Rustic Winter Mantel


Love the simplicity of this vintage rustic winter mantel!

I’m exhausted.

Too many trees, tinsel, garland, wreaths, ornaments (you get the idea) to pack away.

When the last box was finally hauled down to the basement, I was confronted with a blank, empty, barren mantel.

It mocked me and let out a little chuckle every time I walked by or sat by the roaring fire.

Cozy winter decorating ideas - love the rustic mantel and the roaring fire

But I’ve recuperated and was sick of staring at that blank wall – I’ll show it who’s boss.

I went with a vintage rustic winter mantel – lots of tarnished silver (because who has time to polish) and weathered wood.

Create a rustic mantel with a few simple elements like tarnished silver and weathered wood

Don’t be intimidated by the perfect hand lettered chalkboards you see everywhere.

Just pick up that piece of chalk (dip the chalk in water to get a darker mark) and start drawing – these simple snowflakes were a cinch.

Vintage silver platters in a rustic wooden toolbox

And of course my best accessory …

I think Sushi’s been voguing in front of the mirror when I turn my back because she sat and held this pose forever – making sure I captured her good side.

Such a cute boston terrier sitting by the fire

Here’s to keeping it simple …

and hoping Sushi doesn’t hire an agent.


If you want to see what my Christmas mantel looked like – take my Christmas house tour.

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  1. Love everything you do. Your chalkboard snowflakes have inspired me to maybe make a cross stitch like it. I love it. You are amazing.

  2. Kelly, When you grab your camera, does Sushi go into posing mode? She is the perfect little prop! Still love those blue chairs and your mix of the old with the new. Such a lovely home 🙂

  3. I can tell you that your mantel is definitely a showstopper….Love every detail and what a great job you did on the chalkboard….and then there is Sushi…..and steals the show!….Yes, I think she may be handing you a contract soon!!

  4. Sushi is a star I must say! Love what you did on the mantel…the tarnished silver has that, “it’s cold out there and I’m growing a beard” type of feel, and against the warm, rough wood…perfection.

    Love your style, and live it through your talent!!
    Is Spring coming????

  5. Kelly, I love your mantel and I think I have almost every single item you have on it or at least a close substitute. I may try and recreate your look on my own mantel this weekend. Your little friend is the cutest too!

  6. Oh how I love weathered wood. And you always use it so artfully. I need to something with chalkboard too. I’ve enjoyed your blog for a long time.

    Since you like weathered wood so much, you may be interested in the weathered barn wood and recycled old wood signs I make. I use inspirational, country and whimsical sayings. And lots of color. Please visit my Etsy shop at

    Rosemary Weiss

  7. Hello Kelly , love your blog , love everything you create ,love your little dog adorable ,
    keep up your excellent creative work.

  8. Sushi is so cute ,if she gets an agent she might make you rich. Love your mantle it is dazzling,truly one of the best ones i have seen.

  9. I like the vignette that you’ve created, it looks wonderful! I love the snow theme, I have stayed with the same idea, snowmen even! After all it is still winter for a very long time here in Manitoba where I live. The roaring fire is gorgeous, I have a beautiful fireplace in our “new” to us house, but I have not gotten anyone in to inspect it and apparently, our fire insurance will go up substantially, another reason not to use it. Sadly.

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