Horse Drawn Carriage White Christmas

Up to my eyeballs in glitter, glimmer and glitz …

unpacking bins, boxes and baubles …

so imagine my surprise, when my girls came running over shouting to look outside.

Eclectically Vintage

Two white horses hoofing it down my street …

plumes flowing.


Cinderella couldn’t have asked for anything finer.

Here’s to a white Christmas.


While I’m busy decking my halls, check out my Christmas tour 2011.

Eclectically Vintage

Thank you to my amazing daughter Vanessa for Instagramming this pic!

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  1. I love the horse drawn carriage and am so happy I won the Pick Your Plum prize and will put it to good use., I often buy on Pick Your Plum. They are great! Thank you for your wonderful blog and the giveaway.

  2. We have some neighbors with those big Belgium horses and a sleigh. We don’t see them out with it every year, probably miss it, but when we do you’d think we just spotted Christmas past. We love it.

    I hear tell skates on wreaths are all the rage this year. There are three of us for sure sporting the trend. Kari, you and me. Makes me feel like a decorating guru.


  3. Wow, what an awesome sight, Kelly … would definitely put me in the Christmas spirit. And, I love your tree-lined street! I can only imagine how gorgeous it is during the Fall, and how pretty it is covered in snow! Now, please hurry up splashing glitter around your house … we want to see!

  4. Now who on earth would have thought they’d see that out their window. So fun! Hope you had a terrific weekend. Don’t get buried in all that glitter 🙂

  5. Oh…how fabulous is that! I so would love to go on a horse drawn carriage ride…adding to my to do list. And…ice skating too! Can’t wait to see all your Christmasy decor. It is way out of control over here 🙂

  6. Seriously? A horse drawn carriage right down your street? That is so fun! The only thing we get coming down our court are teenagers visiting, playing their music too loud and driving too fast! That, and the occasional gang of boys of bicycles with Travis included. I would rather have the Horse Drawn Carriage

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