I Dreamt of a White Christmas Tree

 White kitchen Christmas tree - love the mason jar topper & ornaments!  kellyelko.com

 I’ve pined for a white Christmas tree for years …

get it – pined (I’m performing here every Wednesday)!

White Christmas Tree in the Kitchen kellyelko.com

A pre-lit, white tree with flocking is the icing on my Christmas sugar cookie …

so when I spotted this one on Wayfair, I knew it needed a good home (mine)!

White Christmas Tree decorating ideas kellyelko.com

The perfect tree topper for a kitchen tree.

Unique Mason Jar Tree Topper -you have to see this tree!  kellyelko.com

Vintage decorations on a white Christmas tree kellyelko.com

What better to stamp on a vintage silver platter than a song about marshmallows …

Stamped silver platter Christmas tree ornament kellyelko.com

and here are the real marshmallows.

Mason jar ornaments - on a kitchen Christmas tree kellyelko.com

Old doorknobs, key holes and mercury glass napkin rings share space with mason jars filled with white treats.

I’ve brought some corn for popping.

Popcorn filled Mason Jar Christmas Ornament kellyelko.com

Christmas chalkboard kellyelko.com

Here she is in her evening wear.

Finding Home Thistle Wood Farms Unexpected Elegance At The Picket Fence Eclectically Vintage My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia Image Map
Glowing White Christmas Tree kellyelko.com
White Christmas tree kellyelko.com

Now onto more themed trees!

Unique Theme Christmas Trees kellyelko.com

Six Unique Themed Christmas Trees

Here are some of cutest themed trees this side of the North Pole.
Just click while singing, “It’s a marshmallow world in the winter …”
Reindeer Ornament
Vintage Christmas Tree
Vintage White Christmas Tree
Advent Calendar Christmas Tree


I was thrilled to receive my tree from Wayfair but I only speak the truth about how fabulous it is.  Read my full disclosure policy here.


And check out my Holiday House Tour with tons of pics – I decked everything from halls, to walls, to trees, to tables, to …

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  1. Where I grew up, the “rich kids” had fake trees. Due to my oldest child’s allergies, we have had fake trees for years. But never white. Hmmmmm….it could be just quirky enough.

  2. I love it, Kelly! All of the ways that you used mason jars on the tree are so clever – especially the one for a topper. I have my first tree in the kitchen this year. It’s green, but now I wish I had gotten a white one!

  3. I heard ol’ Bing singing A Marshmallow World last night you were the first person I thought of! LOL I love your tree. The goodies in the mason jars would be a huge hit at my house and this is the second time this week that I’ve heard about Wayfair so I’m off to do some shopping!

  4. That tree is so cute! I love the wooden crate and I want to live in a marshmallow world too….and hang out with that blue mason jar!

    Have a wonderful day, rock star!

  5. This is so adorable, I love the Mason Jar tied on the top! I might have to steal this for my tree in my space at PFM. I would love to come see this tree in person, but I might be guilty of eating the marshmallows out of your jars. I like marshmallows, even stale. It’s a problem. Probably the only 43 year old woman that eats a marshmallow a day.

  6. Seriously fabulous my friend!!! Now I am ‘pining” for your tree! 😉 I love, love, love the mason jars and the silver and the jar at the top is the icing on the cake…errr…tree. So much fun being apart of the Hop with you!

  7. Such a cool idea, Kelly! I love the mason jars … would never have thought to do that! And, how you filled some with popcorn? Brilliant! And, she look fabulous glowing in her evening wear. The other vintage touches are fun, as is your chalkboard!

  8. What a creative idea you have here Kelly; I have meet most of the bloggers who love to decorate for Christmas that they prefer to use Eclectically Vintage theme. According to them, this theme will create a lovely fall scene on Christmas.

  9. Kelly,

    Did you need my mailing address? You’re sending this to me right… =) I don’t know exactly how to tell you how flipping CUTE I think this is. My heart is gonna burst. I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  10. Oh Kelly I love love this!! What a fun way to bring a white tree into the kitchen… I have to pin this to remember this for next year!! I love LOVE it!! The marshmallows and popcorn are too awesome… and the crystal knobs beautiful!! ~ Lori

  11. I love that tree! I love the jars filled with goodies! I love the jar on top! I love the vintage silverware! It’s totally wonderful!

  12. WOWZERS! That’s one amazing tree! I was looking for a tree topper and I have some green/blue jars so I’m going to try that. I’ve also been debating on how to decorate my tree and I think I will give this a shot. My tree is green so I don’t know if it will have the POP/WOW factor that yours does.

  13. Your white kitchen tree is truly beautiful and made me smile! So clever to fill the jars like you did and hang them on the tree and the tree topper is amazing!

  14. Just a beautiful tree, Kelly–I love all the vintage touches you put into this, and references to song lyrics is cool! And I love the blue jar star–such a clever idea, and it’s perfect on your white tree. It even has a baby white tree at its feet!

  15. Oh, my dear! How I love all the things I see on this page! Not only the tree, but the decorations, and even your blog header looks like the things I have in my antiques booth! I’m pulled towards globes and kitchen scales especially!

    So glad I found you through thrifty decor chick!

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