What a Difference a Shade Makes – Simple Update for Lamps

Lighting can make or break a room.

It’s my absolute most favorite thing to shop for – from pendants to sconces to lamps to candles.


The simplest way to update an old lamp is with a drum shade.

Eclectically Vintage lighting

Yes, drum shades were on every mid century lamp and they’re back in a big way.


I bought these lamps about 15 years ago and they came with the traditional shade on the left.

The drum shade adds pizazz, presence and and gives my lamp an instant update.

Eclectically Vintage lighting

My $5 flea market vintage drip glaze lamp benefits from a huge new drum shade.

Eclectically Vintage mid century lighting

Even my little art deco alabaster lamp is topped with the perfect drum.

Eclectically Vintage lighting


My living room is looking good with 4 lamps and 3 chandeliers (I told you I love lighting) but I’m still on a quest for the perfect pair of lamps for my guest bedroom (along with my search for the perfect headboard).


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  1. I totally agree. I just happened upon another pair of vintage lamps yesterday and switching out the shades made a world of difference. Love your alabaster find!!

  2. It’s true. It’s also funny because it doesn’t seem so long ago that I finally got rid of all the old drum shades that looked so dated.

  3. I love a good shade switch. I’ve been meaning to switch out the traditional shades in my living room for a while now. Thanks Kelly this might be just the push I needed.

  4. That did make a big difference. It totally updated it in 2.5 seconds. COOL 🙂

    I’m singing that song in my head now, Thanks!

    “What a difference a day make, 24 little hours.”

  5. OMG!! I have looked EVERYWHERE trying to find some information about my pair of alabaster lamps–they are identical to yours!!!! My pair was purchased in the 1950’s by my parents right after they got married. Do you know of the name brand of the lamp you have? or if there is a brand on it? I cant tell on mine due to felt being glued to the bottoms, that I’m scared to pull off.

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