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Classic Kitchen Design - with amazing touches that set it apart! kellyelko.com

I need a dozen houses just so I can decorate them in every style that I love.

So when I designed my dream kitchen, I went with a classic look I’ll never tire of.


A style that looks like it’s original to my 100 year old house with a few modern touches thrown in for fun.

Classic marble counters combine with one of my favorite touches in any kitchen – a backsplash that goes all the way up to the ceiling.

Classic white kitchen with tons of unique and fun touches kellyelko.com

Last month, I showed you my living room style and now it’s time to get cooking in the kitchen.

Built in kitchen cabinets with open display kellyelko.com

Something old (looking) …

Vintage style hot & cold faucet kellyelko.com

and something new and modern.

Modern restaurant style faucet kellyelko.com

The perfect backdrop for an ever changing display of vintage finds.

Beautiful farmhouse sink in this classic white kitchen kellyelko.com

Vintage Peter Max 7Up sign in this beautiful white kitchen kellyelko.com

Fun Christmas window display kellyelko.com

Vintage Coke crate is one of many vintage finds in this gorgeous kitchen kellyelko.com

The focal point and where the magic happens and what I centered the whole kitchen around – a red stove.

Beautiful white kitchen with a red stove! kellyelko.com

Red stove - what a focal point in this kitchen! kellyelko.com

The icing on the cake are my favorite demijohn lights.

Demijohn pendant lights kellyelko.com

My kitchen style – classic with a modern twist.

Cheers!  See my full house tour to see more of my style.

100 Year Old House Tour - every room is so unique! kellyelko.com

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  1. If I could redo my kitchen right now, I’d want to copy everything about yours. I love the classic modern touches and I hope that if/when we redo our kitchen (it’s the ugliest thing ever), I’m definitely using yours as inspiration!!

  2. Your kitchen is wonderful Kelly, but there is something wrong with me. I was so taken in with the details, that I stopped to focus intensely on your faucet handle to see if I could find your face taking the picture. I think that is weird.

  3. Kelly,
    Your kitchen really has the wow factor. But then again, your whole house does! I love how your entire home is decorated. You have a special gift. I wish I had a little bit of that magic, just a tiny bit! : )

  4. I absolutely LOVE your kitchen, Kelly…starting with the red stove and continuing on thru the farmhouse sink and marble countertops. Love it! It is a beautiful place in your lovely home. xoDiana

  5. I LOVE the demijohn lamps. Did you buy them like that and if you did – where? Did you make them and if you did – how? We will be making some changes to our kitchen and I would love to do that over my butcher block and I would appreciate any info you can give me. Thank you.

  6. Your kitchen is just gorgeous and I love the way the tile goes up the wall. We are in the process (actually the talking stage) of redoing our kitchen and I feel the same way as you – I wish I had a bunch of houses so I could try different styles. I will most likely go for something classic and timeless though.

  7. Your kitchen is lovely. Some many things to delight the eye! Love the blue step stool!
    When we built our home 13 years ago, I told “country” that was in my current kitchen at the time, that it wouldn’t be welcome in our new home. “Country” understood completely and has been quiet about the whole thing until I fell in love with “farm house style.” Love all your eclectic style. I think it could come for a visit to my home (not 100 like yours) and be comfortable and happy.
    Thanks for the tour. I’ve realized I could be happy with several kitchens myself.

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