Powder Room Progress – Vintage Clock Collection

Vintage Clock Collection Display - love them in the rustic cubbies kellyelko.com

I have a few irrational fears including …

fear of ferris wheels

fear of sharks

fear of mimes.

Well, I’m not really afraid of mimes – they just annoy me.


One fear I obviously don’t have is arithmophobia which is the fear of numbers as you can see from my numbered cubbies and completely over the top amount of vintage clocks.

Love these rustic cubbies filled with this fun vintage clock collection kellyelko.com

Remember eight months ago when I decreed that I would finally get my World’s Smallest Powder Room ready for her close up.

I know what you’re thinking, “Seriously Kelly, all you could accomplish in eight months was hanging some cubbies and sticking some clocks in them?”

Don’t judge me people.


Step 1 – rustic numbered cubbies hung

Step 2 – vintage clock collection displayed

I love decorating with collections - these vintage clocks look great in these rustic cubbies kellyelko.com

Something for all of the gentlemen to admire when they visit the loo.

Sorry ladies, you’ll only get a quick glance.


Stay tuned for Step 3 in my World’s Smallest Powder Room Makeover – it’s such a fun idea!


What are you afraid of?  I won’t judge.


Numbered Wood Cubbies 
Mercury Glass Owl – HomeGoods
House Tissue Box Cover

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  1. I too have a passion for vintage clocks, have a few scattered around the house, when I get enough to display as a “collection” I’ll be looking for the right way to display…love your inspirations!
    I’m with ya’ with your fears…same here, add fear of flying to the list…it’s funny, I feel like if I could pilot the plane I would be fine, but sitting there feeling every bump and hiccup and wonder how the wings are staying on….scary especially if flying over water…there are sharks in the water! lol!

  2. I too am working (forever it seems) on the worlds second (I guess) smallest bathroom! And I too totally dig clocks! You may have solved a couple of dilemmas for me here!
    I think I’m afraid of thinking too much about what I’m afraid of…..
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. love that clock display! I’m happy I’m not the only one with that particular obsession. I do admit I’ve almost driven myself crazy at times with all the ticking so I’ve removed the battery from a bunch of them off. now they’re just eye candy, but you risk missing Fixer Upper if you rely on my clocks 🙂

    1. Hi Kelly … really love your collection of clocks and the cute shelf for display. I have a few small ones in our newly remodeled shower. Don’t know how many of them work … too much trouble to keep wound up.
      Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

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