My Top 10 Magic Eraser Uses!

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Top 10 Magic Eraser Uses - from bathrooms to kitchens to cars to clothes and more!

I had the scare of my life early one morning when my 6 year old self walked by my parents bedroom.

I glanced inside and ran screaming down the stairs.

Mom, there’s a huge rat in your bed!

My mom raced upstairs only to come down laughing.

It wasn’t a rat … it was my dad’s toupee flipped upside down on the pillow looking like a rabid creature.


There’s another bald man besides my dad who has won my heart. His name is Mr. Clean.

Have you ever used the Magic Eraser? I’ve always loved using it for erasing all those scuffs on my walls and baseboards but there are so many other ways to use it.

Spring means spring cleaning and I’m letting you in on some of the ways I clean up with my dirty little secret – the Magic Eraser! Bonus points: no harsh chemicals.

My Top 10 Magic Eraser Uses 

1) Patio Furniture – gets inside grooves

2) Oven – clean racks and glass doors

3) Soap Scum – bathtubs and glass shower doors (keeps shower mirrors from fogging too)!

4) Sneakers – remove scuffs

5) Window and Door Screens – wipe away pollen and debris

6) Tea Stains – from your favorite mug

Tip for getting rid of stubborn tea and coffee stains

7) White Grout & Ceramic Tile – scrub away stains

8) White Porch Railings and Columns – remove dirt and debris

9) Leather & Vinyl – remove scuffs from purses, car seats, etc.

10) Marker and Pen Marks – remove from almost any surface (even permanent markers)!

and of course all of those wall and baseboard scuff marks

and one I can’t wait to try out …

11) Flat Iron – cleaning the burnt gunk off of my hair straightening tool!


Jillian Harris (host of HGTV’s Love It Or List It Too) loves herself a bald man too and made a fun little video highlighting all the ways she likes to use the Magic Eraser.

Here’s to cleaning smarter, not harder with Magic Eraser.


Thanks for supporting the brands that make this blog possible – sponsored by Mr. Clean.

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  1. Rat or toupee? Ha,ha. Recently my daughter was in the basement working out and came upstairs freaking out (not as much as I would have been) She thought our cat was down there and realized it was not our cat. She grabbed a broom and hit it and it went up this space into the chimney. It was a raccoon. Animal Control saw evidence but couldn’t find it. My husband capped off the old incinerator. I am still worried that it is hiding somewhere. A couple days before someone took out my mailbox that was cemented in the ground on a 4X6. I have been having too much excitement over here. Pat S

      1. The police came out about the mailbox and said he could only take a report but I noticed a tire track and it continued down my tree lawn. I pointed this out and the black tire marks in the street. The officer agreed to see where they went. He came back a few minutes later with a neighbor. The neighbor claimed he knocked on my door (ha!). I was sitting right there and 2 of my kids were home. He also claimed the sun was in his eyes and a dog ran out in front of him. My mailbox is on the opposite side of the street he should be driving on. He did end up replacing everything to my satisfaction with the police officer checking back to see it was done. Which part of his story do you believe? I am just so glad no one was getting our mail when this happened.

  2. Your poor parents, ha! ha! I do use mine in my kitchen but never in my bathrooms. Thanks Kelly.

  3. The rat story is funny! 🙂 On a serious note, I LOVE Magic Erasers!!!! I’ve used them since they first came out. My feeling about them is if it doesn’t come off with one, its meant to be there!! 🙂

  4. That rat story is hilarious! I’m sure your parents often shared it with their friends. Love me some magic erasers! I buy the large multi pack. My favorite use of them is the shower door and tile. Cleaning soap scum is a booger but magic erasers make the job so much easier.

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