shakers
Wood Wall Wine Cubbies

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  1. Very nice! I really can’t pick a favorite thing today. The nubby runner has to be something I really enjoyed, tho. Thanks!

  2. I have followed your posts for some time snd loved Eclectically Vintage. The new site is so covered up with ads that it is virtually unusable. Unsubscribing now …….

  3. Love it, all that texture, wood and copper looks great.The colors are groovy/ hip or is that 60’s? Anyway it is a lovely place to eat.

  4. I love throwing traditional style to the wind. Really love the look you have created. Especially the mini pumpkins at each place. Stealing that idea for my Tday!

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